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My lame Life this is my journal put all the crap u want in it

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The Untold Tales of the Enterprise Book 2 Chapter 2
"Jim!" McCoy finally slapped him on the head.
"Hey!" the girl in the blue dress said. "That's not very nice!" She jumped off the pad followed by her partner.
"Well," McCoy bent down to their level. "the captain was zoning out in your wonderful presence."
She gasped and her face lit up with joy. "Did you hear that Khra? They think we're wonderful!"
"Khra?" Dr. McCoy asked.
"Oops!" she giggled. "We haven't properly introduced ourselves. I'm Muffy and this is my waifu Khra." she motioned to the girl next to her that was similarly dressed but with short auburn hair.
"Hello." she said quietly.
"It's very nice to meet you both. I'm Dr. McCoy and my partner is Captain James T. Kirk."
Muffy gasped. "My mommy was a captain too! She was a great leader!"
"She sounds like a nice woman." Jim bent down to talk to her.
"Her father is even better." Khra replied. "He was a half humanoid who shared some of his memories with Muffy before they had to part."
"Why?" Bones asked.
"Probably there was a war and the parent died." Kirk responded. "Now you two go with Mr. Sulu and Ensign Leach over there and they'll take you to the mess hall and get you something to eat."
"OK!" they both grabbed Sulu's hands and attempted him to skip with them while Ensign Leach followed.
When they left and the door shut, Kirk pushed a few buttons on the panel, locking the door.
"Jim.....what's wrong?"
"Bones....." he sighed deeply. "We need to talk."
* * *

He hit his fists against his pilot panel.
"Sacre bleu! They are gone!"
The man just gritted his teeth.
"But where could they be?"

* * *

"Really? Are you sure Jim?"
"I'm closely sure, but yes. That's how it is."
"Well then how come Spock and myself do not know about this?"
"Because you didn't want to remember. And that girl was right. Spock did mindmeld with Muffy when she was born before we gave her to the Hotlens."
"The humanoid race with super strength?"
Kirk nodded.
"You didn't give her the fast-aging hypo, but realistically, she's older than Crystal."
"And I'm assuming it was because of the Yaku traps?"
Kirk nodded again.
"And just HOW are you gonna tell Spock?"
"I.....don't know Bones. I don't know." Kirk pushed the buttons and they continued to walk down the hall to the turbolift to the mess hall.
"Well," Bones said. "You better do it soon or he's going to end up finding out the hard way."
"Which way is that?" The turbolift stopped.
"the way when he finds out by himself."

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