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Happiness! Sadness! Dreams! Hopes!
With these thoughts carved into her very being, she starts the day and looks forward on ahead with a grin splayed on her marked face.
A Questionnaire Made For You & Me~ <3
Another really interesting questionnaire asked to be taken from my friend Kokoi aka Kitty aka iToxicMuffin13. Lol, this one is harder than the last imo. Please take some of your time in this, please. More or less, I'd like some of my real life friends to take this. Nonetheless, anyone can. Thank you if you've read thus far. n_n

What If...?

What would you do if...
1. I came running to you crying?
2. I kissed you?
3. I said I loved you?
4. I was murdered?
5. I commited suicide?
6. I killed someone?
7. I was hospitalized?
8. I was going to die?
9. I was your stalker?
10. I became severly depressed?
11. You recieved a phone call from me, and someone was on the other line and they said that I had died in some car accident?
12. I became famous?
13. I started smoking?
14. I did drugs?
15. I gave you $100 dollars?
16. I lived next door to you?
17. I stole something?
18: I wanted to have sex with you you/did have sex with you?


What do you think of......

My eyes?
My hair?
My body?
My personality?
My smile?
My voice?
Anything you'd change?


What's more important?(Pick ONE of the following.)

E.Breast size
J.Skin color.
L.Sexual appeal.
R.d**k size.
S.Clothing style.

Other Things...

1.Who are you?
2.Are we friends?
3.More than friends?
4.What are your hobbies?
5.Where are you from?
6.What other languages can you speak?
7.Favorite type of music?
8.Describe me in one word.
9.Is there something you want to tell me, but can't?
10.What do you like best about me?
11.Pick one emoticon for me.
12.What's one thing you like about yourself?
13.One thing you hate about yourself?
14.One think you like about me?
15.One thing you hate about me?
16.Who's your favorite person?
17.Would you kiss me?
18.Would you tell me that you loved me?
19.Would you have sex with me?
20.Would you marry me?
21.Drive half-way across the country to see me?
22.Do something to harm me?
23.What's your favorite anime?
24.Favorite color?
25.Favorite food?
26.Favorite place to visit?
27.Favorite place to go for solitude?
28.If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
29.Will you put this in your journal to see what I have to say about you?

Please post your comments. I really wanna know more about my friends. *curious* Or else I might strangle someone -- metaphorically or not. &lt;3

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