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sKapegoat's Stories~ I'll be writing some of my writings in here... People can read if they want but it's nothing to waste your time on...

The sKapegoat
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Don't Forget (RussiaxCanada) Chapter Two
Ivan was not one to wait for anyone. A guide was supposed to meet him from Canada's foreign affairs group but when Ivan's plane landed, obviously, the man was late. That was fine by him though. Ivan had the address to Matthew's house and he easily had one of the receptionists call a cab for him.

He didn't need a tour guide just to get to one house.

The cab driver had given him a strange look upon hearing his thick accent, possibly misunderstanding his words. Finally, Ivan glared, an uncomfortable aura rolling out into the air from him. "I said… Take me to Mister Matthew Williams's home… This address… Immediately." He instructed, holding out a note and giving the driver one of his infamous smirks, which could scare anyone into doing as he said.

"Y-You got it…!" He said, snatching the paper and tapping the address into his GPS. Immediately he began to drive.

Ivan watched as the sites and passersby flashed by. Ivan saw couples, families, dogs… People who looked so happy. It seemed strange to him… That people could be so happy when there were so many menacing things that hung over their heads. Lies, debts, dangers of everyday life… But these people didn't look bothered in the least. Particularly, Ivan's eyes met a young male; blonde and running, glasses pushed against his nose.

"Matthew…" He muttered to himself bitterly. Wasn't Matthew supposed to wait for him? Maybe that's not how Canadian customs were, but one should at least be considerate. "Kol… Kolkol…" He subconsciously muttered, bringing a hand to run through his silvery hair.

The driver stopped and said, more to himself than to Ivan, "Looks like we're here…"

Ivan nodded and exited the car, reaching into the bag at his side to pull out a few gold coins. He plunged his hand through the driver's open window and opened his fingers. "This should cover the expenses, da?" He asked in a voice that practically screamed, 'Do not decline.'

The driver gaped at the amount. Lucky day! A foreigner who couldn't convert money! "Y-Yeah… That's good. Thanks." He said smugly, snatching the amount out of the larger male's hand. "Have a good time~" He called before driving away without a second thought about it.

Ivan sighed and walked towards the house, taking the stairs two at a time for no better reason than that his legs were long enough. He hopped up them menacingly until he got to the door. He hovered there for a moment before tapping his fingernails on the glass window that was in the door. Satisfied that he had 'knocked,' the Russian reached for the door knob, turning it when his hand met the cool metal.

The door was unlocked, much to the silver-haired man's satisfaction. Matthew must have forgotten to lock it. He stepped inside, closing the door behind him and traipsing across the room. "Well furnished…" Ivan muttered, smiling a little. "Canada must be doing pretty well…" He said before hearing the door knob turn again. He whirred around just in time to see a young blonde step in the door calling out, "Kumajirou~! I'm-"

The blonde's eyes widened, the strange shade of blue-violet seeming all the brighter in shock. "I-Ivan…" He seemed to whisper. The boy's nerve seemed to be lost, his posture declining a bit and his expression becoming slightly fearful.

Ivan smiled, lips perking up at the corners in some creepy way. "The door was unlocked… I knocked but since no one answered, I let myself in. I just got here…" He explained, moving out of the living room's doorway to welcome Matthew home. "I believe I saw you outside so I assumed that you were busy. I would wait here."

But that didn't put Matthew at any ease. There was still the problem of how in the world he got here so fast… But Matthew couldn't work up the nerve to ask. Instead he promptly held out the bagged bottle and said, in a quiet voice, "I-I was going out to get this for your arrival. I heard you liked vodka so I figured a few drinks over discussion wouldn't hurt." Matthew slowly lowered his arms. "But I wasn't exactly sure what brand you would like so I guessed… I've never really drank too much before so I'm not really up to par with what's good…"

'So that's what he was running off to do…' Ivan thought, nodding mentally to himself. The boy was trying to be hospitable after all. "I think that whatever you picked will be fine…" He insisted. He thought about this situation for a moment, 'But if you haven't drank much before then vodka might not be a good idea for you…' but he didn't voice any of this.

Matthew finally smiled a little. "Good… I was afraid that you wouldn't like it…" He sighed out. His strange, yet gorgeous, eyes soon met Ivan's own before faltering away a bit. "Um… Well… What was it you wanted to discuss?" He asked, blushing a little. "You came over here awful suddenly…"

Ivan nodded a little. "I see you are not one to chit-chat… So we should get down to the point." He said, straightening his scarf so that it was a little below his mouth. He didn't want to have Matthew misunderstand any of his speech because of his accent, let alone because of muffling.

Matthew nodded and stood a little straighter, shutting the door and stepping closer. "Y-Yes?" He asked after about a minute of silence.

Ivan nodded once more motioning for Matthew to have a seat before he started. After Matthew complied, he too sat down and looked Matthew dead center in the eyes, which really made the blonde uncomfortable. It was like Ivan was trying to look directly into Matthew's soul, as if searching for some sort of answer.

Ivan leaned forward. "My country… We have discussed this long and hard. Mother Russia wants to make a formal alliance with Canada. We recognize that you are coming forward and you are becoming a strong country. It would benefit us both to become allies. I know how you want to show yourself to the world… And not be confused for Alfred. This is an opportunity to make a name for yourself." Ivan smirked a little bit.

Matthew nearly stopped breathing. "A-An alliance!" He choked out. What would all of the other countries think if he agreed? Most of Canada's allies were in NATO, a group that Russia had practically proclaimed hate towards! If he agreed, wouldn't they all be mad at him? Oh God, and Alfred would kill him!

Ivan sensed Matthew's fear, though it wasn't hard since the poor blonde was nearly faded away. He reached out and laid a hand on Matthew's shoulder, bringing him back. "Russia would protect your country as if it were her own land… And I personally will make sure that you are fine. Russia can make sure that you are never forgotten again."

Matthew's eyes finally met Ivan's own deep violet orbs, hope and fear within his own.

Ivan knew he had him hooked. He just had to reel him in a little more. He reached out and took Matthew's hands in his own and got on his knees. "I take personal interest in you as well… Mattie… I know you are strong." He began, using a hand to brush a strand of Matthew's hair out of his eyes, twisting the longer, curled strand between his fingers. Matthew shuddered, feeling tingles wander up and down his spine from the sudden contact.

"I cannot see how anyone can confuse this lovely face for Alfred's… Your eyes are much prettier… And your expression is always kind and never so self-centered as his is." He rubbed his thumb over Matthew's lower lip, which was beginning to tremble. "You are delicate… And very shy, Mattie…" He cooed, trying his best to sound affectionate. "I've always noticed you. You're always so considerate of others that you allow them to step all over you, even when you clearly want to say something about the matter… Sometimes you don't get to speak at all during the world meetings because of this… But I do not want that for you anymore. I want you to have a voice, Mattie."

Matthew thought his heart would beat out of his chest and onto the floor if not for the fear of that kind of embarrassment… But surely the Russian could hear it, since it was beating so hard. Ivan knew this much! Now he felt truly horrible for not taking attention to the much larger male. But what was Ivan really suggesting? Matthew had never gotten this much attention in his entire life, and now there was a very powerful, and very good-looking man on his knees, touching him in loving ways that Matthew honestly had never experienced. It made Matthew crave more of it… But this was far too fast!

Matthew pulled back a little, opening his mouth to speak. "I-Ivan… I… I never knew you felt this way…" He tried to speak, but what could he say?

Ivan frowned. He was losing him! He sighed, deciding to step it up a little more. "Mattie… If our countries ally, then no one will forget you ever again… And then I can finally get closer to you. I've always wanted to be…" He explained, sealing the ordeal with a soft kiss on Matthew's cheek. Immediately the blonde turned bright red in the face.

"I-I-I…" Matthew stammered for a few moments before trying once more to speak, voice coming out weak and trembling. "W-We can make an alliance, i-if you really wanted to…"

Ivan smiled, placing a kiss firmly on Matthew's lips.

This boy was so easy to manipulate… Revenge on Yao would be all too easy. Matthew was so ignored that any attention aimed at wooing the poor child practically enslaved him, big beautiful eyes fluttering happily about the whole matter. It almost made the cold-hearted Russian feel bad for the blonde… Almost. But Ivan was not one to be swayed by pretty eyes and a cute face, even if this particular pretty face was completely innocent and child-like.

Matthew smiled weakly, eyes seeming to shine. "H-How about I pour some drinks?"

Ivan nodded, getting back in his chair. "That sounds lovely." He said, laying his head in his left hand, watching the other hurry out of the room and into the kitchen. This was too easy.

Matthew quickly sat the bottle of liquor on the counter, reaching up to grab two small glasses out of the cabinet. He sat them down and slowly ran his fingers over his lips, which were tingling. He giggled quietly, hugging himself tightly and blushing. He had never been kissed before… And it felt so good to be noticed like this! He couldn't help but to feel all giddy over it. Someone had noticed him, and had practically confessed feelings for him!

Quickly, Matthew opened the freezer and filled the cups half full with ice before popping open the bottle of vodka and pouring the glasses to the rim. He picked up the glasses in one hand, and the bottle in the other, trying hard not to spill any of it. He stepped into the living room and beamed at Ivan. "H-Here you go…" He said, holding out a glass after setting his own down on a side table.

Ivan took it and took a long swig before lowering the glass from his lips and smiling. "It isn't half bad… I should have you try some of my favorite sometime."

Matthew nodded and sipped at his, feeling the unusual sting burn his throat. "I'd like that…" He said before sipping again, finding that he both disliked, and yet, liked the taste.

Ivan watched as the boy drank up his glass, cheeks turning a slight pink. He chuckled a bit. "Looks like you're a bit of a light drinker… My Mattie…" He said, a single eyebrow cocking upwards. "I don't think you should have much more…"

Matthew smiled and laughed a little, shaking his head. "I-I'll be fine, Ivan~"

"Well… If you insist…" Ivan said, smirking.

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