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~ Nina's Journal ~
Revny [Chapter One ~ Revny]



Revny stood in the mist of rusty blood, she tore at a corpse fabric. She cleaned her sword, stained in blood of her victims. Her long wavy black hair moist in the humidity. Her leather coat ran down to her knees clean as before her slaughter. Her eyes looked around sleeplessly for any other livings. Her mission, accomplished.

Her metals chains, connected to her belt, clinked as she walk the direction of the watery towns exit. She slid her sword easily and fast into its sheath as she walked. The ground was soaked with blood, pure and fresh. She kept her eyes forward never looking down at the corpse, never stepping on any to keep her boots clean.

Her green eyes slid to the side sensing the sound of breathing, someone was still alive. She concentrated her eyes forward on once more for whomever lived was not going to live long in this ocean of corpse.

She reached the exit of the town. The towns former name carved on a stone wall was now bedecked with scratches, and imprints of blood. Revny smiled. “Who’s there?”

The sound of a small boy came behind her. Revny turned around to face the child. The boys face was scratched with marks, his black hair wet with the sweat of fear. The boy held a fruit knife in his two hands that pointed at Revny.

“Oh, revenge is it?” Revny smirked as she watched the boy panicking. She took a step closer, and closer. “Come on.”

The boys body shook as he watched the woman that slaughtered his town stepping towards him. He tightened his grip on the small fruit knife held in his hands. Through the women’s piercing eyes he could see the scene of his death. His face showed a determined look as he felt his brain slowly losing control. He charged with the knife held out never looking up to meet the woman’s killing eyes.

Revny grabbed the boys hair as he charged at her, pulling him up to her face. His feet dangled below. “Too bad. Your…Weak! Like the rest of Mynai,” she whispered in his ear with her cold breath.

“Let me go! Let me go!” the boy yelled with the coming of his tears. He kicked and screamed with his little body no older than four or five. He dropped his arms and legs seeing no hope. He pursed his lips and clenched his fist wetting the ground with his urine.

Revny smiled at her accomplishment of sending fear. She opened her palm letting the boy drop on to the wet ground, in his own pool of urine. “Scared?” Revny asked, “Little boy?” Revny gave a wide sadistic grin across her face. Leaning down to the small boy, she whispered in his ears, “You know, I was just about your age when they, died.”

Her eyes lingered to a male corpse with short, long, red hair. Its body was cut here and there, its face distorted greatly. Underneath that male corpse, was a set of female corpse, a two week old infant with its bright blue eyes still wide opened, and a motherly female with bronze hair.

“Let me guess.” Revny smirked, “Your sister, your mother, and your dad. Is it not?”

“Yes! You demon! You moron! You murderer!” the boy yelled. With sudden sock, he clasped his small hands to his mouth knowing said too much. The woman might slice him to death anytime she wanted to.

“There she is!!! The Demon! She did it!” a voice pealed through the silence of Revny and the boy. The boy looked up to see a group of men dressed in steal armor, awaiting at the gates of Mynai. They were all well armed with weapons: rifles, muskets, shot guns, swords, daggers, grenades, pistols. There were ten of them, all looking to be very brawny and excellent warriors.

The boys mouth flung wide open in joy of seeing his saviors arrive. He leaped towards their direction with a jump as fast as his legs could carry him. But what he forgot, is the problem.

A pair of cold hands protruded out from behind him, and grasped his black hair. Revny flung the boy behind her into the cold brick walls without looking back. Her green eyes stared sadistically at the men. “Oh?” she said mockingly, “Here for the boy?” She heard the slight cracks of the brick wall behind her. Obviously, the boy still remained in conscious.

One of the men smirked, “Who wants the boy?!” he yelled crookedly. He flung his body back pulling out two of his pistols, “We want to defeat you. Revny!” He pointed the pistols strait at Revny, staring deep into her eyes.

Revny smirked at hearing the metallic clink of the pistols. They always delivered the welcoming of another battle. She was ready, and fearless. Her hands reached to grab the front corner of her triangular hat. Pulling it down, she smirked and put a hand to her sword. “Ready, set, Go…!” she whispered under her hat. She flung it into the air and ran with speed at the group of men as they ran at her.

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