Eyes Clouded by Darkness

-In the future of Honowei (100 years after the first "other world" war.)-

The dark lord came back, seeking the revenge of taking his palace back from the sun side.
Now it's a brutal battle for the kingdom. Life for life, shot by shot, and blood spilled all for
the purpose of the dark lord's return. Now a battalion leads the final battle toward victory.
Who will win, the Sun side or the Rombus? The fearless warrior Honen has to help save the
kindom from being shrouded in the darkness it once was.

The war lies far into the realm of the other world. The castle in the other world is in the center
of all the land. The battle starts with our new recruits.

Will the eyes clouded by darkness see the light? Let's find out.

A back of the book Summary my brother wrote for his new book, Honowei: Battling Battalion.
I fixed a few things in it smile