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La Reina De Rosas(The Story)
Chapter 1: La Espadachin De Puno(The Hilt swordsman)

Vera was in the Collections office, she was collecting some money from her last bounty. "Alright, 5K for the last one, nice work bringing him in Alive." said the man at the counter, to which Vera didn't reply, she only took the money. At another counter, another bounty hunter was yelling things out. "You kidding me, that's all i get for this?" said the man. "I'm sorry, but that's all that we were supposed to give you," said the teller, "Let me tell you something, i'm the best, i'm the greatest, ever since Lora De Florcer herself." Vera heard this, while everyone looked at the man, she looked away, and started to keep her view.

The man began to throw things, demanding more money, he noticed she was looking away. "Hey you, look at me will yah?" he threw a Vase at her head, hitting her. Everyone stood in Awe as Vera walked out, the man apologized, saying, "It's alright, i don't much care." she walked out, instantly the man had apologized to everyone.

Vera went and sat on the side of the road, she looked at her bounty. "I wonder what to buy now, i should get it, but i mean, what's to say what will happen. A girl staggered along the street, she eventually collapsed in front of Vera. She overheated, no doubt Vera picked up the girl, and took her to her House. Several Hours later, the Girl woke up, she was covered in sweat, he was breathing heave, Vera gave her some cold water and a bit of medicine. "Take those, they'll help build tolerance to the heat." The girl took the medicine, and drank the water, "Um, thank you very much, kind woman, it is helping me, i can tell."

They went outside, Vera noticed she was holding a bag of mail. "So, you're a mail Delivery girl huh?" the two talked on for a few minutes, before Vera and the girl arrived at the girl's home. "This is were i live, with my mother that is." Vera took note of this, and held out her hand. "My name is Vera, what is yours." the girl shook Vera's hand, "I'm Sierra, nice to meet you, Vera."

Vera set back off towards the town, night had begun to fall, there were many people gathering around a certain place. A big fat man sat in the center, surrounded by guards, "Where is she, where is she?" he was looking around, he held a poster with Vera's Face on it. "She's a D-Rank Criminal, and a very big threat, where is Vera De Florcer?" Vera walked into the middle of the circle, her head behind her front hood, her hair covering her eyes, she drew her Hilt. "I'm here, you son of a B1tch." she let out a smile and started to fend of the guards.

The guards had caught her, "Well well well, you're a lot skinnier than i had hoped for, but, who cares, you've got a bounty of $25,000 on your head, and i'm here to claim it." The man lifted up his weapon, a spiked club, he had a sneer look on his face as he swung down, a gun shot fired. Everyone looked to see Sierra holding a handgun, she had shot the head on one of the guys holding Vera. "Let her go, KuraKara, before i make your head go, pop." she fired another shot, and another, and another. Eventually, all the guards had fallen dead, only KuraKara stood alive.

He let out a click of his teeth and started to spin rapidly, a lot of dust had formed, and eventually, he almost hit Sierra, but was stopped before it hit her. "Bloom...." the smoke cleared away, Vera held a large blade, there was a large hunk of metal in the middle, which was used as a handle, and the hitl had become larger, the Guard had turned into a Diamond, and the end of the hilt, was a rose like Accessory, she wielded it with no problem, "La Reina De Rosa" she said as she smiled, it was hidden. "What on earth, where did that Heavy blade come from?" said KuraKara, "Don't you know, i'm the Espadachin De Puno, or...." she threw the weapon away, and slashed up. "The hilt swordsman." she put the blade to his neck, she also held a poster with KuraKara's face on it. "B-Rank Criminal, and gang leader, KuraKara, bounty set at $200,000" she picked him up and carried him to the jail house, she collected her money, and went

Vera and Sierra sat on the roof of the Jail house. "Um, Vera, i have to tell you something, since i met you today, i've been thinking....." Vera looked at her. "I wanna be your partner....If that's okay with you..." she blushed a little. "It's alright with me, i need a friend, so Partner, let's get move on, shall we?" she got up, looked at the setting sun...."So, what nickname shall you have, Sierra?" she asked, "Well, why not Sharp-shot?" they bother smiled. "Why not, sounds good to me."

the two walked off, into the setting sun

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