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Name: Paola
Age: 18
Race: Human
Personality Description: Paola has strong moral values, and for that reason tries to side with the protagonists than the villains. Although she always tries to do what's right, she has no qualms towards using violence against her enemies or anyone else in her way. Once Paola makes a commitment, she usually sticks with it making her very loyal. Material possessions are not one of Paola's values; instead she is content with the basics of survival: food, water, shelter and her health.
Background/Past: Paola has grown up very poor, letting her have an appreciation for smaller things in life. Her father died when she was at a young age, thus motivating her to follow his interest in knife handling. Along with this skill, she practiced acrobatics. Since the age of 11 she would make sure to keep at least one knife in her jacket pocket for easy access, or any other places on her person. Her mother died when she was the age of 15, forcing her to live on her own and learn to take care of herself. With no family left, Paola has been hoping for an adventure she could take on.
Weapons/Skills: Flexibility and acrobatics, knives (able to hit her target 9/10 times on average; the more pressure she's under the better her aim)

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