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OC- Maybella, Lenore && Roche
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Name: Maybella of Diamonds
age: 19
gender: female
looks: Black and straight short hair that reaches her cheekbone. Two long curls extend from underneath. Her eyes are gold, and she's pretty tall. Her outfit is a strapped black bustier, with lace off the bottom and a fishnet rip somewhere along her torso. She wears dark grey tight pants, and a brown belt hanging diagonally that carries some of her knives. She also wears some belts around her arms, which also carry knives. Her boots are black, mid-shin length and have brown belts wrapped around them in 2 places.
personality: She's quiet and self reserved, and she rarely talks unless prompted. When she gets riled up, she can become a little bit sadistic, but in a very cold way.
history: I have a whole set of characters who are based off of playing cards. Here's Lenora, she's diamonds. She works for his royal highness, Ace (Or Reynold, check other journal entries for him) as a prison guard and sometimes a body guard.
Weapon: NOT A KUNAI, people. They're kind of like throwing cards, you know, only about twice as thick and made of metal, and with pointy edges. They're really fat throwing knives.
Refs: [Fallende Feder] , [Fallende Feder] , [Riaza_Hawkeye] , [Arttitack] , [Kano-san] For most accurate ref, click the first couple art.

User ImageName: Lenore of Hearts
Age: 16
Gender: female
Looks: Strawberry blonde hair has long bangs, however the back is short and sleek. Her eyes are a rich blue, and her royal red top is very tight and falls slightly above her belly button. It has a light purple fringe on the bottom. Her pants are black shorts, and her mid-shin black heels cover her legs. Her right arm is adorned in 2 golden armbands with a red heart attached to each - one on her upper arm and one on her wrist. She also has 2 fingerless gloves. The artful right arm is a shorter glove, however. She has a long peach colored veil like thing attached to her right leg as well. (You know, there's always 1 FF character with one. Yuna or Vanille, for example. ^^)
Personality: Lenore is very bubbly and upbeat. She's always in the highest of spirits and rarely ever gets angry. She also seems to have a certain love effect on the guys around her...
History: She works for Ace, her royal Prince, as a treasure hunter and, in times of war, a scout. She is also very close to him, because as a child they were playmates.
Weapon: A golden staff, with a heart attached to the end.
Refs: [Fallende Feder] , [mirax3dA] <== inverted colours = ^^ , [Fallende Feder - accurate ref]

User ImageName: Rochett (Roche) of Spades
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Looks: His dirty blonde and pale brown hair is short and slicked back smoothly. He also has 2 rebellious peices of bangs that stick out in front, and are oddly darker than the rest of his hair. His outfit is a simple black coat, a yellow-brown buttoned up dress shirt underneath, a sheath for his sword going across his chest, and a spade pin on his coat pocket. He wears slashed up black pants, and simple black dress shoes. His eyes are simply brown, however a slight caramel color dots them.
Personality: Rochett is very simple minded, his duty is everything to him. Mission is put first, friendships are temporary, and logic is practically non-existent. However, he generally cares slightly for the people around him and would save them if given the change.
History: Rochett is a lieutenant of Ace's royal army, and he takes his job very seriously. However, recently a strawberry blonde girl named Lenore has been hanging around him, and although he pretends her presence doesn't effect him, he's got a small crush on the girl.
Weapon: A simple katana. Black and silver, it's nothing special, but it's Rochett's baby.
Refs: [Fallende Feder] ,

Couple / Group Art: [Fallende Feder] &amp;== yuri warning , <span id="test31561363">. . .</span><br/><div id="post31561363" style="display:none; margin-right:75px;"></div>

Fallende Feder
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Fallende Feder
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