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A flame that burns eternity; a heart made of ice; life melting glass
Guess what?!
I got a new place! I need a phone and it's in downtown. Close to everything ( EVEN WORK!! )

Oh man... I love the little house too. It's so cute. Everything about this place is awesome.
I went to visit her today and we had tea LOL. I love my tea dammit... she even put sugar in mine too.

She works in the art museum in town too. We've got a lot in common. Even though she was asking for students she said she'd rather prefer someone like me XD.
HA! Take that! I'm a joy to have around ^__^

When I showed up I was pretty early so I walked around. Got to know the place. There's a very pretty park right down the street about two minutes away. I won't stay long... although she wanted me to stay through the winter.

Watch it get too cold for me near the end of October XD I have temperature problems and I'm already extremely cold. Finding it hard to stay warm.

I got my own room there, I like the rules, I'm allowed to BE ME! I pay 375 a month. Not bad. Enough to save up every week. This will be the perfect opportunity for me to get out of Dewbie's hair. I don't want to be bringing her day down and stuff by my depressing aura. >__< I'm gonna miss the dogs too but I being so close to everything knocks off a lot of time it takes.

Meanwhile... I'll be able to update you guys every Saturday or so ( from the Library, it's about five blocks down the street ). I move in this Thursday. No internet because I don't have a computer.
I'm very happy that I'm accepted. Out of all this bad luck finally something good has happened.

I got my key today and I pay her Saturday with checks. Because it's in the city, she doesn't want to be carrying around cash. That's understandable.
This deal was so awesome I had to call Feather and tell her. Because Feather stuck by me through all of this. Believed in me this whole time and really kept my chin up. Without Feather I'd be in my extreme lows. We don't want that XD.

Now... home is right around the bend. I hope it continues in that direction. Meanwhile passport center's manager called me, she said that I need to add more information than I did, so I'm going to write a paragraph of information ( why the hell would they ask for more information when there is only TWO LINES available on the form?) ... gonna burn the rest of the stuff I've got on here ( naughty Yaoi and Devil May Cry manga XD )

Well take care everyone, see you on the other side! ( USA where my happiness resides )

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