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Kitty Kitty Meow Meow
My Story!!!Part 3
The drive to my mom's work is normally pretty short, only 15 minutes of sitting in the car listening to mom's 70's and 80's music. I so badly wanted to change it.
"Hey, mom? I got this new song I really like, can I play it?" I asked.
"Sure, honey." she said. I grabbed my cd player out of my bag and stuck the Cd into the car's Cd player. I flipped around till I found the song. It's called Walls Fall Down by Bedouin Soundclash, and it was a good song to start off the morning."It sound's interesting!"
"Thanks, I thought you might like it." I said, humming the tune in my head. I could see her unused foot tapping the beat, and I smiled. She usually doesn't like my music that much. We arrived at her work shortly after the song had ended and the Cd started over. I took it out,replacing it in my cd player. As she turned off the car, I hopped out of the car, grabbing my bag, and closed the door. Mom locked the car after she got out and we walked into her work.
For a while, I just sat there next to her desk listening to my cd player and texting to my friends, but my legs were starting to go numb. I got up, turning off my cd player. I set it on a corner of mom's desk so it wasnt in her way and started heading for the bathroom. I went in a washed my face and my hands, then dried off. I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair, then straightened out my school uniform. I came back and sat in the chair next to my mom's desk again.
"Honey, you should get going now, I dont want you to be late." mom said from around the corner of her desk.
"Kay." I grabbed my Cd player and stuffed it into my bag as I threw it over my shoulder. "I'll see you later today, mom."
"Bye, honey." she said, typing away at her keyboard. I walked out into another hall, taking a few rights before coming to the front door. I walked out and started following the main road to my high school. For some reason, I had a the strangest feeling that today was going to be weird, like something I never would've expected to happen was going to occur today. School wasn't too far away now.

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