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Continuing the previous Deathnote Entry...
Then the girl was awakened by her alarm clock which she set to 7AM.
She opened her eyes and sat up in her warm and fluffy bed,
stretched and yawned,
"Time for another mad killing day" said the girl as she smirked.
"Oh no, your NOT going to go mad killing today, your going to take a break!" said a familiar voice.
The girl turned her head towards the voice and blinked, wiped her eyes, dripped some eye drops into her eyes, rubbed them again, slapped herself, and screamed.
The creature rolled his eyes," its obvious that i'm still here u idiot!" it shouted.
"B-but, what about Poochie? is he ever coming back?" cried the girl.
"Well, only if i sneeze i guess. I can turn into this dark and evil form whenever i want, but i can only turn into your "Poochie" again only if i sneeze, Big, i mean, BIG sneeze." replied the creature.
The girl quickly used a feather duster, salt, anything fluffy, etc.
The creature shook his head, "no no these wont work. Although there is another way." He smiled.
The girl quickly leaned towards him, "What is it then? eek " asked the girl.
"I can have a kiss." replied the creature with a big biggrin <--that
There was silence for a long time.
Suddenly the girl slapped the creature on the face, "NO, I DONT WANT TO, I DONT EVEN LOVE YOU scream " she screamed and left the room.
The creature rubbed his cheek and stared at her, "I was not kidding about that though..."
Downstairs, the girl was making breakfast (For herself, of course)
"That evil creature, thinking just because he's hot he can use me to get a first kiss" she grouched. Suddenly the girl paused for a moment, eek "wait...how can i cook when this isnt even really a house with anyone living in it?!"
She quickly turned off the stove and also remembered something, Where did the food come from?!, she thought, The only person i can ask is that creature, not the bear of course.
As the girl slowly went up the stairs not to startle the creature, she saw him sitting on her bed staring out the window (With no curtains but glass xD)
"U-um..hey you, i have a question." she stammered.
The creature turned his head towards her, the girl was nervous for some reason.
"H-how come we have..u-uh water, heating, gas, and food?" asked the girl.
"Dont worry, my powers can support your life and i can change this house into a mansion if you like, i can make you rich, royal and crap." explained the creature.
Continued on the Next Journal Entry...

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