All my life I've got mistaken as the different species of animal. Im a Female griffin, the strange thing it that I no wings and Dont even look like a female. The females come to me, not the males. Mother always knew that I was special. But she didn't know how special I was. I was always one of thoughs kids that got mess around. Like Gloria and Agustus. I was like them but I had a greater power then them. I'm a fast lerner and a mind controler. It's not that bad, but it gets annoying when all the males come around asking me if I would play "mate the female' it feels wrong but I just go with it. Finnally My only weakness was Astriuum. He was the one I loved untill told me about the evil plan he had instore for our sucsessful family. Me and Astriuum got along really well. I kinda got jeolous when all the females came and flirted with him, but every night he would lay near my nest, telling me that I was the only one in his life even I was centries younger than him.

In the story, there is a scene that Astriuum tells Squigalis what he wants to do, of corse he wants to get extreme power. She doesnt like this idea. Astriuum runs away and Squigalis jumps off into the night trying to follow him. Of corse she doesnt have wings so she falls into a lake right smackdab bellow her. She falls and becomes emo for the rest of the year.
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