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Hey... I'm a hidden Mist Kunoichi!! And this is my journa!! Hey... I'm in a Naruto RP guild. My name in that is Ookami, so, just call me that. My fav animal is a wolf. I like a lot of different anime. I also like sugar (he he, SUGAR RUSH!!!!)

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A butterfly Lives Twice Chapter 3

Let me try. Yumi said. She looked at him. WAKE UP!!! she yelled in his head, poking his arm. He woke up and shot forward. Unfortunatly, forward, was Yumi's face.

OUCH!!!! That hurts!!! Yumi cried. She pressed her hands against her head.

"A-are you two o-ok?" Hinata asked. Shikamaru rubbed his forehead.

"You know, i was trying to get some sleep in before Ino found me."

Ino? Yumi asked. Shikamaru looked at her.

"Do I know you? Why won't you talk?"

Well someone's a little slow. I'm Yumi Shashu. No, you haven't met me and I won't talk because I can't.

Shikamaru was staring at Yumi. She clung to Hinata's arm like her life depended on it. Hinata looked at Yumi sypathetically. (SP?)

As he stared, Yumi became more and more irritated.

Is there a problem, sir? I do believe that you have yet to introduce yourself. Is there a reason for that, or are you just SLOW?!

Shikamaru held his hands to his ears. He looked at Yumi lazily.

"He's just tired. He's normally in a better mood." Hinata whispered to Yumi. Yumi nodded.

"Well, you are
definatly Troublesome. I'm Shikamaru Nara."

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Shikamaru looked at you funny. (PS: He looked like the smiley: sweatdrop )

"Well, bye Shikamaru!" Hinata yelled as she pulled YUmi up. They ran out of the meadow.

End of A Butterfly Lives Twice Chapter 3

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