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For the hell of it...
Whatever I feel like putting here will be put here... which probably won't be much. -.-;
About the Virtues
Nila: 19

Nila is a modest girl filled with a curiosity for life and the many interesting things she finds in it. Intelligent and cunning, Nila spends a lot of time reading whatever interests her or finding someone with whom she can have a debate with over any topic that might spark intellectual banter. She doesn’t like to argue over stupid problems or get mad over the little things that can happen, she’s more sensible then that and holds herself as being easy-going, considerate, and thoughtful. Though she does have strong opinions and has no hesitation in voicing them, Nila does tend to be on the quiet side, which gives others the idea that she is much older then she actually is. Because of the maturity she possesses, Nila does not think much on what others think of her because she understands that she is different and takes pride in her uniqueness. Since Nila is the Virtue of love she has a natural tendency to fit in with society and other people; she is the kind of girl who can easily jump into a conversation with a person she has never met and make them feel comfortable without really having to try. Nila is also one to speak only when she feels it necessary since she believes that words are wasted on the ears of most people because they usually don’t listen anyway. The whole of society, in her opinion, is too selfish to care about what others might have to say.

Saphine: 22

Saphine is hard to describe at times though in a simple phrase she is a victim of her own emotions; they are ever changing and her mood changes with them. Intelligent and bright Saphine enjoys spending a lot of time learning new things and reading books to further her knowledge in all subjects. She is stubborn to a fault and enjoys arguing her points and making her opinions known. She is outspoken, blunt, Quick tempered and unafraid of other opinions. She sometimes has difficulties accepting another person’s opinion and has trouble admitting she might actually be wrong on occasion. She has been known to “beat a dead horse,” so to speak, and argue her point until she is almost blue in the face. She can be very sarcastic and sharp-tongued, sometimes seeming shrewish, but at the same time, Saphine is outgoing, exceedingly loyal and wonderfully affectionate once you have gained her respect and friendship. She is passionate, fiery, and subtly sensual. She is compassionate and kind hearted and though she is not perfect, it is a true treasure to have Saphine by your side.

Firae: 25

For the simple fact that Firae is ruled by his emotions, he is a very passionate young man. While capable of cunning and guile like the best of them, he is all too easily excitable, especially when pertaining to subjects that pique his interest. He is an excellent conversationalist (or, at least he would like to think so), and tries his very hardest to be at least polite, if not downright friendly, on most occasions. However, unless one is very dense, it is as clear as day if he dislikes you. Firae is, in stark contrast to his fellow Virtue Saphine, not one to rock the boat so to speak. He is well aware of the fact that people have differing opinions and prefers to not try and force his own on whoever he is speaking with, the exception being a close friend or family member should they be doing something he does not agree with. That being said, his morals are, at times, unrealistically high. He has a tendency to look at unpleasant things through rose-tinted glasses in the hopes of finding some hope in the situation, this, of course, obstructs his ability to think clearly and reasonably about things.

Lilly: 16

Lilly is a very charismatic, happy-go-lucky kind of girl who can be described as simplistically cute. Simplistic because when it comes right down to it, Lilly is not the sharpest crayon in the box and she can be overly trusting of other people. Then she’s cute because let’s face it, she’s a blonde, blue-eyed, perfect figured, girl next door with an innocence that is hard to come by these days. She has a sweet demeanor, an eagerness to please and a kind heart; always ready and willing to help someone if they need it, no matter who they are. Lilly does tend to get excited easily, even over the smallest of things, is somewhat of a klutz and is easily compared to that of a young energetic child. However, she is the queen of tantrums and pouting, which makes her seem even more childish and young then she really is. Usually, though, Lilly simply pouts as a way to get things that she wants, like sweets and toys, and it is hard to say no to one of her pouts. Overall Lilly is the kind of person everyone wants to have as a friend because of her compassionate nature and willingness to be open and accepting of anyone she encounters.

Vega: Unknown

Beautiful, serene, lovely and intelligent, these are the words that best describe Vega. An actual Angel sent from Heaven to aide the Virtue’s in their plight; Vega is truly the best representative of the Virtues. Soft-spoken and caring, Vega comes off as the mother-figure of the group. She is constantly concerned for the well being of others and will often put her friends’ wants and needs before her own. However, though she is quiet and sweet beyond compare, Vega has a strong will that simply demands respect from those who are around her. She can bring silence to a room simply by walking into it and there is an aura of great power that seems to encompass her, which draws admiration and adoration from those who encounter her. Calm and peace follow her every step, since it is a feeling that seems to pour from her very skin, and when there are times of great trouble and chaos, it is Vega who will take control, settle things down and then make sense of the situation so that it may be resolved. She is truly the most powerful Virtue by far and her only flaw may be that she is simply too perfect.

Robin: 20

Robin is a very bright and cheery person with a personality that simply draws people to him; he is always friendly, to everyone. However, as kind and caring as Robin is he is also effeminate, almost to an extreme, and a bit of a spas. He forgets things easily and often refers to himself as being an airhead. He loves to laugh and is constantly goofing around, but he can also be quite serious when he needs to be, like when he is dealing with an unwanted situation or person. At times like that, Robin becomes a very mysterious and dark type of figure who has an intensity about him that people cannot explain. Robin is also temperamental and loves to argue. He is stubborn when he wants something and will be very conniving and sly if he needs to. Nevertheless, the one thing most people know Robin for is his phenomenal cooking skills and his reputation of being an unnaturally happy person.

Aine: 113

Aine is an enigma to all who know her because though she seems quirky, outgoing and even a bit silly at times, she is really quite mysterious; she never talks about her past or about herself, though it is fairly obvious that she isn't human. Aine is always disappearing without any notice and then loves to reappear just as suddenly and quickly as she left. She is a very independent girl with a manner that often seems mocking or sarcastic though she means well, it’s just how she is. She can be aloof and distant, which makes it hard for her to relate to people or get close to anyone, though she is extremely social and tends to be the life of the party. Obviously enough, Aine enjoys being a walking contradiction. At the same time, Aine has a fiery temper, though she prefers to be passive aggressive when dealing with others who piss her off because violence isn’t her thing.

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