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A Journey Through Cyberspace My travels and tales of the web and my life...a few poems may be included as well...

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standard Lineart (no shading/coloring): 40k headshots
60k: 1/2 body/busts
80k full body
chibi lineart: 25k headshots
35k full body
black and white shading (with up to two accent colors): Add 20k
Analog coloring (ie: colored pencils, paints, nail polishes, etc): Add 40k
Digital coloring (photoshop): Add 80k+ (depending on difficultly)

RP base
Aveyonera, a sprawling world that balances nature and technology in the Realta system. The surface is half covered by salty green seas reaching seemingly unfathomable depths. Two large continents, residing in the northern and southern hemispheres are connected via Land Bridge. Both house large cities and varied creatures.

The Northern Continent, Avaarus, has only one large city but it spans over half the continent and houses the largest spaceport in the solar system.It commonly goes by the name Haven Port, as its local name is quite complex and has a lot of weird symbols in it. Among the many industries and trades, tourism, manufacturing and scientific studies are amon the chief reasons people come to visit. The remnants of the continent consist of mountanious lands scattered with ravines, leaf and needle bearing trees and crater lakes, many of which are a joy to visit in the winter months.. . . . . . . . . . . .

The Land Bridge, also known as The Old Bridge, seperates the two main continents. This flat and arid land plays home to some of the larger beasts of the world. Being called 'Bridge' is a bit of a mis-nomer as it is several hundred kilometers wide and nearly twice as long, being more akin to a continent wedged between the two others. On either side of it lies a stretch of oceanic water who's old name has been lost to time. Most just call it The Straights of Cyan Sand on account of the high content of blue stone minerals that are mixed with the sands, providing its noted blue shades.

The Southern Continent, Vatten, is much more rooted in nature and agriculture, being the home to gentle rolling hills and sprawling farms, though much food is imported from off-world.The northeastern side of this continent , closest to the Land Bridge, is home to the largest city commonly called Petryfied Glenn. Trees long since dead and cast into stone have been carved hollow into stores, offices, and homes. The large leaves, frozen grey in time, cast an eternal darkness over the city, giving way to soft mosses and bioluminescent fungi which cast their warming yellow-green light. Not many tourists venture out this far since elsewise it is a fairly normal place.More common are studiers and scholars of the elemental forces who are attempting to apply scientific methods to these powers in order to understand their workings and make them into a science itself; Essentially they study the science of magic here . . . . . . . . . .

It is on this planet you land after a long flight through space, looking to obtain something new or elswise out of reach. Stepping off a shuttle at the Spaceport , you're instantly engulfed by a crowd of varying shapes, sizes, colors and species...

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Community Member
hilarious rp with guildies
an rp with some buddies of mine with a .hack twist! XD big rp is big

[20:28] arron: *Flops On Couch*
[20:28] tilly: -Takes off beret- o: I have faith that all you are doing is drawing yourself a Grunty
[20:28] tilly: Because I saw that sly smile on your face
[20:28] lotus: *chuckles* (tee hee the couch)
[20:28] silabus: *giggles*
[20:29] lotus: *pulls fone out of pockets and starts playing with it*
[20:29] tilly: -Hands over Doodle's eraser and pencil to Sil-
[20:29] silabus: *accepts them*
[20:29] arron: FFF I can't wait until next week... *w*
[20:29] silabus: I have the POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:29] lotus: pft
[20:29] tilly: -Touches his hair- c:
[20:29] silabus: muwhahahahahaaaaaaa/coughs
[20:29] arron: ...
[20:29] lotus: ?
[20:30] tilly: c:
[20:30] silabus: *fails at evil laughs*
[20:30] tilly: -Runs around Sil-
[20:30] tilly: Meow. c:
[20:30] silabus: *meticulously draws a revision 2 style grunty....*
[20:30] arron: *Presses A Button On Wrist Plate & Gloves Become Armour Plated*
[20:30] silabus: *that looks like arron*
[20:30] lotus: ???
[20:30] arron: =o=
[20:30] silabus: *cracks up*
[20:30] arron: Don't mind me...
[20:31] silabus: It's holding a big wrench too!
[20:31] lotus: *stares at him* =_=
[20:31] tilly: :V Test your rockect tank?
[20:31] silabus: >.>
[20:31] silabus: *the arron grunty does not look amused*
[20:31] arron: ...
[20:31] silabus: uhh
[20:31] lotus: *looks at drawing* KAWAII!!!
[20:31] silabus: *his Silabus on the foot with the big wrench*
[20:31] tilly: :V
[20:31] silabus: kjhjknkjhjhjkhjkhjk!!!!!
[20:31] arron: Ya've gotta be kiddin'..?
[20:32] silabus: >.<;;;
[20:32] tilly: c: Well look at that
[20:32] silabus: *hops up and down on sore foot*
[20:32] guest-11672 entered the room
[20:32] silabus: stupid pig...>.<
[20:32] lotus: that wasnt Konos was it?
[20:32] silabus: *glares at the grunty*
[20:32] tilly: o: Could always erase the grunty
[20:33] silabus: *it waddles over to arron and sits next to him on the couch*
[20:33] silabus: . . .
[20:33] lotus: *pulls out sudoku and pencil from pockets*
[20:33] arron: *Look At Grunty*
[20:33] arron: Uh...
[20:33] silabus: *it looks back at arron*
[20:33] lotus: ?
[20:33] silabus: You gots a prob boyo?
[20:34] silabus: it says*
[20:34] lotus: PFT!!!!
[20:34] silabus: *craks up*
[20:34] tilly: o: Draw me a Tilly Grunty!
[20:34] arron: KELLLVASO!!!! *Falls Off Couch*
[20:34] lotus: O_O
[20:34] arron: IT-IT TALKS?
[20:34] silabus: *has to sit on floor*
[20:34] tilly: o: All Gruntys do
[20:34] silabus: y-yeah, they tend to so that
[20:35] lotus: Wow....that was interesting
[20:35] silabus: *it stares at arron quizzically*
[20:35] arron: *Waves At Grunty* Uh... Hi..?
[20:36] silabus: *the grunty pulls its goggles over its eyes and fiddles with a gameboy*
[20:36] tilly: c: Well look at that
[20:36] silabus: 'Yo.'
[20:36] lotus: *stares at it* nanda kore??
[20:36] tilly: <3
[20:36] silabus: XD
[20:36] silabus: Okay!
[20:36] tilly: o: The Arron G is like a typical teenager
[20:36] lotus: pft......wow
[20:36] silabus: *drawsa Till grunty*
[20:37] arron: ...
[20:37] tilly: - u- Ahhh yeah
[20:37] silabus: take care of her tilly!
[20:37] tilly: c: Of course
[20:37] arron: Tha's just way ta shiny...
[20:37] arron: OnOuuu
[20:37] silabus: *grunty Arr stares at big Arr*
[20:37] tilly: -Gets on Tilly Grunty- Okay, I hope you can make rainbows come out of your backside
[20:37] silabus: *draws Silas grunty* I missed you friend!
[20:38] tilly: -Tilly Grunty walks and bumps into a wall- o no Oh little one
[20:38] silabus: *Silas grunt copies my every movement for hilarity's sake*
[20:39] silabus: *grunty arr puts gameboy away and rases goggles*
[20:39] tilly: [http://images.wikia.com/dothack/images/c/cf/Silabusgrunty2.jpg]
[20:39] silabus changed nickname to silgruntymaster
[20:40] tilly: -Redirects Tilly Grunty- Okay, let's try this again. CHARGE!
[20:40] silgruntymaster: *Grunty Arr jumps onto Arron's head*
[20:40] tilly: -Tilly Grunty pumps into another wall-
[20:40] tilly: *bumps
[20:40] arron: Uh...
[20:40] silgruntymaster: *laughs* so cute
[20:40] arron: *Looks Up* H-Hello..?
[20:40] silgruntymaster: *it looks down* Heya boyo.
[20:40] guest-11741 entered the room
[20:41] guest-11757 entered the room
[20:42] silgruntymaster: *It pokes a button on a bangle its wearing and jumps onto a hoverboard*
[20:42] silgruntymaster: o.o;
[20:42] silgruntymaster: who knew?
[20:42] lotus: ....wow...it's a chibi Arron
[20:42] arron: *Grins*
[20:42] roseprince: Great
[20:42] lotus: n_n
[20:42] silgruntymaster: *its tail twitches* Who ya callin' chibi, girlie?
[20:43] silgruntymaster: *it stares at lotus*
[20:43] lotus: *stares at it* Who you calling girly chibi?
[20:43] silgruntymaster: *hovers over to lotus and hits her on the head with a wrench*
[20:44] tilly: o: Oh snaps
[20:44] silgruntymaster: *silas and sil*: o.o;;
[20:44] lotus: =_o oi!!!!
[20:44] silgruntymaster: *It retreats behind real Arron*
[20:44] lotus: *stops short of bringing out scythe* Tch..smart a**....better retreat...
[20:44] silgruntymaster: awwww.......she didn't mean that! *the sil crew in unison*
[20:45] lotus: ...tch.,..yet another lump thank you...
[20:45] silgruntymaster: Silas grunty jumps and grabs the pencill*
[20:45] lotus: O_O
[20:45] silgruntymaster: w-what? hey!
[20:45] tilly: o: Oh noes!
[20:46] silgruntymaster: *it draws a RosePrince grunty*
[20:46] arron: OnO?
[20:46] lotus: oh dear lucy
[20:46] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;;;
[20:46] tilly: Go Tilly Grunty!
[20:46] arron: *Both Arron's Facepalm* Stars
[20:46] silgruntymaster: *rpgruntys strikes a sexy pose*
[20:46] lotus: Yare yare.....
[20:46] tilly: Tilly Grunty: oink! -Follows after Sil Grunty-
[20:47] silgruntymaster: *sil grunty climbs up Sil's ponytail and puts pencil back*
[20:47] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;;
[20:47] silgruntymaster: this just got out of hand.....
[20:47] guest-11812 entered the room
[20:47] tilly: -Tilly's Grunty bumps into Sil's legs.- Oink!
[20:47] arron: *Picks Up Own Grunty & Sits On Couch*
[20:47] silgruntymaster: *RPgrunt walks up to SGrunty and starts to hit on it*
[20:47] tilly: c: D'aww she's making friends
[20:47] lotus: *watches the little ones* Yare yare...
[20:47] silgruntymaster: o.0;;;;;;
[20:48] silgruntymaster: *sgrunty panics and starts to run in a circle, RPgrunty follows*
[20:48] tilly: [xD That little bugger would make so much trouble]
[20:48] silgruntymaster: h-hi tilly grunty
[20:48] silgruntymaster: *pets it while the two are running in circles*
[20:49] tilly: Tilly Grunty: Do you have any Grunty food for me? Oink!
[20:49] silgruntymaster: *AGrunty: not amused*
[20:49] silgruntymaster: come on you two.....
[20:49] lotus: so what now Grunty Mistress?
[20:49] silgruntymaster: *RPgrunty tackles S grunty and starts to make out with it*
[20:49] silgruntymaster: 0/////0;;;;;;;;
[20:49] lotus: O_O >////////<
[20:49] silgruntymaster: GAH!!!!!!!
[20:50] silgruntymaster: *whips out eraser&
[20:50] tilly: o: Aigoo!
[20:50] silgruntymaster: *starts to erase RPgrunty*
[20:50] arron: ...
[20:50] lotus: ... *just watches*
[20:50] silgruntymaster: *RPgrunty disappears*
[20:50] arron: *Coughs*
[20:50] silgruntymaster: g-gosh.....
[20:50] arron: Nice goin' there...
[20:51] lotus: ok...
[20:51] silgruntymaster: *Agrunty parts arron on his back* yeah ponytail good job!
[20:51] silgruntymaster: . . .
[20:51] tilly: -Picks up S Grunty- c: <3
[20:51] lotus: hehehehe
[20:51] silgruntymaster: *silas grunty starts to cry out of shock of the previous incident*
[20:51] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;
[20:51] lotus: *pokes it*
[20:51] arron: Uh...
[20:51] tilly: ; A; It's okay!
[20:51] silgruntymaster: I....didn;t think that one through
[20:51] tilly: -Cuddles S Grunty-
[20:51] silgruntymaster: ^^;;
[20:52] arron: No you didn't. *Deadpans*
[20:52] lotus: yare yare yareyare
[20:52] silgruntymaster: *Sgrunts calms down a bit, its big ponytail swooshing*
[20:52] silgruntymaster: . . .
[20:52] silgruntymaster: *hangs his head*
[20:52] tilly: :c Why you no feed Tilly Grunty, Sil?
[20:52] lotus: *avoids a face hit from tail*
[20:52] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;
[20:52] silgruntymaster: o-oh.....
[20:53] silgruntymaster: *draws a crudload of OhNoMellons and Pineyapples*
[20:53] tilly: -Tilly Grunty bumps into his legs constantly-
[20:53] lotus: *pulls book out of pocket*
[20:53] silgruntymaster: here ya go Tilly-G!
[20:54] silgruntymaster: *feeds her one*
[20:54] tilly: Tilly Grunty: c: Why thank you. <3
[20:54] guest-11894 entered the room
[20:54] silgruntymaster: welcome! the pile is all yours!
[20:54] silgruntymaster: *sgrunty hops down and brushes its hair*
[20:54] tilly: Tilly Grunty eats food rapidly.
[20:55] tilly: Tilly Grunty rolls around
[20:55] silgruntymaster: *blinks*
[20:55] tilly: c: Oh she is just like me. <3
[20:55] lotus: meh...Arron's was like Arron i'd suppose..
[20:55] silgruntymaster: *ArronGrunty pulls out gameboy and starts to play with it*
[20:55] silgruntymaster: Agrunty:mmph...
[20:55] lotus: *still ready book*
[20:56] guest-11913 entered the room
[20:56] silgruntymaster: *silas grunty runs over to ArrGrunty*
[20:56] silgruntymaster: *SGrunty swooshes its ponytail and AGrunty watches amazed*
[20:57] silgruntymaster: t-that's probably not gonna end...*AGrunty passes out*
[20:57] silgruntymaster: ....well
[20:57] silgruntymaster: . . .
[20:57] lotus: Pft!!! yep, deffinitely like Arron
[20:57] silgruntymaster: *SGrunty panics and starts fanning AGrunty with its tail*
[20:58] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;
[20:58] lotus: *watches slightly amused*
[20:58] silgruntymaster: t-this is looking a bit familiar.....
[20:58] lotus: oposite roles me thinks.....
[20:58] silgruntymaster: *Agrunty pops up and hits SGrunty in the head*
[20:58] silgruntymaster: o.0;;
[20:58] lotus: PFT!!!!
[20:59] silgruntymaster: *both begin to cry*
[20:59] guest-11947 entered the room
[20:59] lotus: =_=
[20:59] silgruntymaster: awww......
[20:59] silgruntymaster: *walks to both*
[20:59] silgruntymaster: you two o-k
[20:59] silgruntymaster: a
[20:59] silgruntymaster: y
[20:59] silgruntymaster: . . .
[20:59] silgruntymaster: c-crap!!!!!
[20:59] lotus: ?
[21:00] silgruntymaster: *Agrunty gets up, cursing like a sailor, half its head blue*
[21:00] silgruntymaster: o.0;
[21:00] guest-11967 entered the room
[21:00] lotus: *starts laughing a** off* nice job there
[21:00] silgruntymaster: I-I'm too good an artist me-think
[21:00] lotus: Are they supposed to be that simillar?
[21:01] tilly: c: -Rolls with Tilly Grunty-
[21:01] silgruntymaster: Agrunty:Arg! ya flippin llil idjit! I'mma kill ya! *chases sgrunty*
[21:01] silgruntymaster: o.o;;
[21:01] lotus: Oi! behave chibi!
[21:01] lotus: *brings out scythe* or else
[21:01] silgruntymaster: t-the grunties typically take on characteristics of their owners...
[21:02] lotus: oh...I see
[21:02] silgruntymaster: *watches as the two run in circles around the couch*
[21:03] silgruntymaster: *SGrunty trips on its ponytail and Lgrunty stops/towers over him*
[21:03] lotus: *just stares at them*
[21:03] silgruntymaster: u-uhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:03] lotus: (Lgrunty?) be glad you didnt do me then
[21:03] silgruntymaster: *Sgrunty starts to hilariously beg for its like and forgiveness*
[21:04] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;;;
[21:04] lotus: =_= eh?
[21:04] tilly: :V
[21:04] silgruntymaster: "don;t hurt me Lyth grunty! ~hoink!!! I didn't mean it!~hoink!!!"
[21:05] silgruntymaster: 'f-forgive me!~hoink!!!!!'*Sgrunty squirms on the floor*
[21:05] silgruntymaster: a-am I really like that? o.o;;;;
[21:05] lotus: ??? *goes over and grabs them both* OI!!
[21:06] silgruntymaster: *lyth grunty=not amuzed*
[21:06] silgruntymaster: Sgrunty: t-thanky you oh firey one!
[21:06] lotus: *glowers at him* Behave little one...or else!
[21:06] lotus: =_o firey one??
[21:06] silgruntymaster: Sgrunty:hoink~!!!!!s-sorry!!!!!
[21:07] silgruntymaster: Lgrunty:tch, wha'ver, girlie
[21:07] silgruntymaster: o.0
[21:07] lotus: *draging lyth grunty away* I'll ignore that
[21:07] lotus: =_O who yo callin girly assol??!?!
[21:07] silgruntymaster: Lgrunty:you, ya bleedin flame'ead!
[21:08] silgruntymaster: Sgrunty: uhh...hoink.....d-draw an antidote, Silabus?
[21:08] lotus: =_= *getting more and more pissed by the minute* oh really? ye blue litte icecle??
[21:08] lotus: I'll give you bleeding in a minute!
[21:08] guest-12068 entered the room
[21:08] silgruntymaster: *draws an antodite*
[21:09] lotus: *throws lyth grunty across room*
[21:09] silgruntymaster: Lgrunty;*crashes into wall*gah! low class asteroid!!!*explatives*
[21:10] guest-12084 entered the room
[21:10] silgruntymaster: u-uhhhh.......*walks over to L grunty and forces the antidote down its throat*
[21:10] lotus: =_= *now has scythe out* Oh raelly? little snow drift?
[21:10] shy: Hello~
[21:10] silgruntymaster: *Lgrunty:mkhkjgugjkghhujgj *back to Arron grunty and passes out*
[21:10] tilly: c: Hi Shy
[21:10] silgruntymaster: h-hi shy
[21:11] shy: Haaai~ C:
[21:11] lotus: *glowers at him and sighs* tch...If real Assol is like that we'll really get along
[21:11] guest-12096 entered the room
[21:11] silgruntymaster: *silasgrunty and sil stare at the passed out Arron grunty*
[21:11] silgruntymaster: >.> uhhh....
[21:11] silgruntymaster: yeah.....
[21:11] silgruntymaster: to let you know shy...
[21:12] lotus: *picks up the passed out grunty by goggles and puts on couch* baka...
[21:12] silgruntymaster: I kinda bartered with tilly for doodle's pencil and eraser
[21:12] silgruntymaster: and I drew grunties ^^;;
[21:12] silgruntymaster: *Arron grunty flops onto couch*@~@
[21:12] lotus: she was smart enough not to draw me
[21:12] silgruntymaster: -.-;
[21:13] lotus: *sits next to it with a book*
[21:13] silgruntymaster: I know the ponytail's huge but come on!!!!
[21:13] lotus: ?
[21:13] silgruntymaster: =3=
[21:13] lotus: maybe thats your drunk characteristics? *trying to be helpful*
[21:14] silgruntymaster: . . .
[21:14] tilly: :c Lotus, Sil is a boy
[21:14] lotus: yeah....and?
[21:14] silgruntymaster: *not amused look on both Sil's faces*
[21:14] silgruntymaster: *watches as Tilly gruntys rolls by*
[21:15] silgruntymaster: o-okay
[21:15] tilly: -Squiggle arms on the floor- o uo
[21:15] lotus: * raises feet to allow pass*
[21:15] tilly: -Rolls-
[21:15] tilly: -Bumps into Sill- c: A teehee
[21:15] silgruntymaster: *grunty Arron wakes up* ugh..wha' happn'?
[21:15] tilly: -Tilly Grunty bumps into her- c: <3
[21:15] guest-12151 entered the room
[21:15] silgruntymaster: *laughs*
[21:15] lotus: *looks at him* Nothing. feeling better?
[21:16] silgruntymaster: *AGrunty: hoof holding head* ugh...m' 'ead.......
[21:16] lotus: hm...sorry about that...
[21:16] silgruntymaster: *silasgrunty:jumps onto couch and stares at Arron grunty*
[21:16] lotus: ?
[21:16] silgruntymaster: . . .
[21:17] silgruntymaster: *SilasGrunty: holds out something* Gum?
[21:17] silgruntymaster: . . .
[21:17] silgruntymaster: *silabus falls on floor*
[21:17] tilly: -Clings Onto Sil- o uo <3
[21:17] lotus: ?? Oi, sil!
[21:17] tilly: We're laying on the floor together
[21:17] silgruntymaster: what the heck did I draw?!?!!!!
[21:18] silgruntymaster: *looks over at tilly* >///>;;
[21:18] lotus: grunty?
[21:18] tilly: -Tilly Grunty sits on Sil- c:
[21:18] silgruntymaster: *arron Grunty accepts the gum*
[21:18] silgruntymaster: ooph!
[21:18] lotus: *just watches*
[21:18] silgruntymaster: *arron grunty: 0x0;;;;;
[21:19] lotus: ? what's wrong?
[21:19] silgruntymaster: *silas grunty: *nomsa piece* mmmmmm!!!!!! Wasabi and oulled pork!
[21:19] tilly: -Cuddles Sil- >:3
[21:19] silgruntymaster: *arron grunty: 1hit ko
[21:19] lotus: Ouch...those arent fun
[21:19] silgruntymaster: *is cuddled and on floor*
[21:20] tilly: Tilly Grunty rolls on Sil
[21:21] silgruntymaster: SilasGrunty: Jumps off couch and starts to run in circles panicing* I've killed him ~hoink
[21:21] lotus: What? no you didnt
[21:21] silgruntymaster: gah!!*is rolled on*o.<
[21:21] lotus: *pokes sil* see? he alive
[21:21] silgruntymaster: *silas: still running and panicing*
[21:22] lotus: *picks silas up by pony tail* Ne, miteru, he not dead
[21:22] silgruntymaster: *silasgrunty: stops and watches as Arron Grunty makes a'hiiinnnnkkkkk' sound*
[21:22] lotus: *stares at Arro grunty* ?
[21:22] silgruntymaster: *silasgrunty: from air* r-really? *teary eyedU
[21:23] lotus: yes. *pokes Sil* NE, Okiru!
[21:23] silgruntymaster: *arrongrunty wakes up groggy and unpleasant*
[21:23] tilly: -Tilly Grunty rolls off Sil and rolls away-
[21:23] arron: (Back)
[21:23] silgruntymaster: o.o;;ugh...*sits up*
[21:23] lotus: see?
[21:23] tilly: -Still clung onto Sil- c: <3
[21:23] silgruntymaster: o//o;;
[21:25] silgruntymaster: *Arrongrunty: ugh.........I 'ink I'm 'onna be....urp.....sick.......
[21:25] silgruntymaster: *Arrgrunty: runs to garbage can and upchucks*
[21:25] silgruntymaster: *Silas grunty cries*
[21:25] lotus: !! uh-oh..you ok?
[21:26] silgruntymaster: Arron grunty:urp~......
[21:26] lotus: *bends and hands Arron grunty a water bottle* ne,
[21:26] silgruntymaster: SilasGrunty: I made him sick....I didn't mean to hoink!!!!
[21:26] lotus: No, was;nt your fault probably
[21:26] tilly: o: I don't think Gruntys have thumbs, Lotus
[21:26] silgruntymaster: Arron grunty: th-thanks....
[21:27] lotus: O_O....do what am i supposed to do?
[21:27] tilly: o: How will he be able to open the bottle?
[21:27] lotus: (is aklready open)
[21:27] lotus: uh....
[21:27] tilly: :V Oh I see you opened it for him
[21:27] silgruntymaster: Arron grunty: sips from open bottle*
[21:28] lotus: better?
[21:28] silgruntymaster: *Silas grunty runs over and hugs Arr grunty*
[21:28] silgruntymaster: ArronGrunty:y-yeah...o////o;;
[21:28] lotus: uh...be careful silas....
[21:28] lotus: Wanna go back on the couch?
[21:29] silgruntymaster: Arrongrunty;y-yeah....
[21:29] lotus: *carefully tries picking him up
[21:29] silgruntymaster: Arron grunty:is like jello and deadweight in your arms*
[21:30] tilly: -Tilly Grunty rolls and bumps into Arron's legs- c:
[21:30] silgruntymaster: Silas grunty: *follows teary eyed*
[21:30] lotus: *sits back on couch and sighs with Arron gurnty in lap* Yare yare
[21:30] silgruntymaster: Arron grunty: o///////o
[23:10] silgruntymaster: arron grunty *not amused*
[23:10] lotus: ^_^
[23:10] arron: *Stands There A Bit Shocked*
[23:11] tilly: c: Just look at his hair. <3
[23:11] silgruntymaster: *looks like a girl with hair released*
[23:11] tilly: -Petpet-
[23:11] lotus: rapunzel rapunzel (lol)
[23:11] silgruntymaster: o///o;;
[23:11] thorn: 'looks at lotus' im sure if your the one kickking it you firy little heart throb
[23:11] tilly: [Sil with loose hair = Bishie]
[23:11] silgruntymaster: arron grunty* .....>.<
[23:11] lotus: =_= *twitches* ......
[23:11] arron: ...
[23:11] thorn: 'looks at sil' hello there princess how might i assit you this day?
[23:11] arron: Uh...
[23:11] silgruntymaster: uh......whwat?!
[23:12] lotus: hehe
[23:12] tilly: [xD It's like Ping from Mulan]
[23:12] silgruntymaster: *eyebrow twitches in shock*
[23:12] arron: Where'd the clip g-go..?
[23:12] lotus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSS5dEeMX64
[23:12] silgruntymaster: *shrinks into fetal position*
[23:12] lotus: *takes one from pocket* here
[23:13] thorn: ....
[23:13] arron: ...
[23:13] silgruntymaster: *tries to tie it back but it snaps*
[23:13] silgruntymaster: o.o''
[23:13] lotus: ...
[23:13] tilly: -Snuggles Sil- c: <3
[23:13] thorn: 'grins' awww come on sil. it looks better down
[23:13] lotus: do we need to get hell chains for that?
[23:13] silgruntymaster: *blushes*
[23:14] thorn: well if your hair realy bugs you thats much.... we could always cut it
[23:14] tilly: -Brushes Sil's hair- c:
[23:14] silgruntymaster: *big eyes*w-w-wha?!
[23:14] lotus: sure..donate to those little bald guys for cancer
[23:14] tilly: I'll just braid it
[23:14] tilly: -Braids- c: <3
[23:14] arron: ...
[23:15] lotus: *needs to learn how to do braids*
[23:15] thorn: 'watches' still looks like a princess
[23:15] silgruntymaster: *fidgets and hair keeps falling out of braid*
[23:15] lotus: stop moving
[23:15] arron: Hold on... Try this... *Taks Off His Wrist Plate * Clamps It Around Sil's Hair*
[23:15] tilly: c: <3
[23:15] lotus: carefull....if it snaps...
[23:15] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: that clip was probly special metal or somethin'
[23:15] thorn: or slips
[23:15] lotus: even so
[23:16] silgruntymaster: o//.//o;
[23:16] arron: Lil' Arrie's right.
[23:16] lotus: ne, what did it look like?
[23:16] silgruntymaster: *its holding for now*
[23:16] thorn: awwww..... so much for having a little princess in here...
[23:16] tilly: -Snuggles- c: <3
[23:16] silgruntymaster: dark green w-with light green stripes
[23:16] silgruntymaster: kinda circular
[23:16] tilly: D:< Aren't I already a princess?!
[23:16] lotus: meh,...he's close enough isnt he?
[23:17] silgruntymaster: o///o;;
[23:17] arron: ...
[23:17] silgruntymaster: arron grunty* wiggles free and starts to look for clasp*
[23:17] thorn: .... 'is wordless'
[23:18] thorn: well tilly your um.... 'looks about for help'
[23:18] silgruntymaster: *seems to shrink in his seat*
[23:18] arron: *Starts Looking For The Clasp Also*
[23:18] tilly: >:[ -Glares-
[23:18] lotus: Hm....*looks around.. uses scythe to feel under things*
[23:18] thorn: your darling... sil how ever.... well the hair you know?
[23:18] silgruntymaster: arron grunty:*shouts from somewhere* Its not in th' closet
[23:19] arron: Wait...
[23:19] tilly: >:[
[23:19] thorn: 'sweat drop' so um weres that clip... 'looks about'
[23:19] lotus: hehehe....
[23:19] arron: 'Ey is it metal?
[23:19] lotus: didn't chibi say so?
[23:19] silgruntymaster: y-yeah
[23:19] arron: Good!
[23:19] lotus: magnet!?
[23:19] silgruntymaster: m-mythrill
[23:19] tilly: :V Metal detector
[23:19] arron: *Pulls Down Goggles Over Eyes & Starts Looking Around*
[23:20] thorn: better one of arrons devices
[23:20] lotus: -_= mythrils a metal?
[23:20] tilly: Not all metals are magnetic
[23:20] lotus: true
[23:20] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: Its not in the pail I threw up it!
[23:20] silgruntymaster: o.0;;;
[23:20] arron: (PFT!)
[23:20] lotus: eh? I would hope not!
[23:20] thorn: ....
[23:20] arron: ...
[23:20] lotus: woudnt you?
[23:20] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: can;t be too careful 'round here
[23:20] arron: Lil' Arrie's worse than me...
[23:20] lotus: hehehehehe
[23:20] thorn: right arron i think the other you is a tad defective
[23:21] lotus: meh...he does try atleast
[23:21] thorn: true i supose
[23:21] arron: He's gonna get you fo' tha'... *Deadpans*
[23:21] tilly: >:[ All it takes is hair to make me look like a princess?
[23:21] silgruntymaster: arrongrunty: *snorts* and climbs under couch to look*
[23:21] arron: ...
[23:21] silgruntymaster: arrongrunty:hoooiiinnnkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[23:21] lotus: what?
[23:21] arron: Huh?
[23:21] silgruntymaster: arrongrunty *scampers out fast*
[23:21] lotus: ??
[23:21] lotus: found?
[23:21] arron: Uh...
[23:21] thorn: ... so um that clip 'wonders away from tilly'
[23:22] tilly: c: He might have found it
[23:22] arron: ...
[23:22] silgruntymaster: arron grunty:f-found it.....a-allong with.....
[23:22] lotus: *glowers at thorn* Ne...did you see it?
[23:22] tilly: >:[ -Death glares-
[23:22] lotus: with?
[23:22] arron: Oh dear...
[23:22] lotus: what's wrong?
[23:22] thorn: 'gets the feeling hes not going to make it to the night'
[23:22] silgruntymaster: arrongrunty: o-oh stars....*passes out from the horrors of under the hq couch*
[23:22] arron: ...
[23:23] tilly: :c Oh noes
[23:23] lotus: !! oh helll (why whats under there?)
[23:23] thorn: .... 'grabs arron gruntys foot and pulls him out from under the couch'
[23:23] lotus: ....
[23:23] arron: Don't tell he saw the mutated curry sandwhich Ms. Panty left...
[23:23] lotus: what?
[23:23] silgruntymaster: *still sitting paralized with shock of the hair comming undone*
[23:23] arron: It lives under the couch.
[23:24] arron: It eats lent.
[23:24] arron: *lint
[23:24] lotus: it...LIVEs?? waht the hell?
[23:24] arron: Yeah...
[23:24] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: n-no one s-should h-have t' s-see that.....
[23:24] lotus: *tempted to look*
[23:24] thorn: take that as a yes
[23:24] tilly: c: Go Tilly Grunty!
[23:24] lotus: *pats chibi*
[23:24] tilly: -Tilly Grunty searches around-
[23:24] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: o.o;;;
[23:25] lotus: want water?
[23:25] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: y-yes........
[23:25] lotus: *hands open bottle*
[23:25] silgruntymaster: . . .
[23:26] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: takes it and drinks*
[23:26] guest-8808 entered the room
[23:26] silgruntymaster: *starts to rock back and forth*
[23:26] arron: ...
[23:26] tilly: -Tries to console Sil-
[23:26] tilly: o no He is easily rejecting me
[23:26] lotus: oh hell....is he gonna snap or something?
[23:26] arron: Uh...
[23:26] guest-8808 changed nickname to pantyface
[23:27] silgruntymaster: just keep calm...just keep calmm*rocks back and forth*

[23:27] thorn: 'looks at all' .... sometimes one should avoid the couch
[23:27] arron: At-At least what's underneath it...
[23:28] lotus: meesh
[23:28] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: *nods*
[23:28] thorn: indeed
[23:28] lotus: *pats chibi*
[23:28] arron: Lyth: HEY IT'S THE DIVINE HOTTIE!
[23:28] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: o//n//o
[23:28] pantyface: *Eyebrow raise* The ******** is going on in here?
[23:28] lotus: ?? what was htaht??
[23:28] arron: O///X\o
[23:28] thorn: 'looks at little arron grunty' coulda been worse coulda tryed to eat you
[23:28] tilly: D: Lyth is here?!
[23:28] pantyface: ...Why hello to you too.~
[23:28] arron: *Covers Mouth*
[23:28] thorn: Speekking of sexy angles
[23:29] lotus: *tries not to look at arron. pats chibi*
[23:29] lotus: dont even!
[23:29] silgruntymaster: g-great......*keeps rocking back and forth*
[23:29] arron: I-I'm so-so sorry...
[23:29] pantyface: Somethin' wrong?
[23:29] lotus: Uh....dont worry about it?
[23:29] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: GOTS TAH SAY, i AGREE WITH YE THERE BOYO!!!!
[23:29] thorn: no not realy
[23:29] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: o//o;;;
[23:30] arron: *Facepalms*
[23:30] lotus: bye TT^TT
[23:30] pantyface: ....Right. Well.
[23:30] silgruntymaster: *hair starts to break out of the makeshift clip holding it*
[23:31] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;;;;
[23:31] silgruntymaster: arron grunty turns and watches*
[23:31] arron: Oh stars... *Notices & Places Hand On Wrist Plate So It Doesn't Go Flying*
[23:32] thorn: 'sighs and gos over to hold sils hair'
[23:32] tilly: :C
[23:32] thorn: its ok arron go find his clip...
[23:32] silgruntymaster: *the poof of hair is contained but it still cascades everywhere*
[23:32] silgruntymaster: o///o;;
[23:32] thorn: sil... why in the worlds do you have so much hair
[23:33] pantyface: I think it's sexy.
[23:33] tilly: :c -Quietly sulks away-
[23:33] arron: *Walks Over & Reaches Under Couch*
[23:33] arron: : O
[23:33] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: b-be careful.....
[23:33] arron: OW!
[23:33] tilly: -Death glares- >:[
[23:33] thorn: 'looks over at arron' it bite you?
[23:34] silgruntymaster: I-its normally okay as long as its in its clip
[23:34] arron: *Pulls Hand Out & A Mutated Sandwhich Is Biting His Hand*
[23:34] arron: >o<
[23:34] thorn: ....
[23:34] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: THA'S THE THIN' THA BIT ME TAIL!
[23:35] arron: *Shakes Hand & The Sandwhich Goes Flying*
[23:35] silgruntymaster: *looks down and is ashamed*
[23:35] arron: Ms. Panty shoot it.
[23:35] pantyface: Huh?
[23:35] arron: It was your sandwhich anyway.
[23:35] pantyface: ...The ********.
[23:35] pantyface: Since when did i make one of those?
[23:35] thorn: 'still holdding sil's hair in place'
[23:35] pantyface: *Wouldn't remember.*
[23:36] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: ....please shoot it.
[23:36] arron: It was a spicy curry sandwhich...
[23:36] pantyface: ...Oh.
[23:36] arron: It HAS to be yours...
[23:36] pantyface: Huh. Guess so.
[23:36] silgruntymaster: o///o;;
[23:36] arron: *Sniffs Hand* Ew... Rotten curry...
[23:36] pantyface: You know shooting it requires me stripping. Think you can handle it, Mechanic Boy~?
[23:36] thorn: ... rank
[23:36] arron: ...
[23:36] silgruntymaster: arron grunty: . . .
[23:37] thorn: 'looks at panty' wait is that where that gun comes from?
[23:37] arron: I'l... cl-close my eyes...
[23:37] arron: <///////////////<
[23:37] silgruntymaster: *some long hair falls into his face*
[23:37] pantyface: You'd miss this?
[23:37] pantyface: Sucks to be you then.
[23:37] silgruntymaster: Arron grunty: turns around o//o/*
[23:37] thorn: 'groans and trys to grab falling hair'
[23:38] thorn: too much hair sil to much hair
[23:38] silgruntymaster: *more just pops out and he blushes*
[23:38] thorn: ....
[23:38] thorn: someone hurry up and find this man his clip
[23:38] silgruntymaster: *silently weaps to self*
[23:40] thorn: 'watchs' wow....
[23:40] tilly: -Tilly Grunty rolls around with something in her mouth- Tee hee. c:
[23:40] pantyface: *Strips off her underwear and transforming it into it's pistol form, shoots the offending
[23:40] pantyface: sandwhich.*
[23:40] pantyface: Bl
[23:40] arron: *Covers Face*
[23:40] silgruntymaster: Assron grunty looking away* >///>
[23:40] pantyface: ((LOL ASSRON))
[23:40] silgruntymaster: (XD lol)
[23:41] tilly: [xD]
[23:41] silgruntymaster: (*arron
[23:41] thorn: .... 'looks away from panty' well that was hot
[23:41] pantyface: Would you have expected any less?
[23:41] tilly: c: -Picks up Tilly Grunty- What do you have there?
[23:41] silgruntymaster: *saw what happened*
[23:41] thorn: ... never
[23:41] silgruntymaster: *is starting to wobble*
[23:41] pantyface: *Blows on the end of her gun, dispersing the smoke coming from it.*
[23:41] silgruntymaster: 0////o;;;;;
[23:42] silgruntymaster: *is sawying erratically*
[23:42] tilly: -Carries Tilly Grunty to Sil- c: Lookie
[23:42] silgruntymaster: o.o
[23:42] silgruntymaster: 0.0
[23:42] tilly: -Tilly Grunty is carrying a green ring-
[23:42] silgruntymaster: *grabs the clip and nuzzles it*
[23:42] thorn: ...
[23:42] arron: *Reaches Hand Under Couch Again Throwing Out Various Objects*
[23:43] arron: : o
[23:43] tilly: Tilly Grunty: Oink. c: Tee hee
[23:43] arron: *Pulls Out The Clasp* FOUND IT.
[23:43] thorn: 'looks at arron grunty' dont think the little guy can handle that much sexy
[23:43] tilly: o: Duplicates?!
[23:43] silgruntymaster: o.0;;;
[23:43] arron: Maybye it was... Sil's Grunty..?
[23:43] thorn: oh thank goodness... get it over here so i dont have to hold sils hair anymore
[23:43] silgruntymaster: Arron grunty*passed out sitting up*
[23:44] arron: ...
[23:44] arron: Uh....
[23:44] silgruntymaster: o.o;;
[23:44] arron: Lil' Arrie..?
[23:44] tilly: >W> -Looks at Tilly Grunty-
[23:44] pantyface: *You shouldn't feed her ego. Smiiiirrkkksss and stares at Arron.*
[23:44] silgruntymaster: *Arron grunty falls off the couch*
[23:44] arron: ...
[23:44] thorn: ...
[23:44] silgruntymaster: o.o;;;;
[23:44] tilly: ...
[23:45] arron: Oh... *Gets It* >////////<
[23:45] tilly: D:< Put the clasp in your hair already
[23:45] silgruntymaster: *hair bursts out of thorns hands, cascading everywhere*
[23:45] silgruntymaster: o.o;
[23:45] silgruntymaster: GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:46] tilly: :V
[23:46] silgruntymaster: *reaches back and corralls it in the clip*
[23:46] thorn: ... 'backs away from sil'
[23:46] tilly: c: Yay!
[23:46] silgruntymaster: *snaps clip shut and the mess goes into its perfect curl with a sparkle*
[23:46] thorn: 'sihg' too much hair
[23:46] thorn: ....
[23:46] silgruntymaster: =.=;
[23:46] tilly: * o * Pretty! Like a Bishie!
[23:46] thorn: so muhc for princess sil
[23:46] pantyface: *Eyeing Sil's hair.*
[23:47] arron: My... Wrist plate..?
[23:47] arron: D:
[23:47] silgruntymaster: arron grunty*still passedout*
[23:47] silgruntymaster: o///o;;;
[23:47] tilly: -Holds Tilly Grunty to Sil- c: You should thank her
[23:47] silgruntymaster: *pats tilly's head*0x0;;
[23:47] thorn: 'walks away and sits on the cough'
[23:48] thorn: 'couch***'
[23:48] tilly: :V
[23:48] silgruntymaster: *reaches behind him and grabs arron;s wristplate*
[23:48] pantyface: *Starts getting a few ideas of her own.*
[23:48] tilly: -Puts Tilly Grunty down and lets her roll off-
[23:48] silgruntymaster: uh...uhhh......*blushes cherry red*
[23:48] pantyface: So. Anything else you want me to shoot?
[23:48] pantyface: Or was that it?
[23:48] arron: No...
[23:49] arron: If... we-we find another sandwich though...
[23:49] silgruntymaster changed nickname to sil_an_lil_arr
[23:49] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: *has a nosebleed*
[23:49] tilly: D: Ahhh!!!!!!
[23:50] arron: ...
[23:50] thorn: no panty i dont think theres need for you to shoot anythign else
[23:50] arron: This lil' g-guy... he;s worse than me...
[23:50] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: @~@
[23:50] tilly: -Takes off beret and gets Doodle's pencil-
[23:50] tilly: :c
[23:50] arron: *On
[23:51] pantyface: Good. Too lazy to do much else.
[23:51] sil_an_lil_arr: . . .*sits silently in embarassment*
[23:51] tilly: -Draws tissues and blots away the blood from Arron Grunty-
[23:51] arron: Hey... Lil' Arrie...
[23:51] pantyface: *Transforms Backlace back into it's underwear form and slips them on again.*
[23:51] arron: *Nudges The Grunty*
[23:51] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: *slowly revives*
[23:52] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: w-wha' 'appened?
[23:52] arron: Uh...
[23:52] arron: *Coughs*
[23:52] pantyface: > 3 >~
[23:52] arron: >//////////////>
[23:52] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: o/////////o
[23:53] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty:*climbs onto Arron's head*
[23:53] arron: *Walks Over To Sil* Whispers* WE-WE REALLY don't need another me running around...
[23:53] pantyface: *Flops on the couch and crosses her legs, staring off into space.*
[23:53] thorn: cant you just kill it?
[23:53] arron: ...
[23:53] sil_an_lil_arr: *nods quickly hair bouncing*
[23:54] tilly: -Puts pencil away into beret-
[23:54] tilly: c: Meow
[23:54] sil_an_lil_arr: t-the eraser tilly
[23:54] tilly: -Climbs up cat tree and hides-
[23:54] arron: Ya wanna go see Sil..?
[23:54] thorn: do we also need another tilly?
[23:54] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty:*hits a button on hoof and hops on hoverboard*
[23:55] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: ...y-yeah......I s-should
[23:55] arron: ...
[23:55] sil_an_lil_arr: . . .*looks at his feet*
[23:55] arron: Ms. T-Till!
[23:55] tilly: -Tilly Grunty- : What do you mean by that?! >:[
[23:55] arron: Th-The eraser please..?
[23:56] thorn: im saying that one of one people should be enough of them right?
[23:56] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: hovers quietly*
[23:56] tilly: -Tosses eraser to Arron- c:
[23:56] arron: *Catches*
[23:57] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: I-I'm ready *nods*
[23:57] tilly: -Death glares- >:[ There is nothing wrong with my mini me
[23:57] arron: It's was fun ya know! I'll see ya again, promise.
[23:57] sil_an_lil_arr: arron grunty: *nods*yeah. I know ya'll keep it.
[23:57] arron: *Eraser The Grunty*

Adjusted for inflation:::

In general, my prices go from around 60K to 180k depending on what you want done. I've got a crud-load of ways I do stuff >.> But in general, headshots are cheapest, full bodies are most (like that's a dur there I know). For coloring, I can do colored pencil (like current sig), photoshop/mspaint (which I'm not too good at), or watercolor/nailpolish. There's also an obligitory black/white/greytone in pencil/pen option too. 3nodding

Give me an idea as to what you're lookin at and I'll give ya an example of previous work (if I got one that style/combo) and can get ya a more specific price range.

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Community Member
Prices for my artsies!

black and white)::: 1-3k
colored pencil/pastel):::2-5k
Nail polish:::6-9k
Open CanvasGIMP:::5-15k

My prices are totally random lol

Dang it! I have too much free time and I keep on tekteking stuff! gonk Here's my next quest/thing:
(I might borrow a lot of stuff from a friend and a mule >.> wink

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Total Value: 286,698 Gold, 23,600 Tickets
After Exclusions: 48,272 Gold, 0 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Satin Hairbow
Powdered Sugarplum Puff Sleeves
Lovely Genie White Embroidered Vest
Gift of the Goddess
Elegant Veil
Elegant Snowy Cravat
Elegant Feathered Mask (Cream Pinions)
DandiiDooDad Spore
Blade's White Belt
Bright Board Shorts
The 4th Amigo Dusti Tie
Spiderwick Sprite
Lovely Genie Green Headpiece
Lovely Genie Double Gold Earrings
Elemental Wings
Egyptian Gold Anklet (right)
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
Daisy's Sunny Gloves
Flame Sword
Orange-Green Winter Scarf
Dashing Gentleman Emerald Vest
Plumeria Headpiece
White Wool Top
Green Triangles Clown Makeup (low)
Green Stockings
Elegant Snowy Leggings
Ribbon Luv Sleeves Gold
Orange Galoshes

User Image
Total Value: 92,305 Gold, 23,600 Tickets
After Exclusions: 84,020 Gold, 0 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Single Loop Tied Belt
Black Band Style Eye Patch
Alice's Black Boots
Gold Tiger Pants
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
Egyptian Gold Anklet (right)
Thick Green Winter Socks
Green Torque Top
Sun Daze Golden Dress
Spiderwick Sprite
Satin Hairbow
Plumeria Headpiece
Lovely Genie Yellow Embroidered Vest
Dashing Gentleman Emerald Sash
Daisy's Sunny Gloves
Ribbon Luv Sleeves Black
Green Holographic Eyepiece
Green Heart Hairpin
Green Corallus Egg
Green Ball Ornament Earrings
Green & Yellow Saloon Girl Feather Headpiece
Gorgeous Green Criss Cross Swim Top
Elegant Feathered Mask (Emerald Pinions)
Emerald Milady Surcoat

User Image
Total Value: 45,779 Gold, 50,000 Tickets
After Exclusions: 43,931 Gold, 0 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
Nancy Drew Binoculars
Alien Antenna Horns
Grey Beret
Metallic Ghost Hunter Protective Gloves
Naruto Kunai
Naruto Kunai
Phantom Death Masque
Onyx Milady Surcoat
Ghostly Glimmer Starman Neckerchief
Pimpin' White Shirt
Soot Face Explode
Lovely Genie Double Silver Earrings
Gray SKA shoes
Elven Ears (Dead Doll)
KoNfUzEd BLaCk PaNtZ

Community Member

Community Member
New pics...>.>
So...here they are! Lemme know what you all think >.>

So....the Kite we all know and love....me and my mom did this last minute right before we went to the mall....this was Sophomore year in highschool, so taking them today was fun! *3 years later lol* Here's the pics!!!^_^My dog, Sarge appears in a few of these...

User Image

Aww...shucks....I'm not that good a fighter Orca.
User Image

Merry Kite-mass!...Oh they Key-thing...? ehehe....that's a long story >.>
User Image

No, not to Sora from .hack...or the chick from Digimon...this is the Spikey heared fella from Kindgom Hearts! Damn me for not being able to spike my hair....oh yeah....people say me and En look a lot alike, like twins almost, so if we look the same....we ain't related!!! Damn Keyblade cost me about $100 to make...>.>

A boy....and the dog he had to give up...
User Image


Yes...I was Larsa from FFXII this year for Halloween! These pics were taken afte I hung out at the mall...*note the nice shiney sword* I know he don't weak no cape, but it was cold out! crying here I am! biggrin

Oh yes, I take good picture...wait...is that a fangirl?
User Image

Damn...this is one big sword...But I make it look so good! Eat your heart out Aragorn! :XP

User Image

Next year...Link! from Twilight Princess! Wish me luck on making Chainmail!

Yay! I just checked my worth on Gaia via Tektek, and I'm worth 1.1mil eek If you wannt play around with my invo, here's my enviroment! Post what you come up with in comments!

Sylabus' enviro!

Community Member

Community Member
Yep Sora's halloween town costume from the game! I made a tektek! The layering is most likely impossible on Gaia, but I like it....too bad there isn't better hair! crying

User Image
Total Value: 850,192 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Eye Stripe Tattoo
Nitemare Claws
Nitemare Boots
Demonic Anklets

G Blade
Mythrill Armor
Chain Wallet
Elbow Pads
Jacked Up Cape
Large Gold Buckle Belt
Natural Amethyst Pendant
Oculus Magica
Pop Top Class Coat
Black Musketeer Pants
Gray Torque Top
Lunar Cowl
Missy Shade Mini Jacket

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