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random things
just things i wrote
Some of meh homework for tomorrow.
Thursday, 19 June, 1942

I have been in this room for about three months now with seven other people. They are (_______), the elderly woman, (______), the baby that will not shut his mouth, (_____) & (_____), the related kids ( (______) is seven & (______) is 9), (_____), The pregnate lady, (_____), the teenager, and (_____) , the traitor. We have been through a lot but mysteriously we have survived this long. I cannot believe that I have had this journal for all this time and I haven't written in it all the time I have been here. Well after all the days we've been here we only have food for about three more days, but we wouldn't have had any food if it wasn't for ((_____)ELDERLY WOMAN). She was the one that had all this food saved here.

((_____)ELDERLY WOMAN) used to have her own little bakery. She was very happy and I even though her husband was an alcoholic, she alwasy got cheered up seeing her customers happy buying her Pastries. Although she was happy she had told me that it was always harder and harder every day that had passed because she was getting older and older by the second. After a few day's I came into her bakery and saw she was having trouble even getting to the cash register so I decided to help out. From that day on I came over every day to help her since she was like family to me. Then the horrid day ruined it all.

When the news came around I was so scared that I pratically ran to her bakery. When i saw her she was crying so much I didn't know what to do. Then she told me that her husband was captured and killed by the Germans. I felt so bad for her because it shows that she really loved him even thouhg he was an alcoholic. The next thing i noticed was that the place was a total mess. I guessed that she was out while the Gremans were here taking away her husband. I started thinking that we had to get out of here or even just find a hiding place for us. Then i remembered about the hidden room behind a bookcase. It was the only place that was untouched by the Germans, seeing it like it was before. Another thing about this room was that it was filled with pastries and food. She had always told me that she keept some in there incase something really bad happens and we would have to go there.So I told her about the room and helped her get there. It was kinda difficult moving the bookcase because the room was a mess because of the Germans, but we managed to move it aside. We hid out there all alone until a teenager and a little baby found their way to the store.

The teenager said he was trying to find a place to hide out for quite a few weeks when he found an abandoned baby all alone. He said he thought that maybe the baby's parents had died, been captured, or left him there so the Germans wouldn't find the baby when they took them away. The first thing he said he noticed was the baby crying and crying to no end.. After he picked up the baby was still crying. He thought that maybe he was hungry or something. While looking for food for the baby he thought that maybe he should give it a name since he didn't know the real name so he named him _____. While looking for a place he saw a abandoned bakery ( or so he thought) and went in hopping to find some food in there. While in there, he saw a bookcase in the back and thought it was kinda odd, especially since it looks like it looked like there was a door right behind it.

After moving the bookcase he was so tired since it was kinda heavy and had a headache since the baby would keep quite. He then opened the door and started going in. After walking a few steps he saw two people lying down on the floor looking like their sleeping next to a candle. Although we were sleeping it wasn't for long until the baby's crying woke us up with it's crying. When I looked up and saw the teenager I was afraid thinking that he might
be on the Germans side. Maybe he found out what I was thinking because he then told us that he wasn't with the Germans and how he got here.

After about five days two kids came running in the room (I guess _____ had never closed it). When they had came in I had noticed that they had been crying, so I asked whats was wrong and they said that their mom needed

Part of my story for school. Dx Haven't come up with the names so that's why it has blanks. Tell me what chu think? o 3 o

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