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100 THINGS i WANNA dO BEfORE i DiE emo

1. Get married to the love of my life
2. Visit England
3. Visit Japan
4. Visit Germany
5. Visit Hawaii
6. Visit Australia
7. Visit Thailand
8. Go Scuba Diving
9. Go Sky Diving
10. Go Snorkling
11. See a Bullet for My Valentine Concert
12. Finish College
13. Have at least 1 child
14. Ride a Horse
15. Write My Will
16. Buy a PS3
17. Learn another language
18. Go to Prom xp
19. See Abraham Lincoln's Grave
20. See My little brother grow up successful
21. Take Karate Lessons
22. Take a Shower in the Rain
23. Never Drink Alcohol...EVER
24. Never do Drugs
25. Have at least $900,000 in my bank account
26. Be with my parents when they pass away cry
27. Get the guts to play Silent Hill
28. Watch at least 15 scary movies by myself
29. Go to a Spa
30. Find out if I was ever related to Mulan
31. Meet a hot guy who can sing
32. Go skinny dipping
33. Go bungee jumping
34. Ride the Raging Bull
35. Get my mom to stop fighting with her sister-in-law
36. Donate at least $100 to charity
37. Waste $8,000 on clothes
38. Starve myself for a day...just to see what it's like wink
39. Learn how to put on eyeliner xp
40. Meet someone who looks like Leon S. Kennedy
41. Write a song
42. Try to do that box thing like in Sleepyhead- Passion Pit
43. Do an All-nighter with some friends
44. Grow a Beard...wait...
45. Find Santa Claus in the North Pole
46. Make a World Difference
47. Adopt a Child
48. Snipe something
49. Learn how to use a gun.
50. Get contacts
51. Get colored contacts biggrin
52. Learn how to Swim
53. Befriend My Neighbor's Dog
54. Finish this list.
55. Meet Destrey From Desandnate
56. Dowload the LaDiDa App for iPhone
57. Have at least 1,000 songs on my iPod
58. Run a mile in less than 6 minutes
59. Get a nose job
60. Visit California
61. Visit Florida
62. Try ProActive
63. Have at least 10 pairs of Shoes
64. Buy a new Halloween Costume
65. Meet the members of SID
66. Meet the members of Doubt
67. Improve my art skills
68. Learn how to Play the Electric Guitar
69. Learn how to Play the Drums
70. Meet an actual spy biggrin
71. Drink expired milk
71. Help find a cure for some sort of disease (Cancer, Diabetes, etc.)
72. Bike to another state
73. Dye My hair another color
74. Paint my Room Pink
75. Get a new Wardrobe
76. Move to New York
77. Go shopping in New York
78. Visit France
79. Touch a Penguin
80. Keep a healthy lifestyle
81. Live to at least 80 years old
82. Help a mentally disturbed child
83. Be ambidextrous
84. Learn how to text with my toes
85. Invent a Word
86. Have my word go into a dictionary
87. Write a book (any kind)
88. Get a life
89. Watch at least 50 movies
90. See an actual ghost
91. Climb a mountain
92. See a Hummingbird
92. Wear Leather skinny Jeans
93. Attend a funeral
94. Discover what that strange clicking noise was when I lay down
95. See something get struck by lightning
96. Get shot..by a gun
97. Be in a movie
98. Be in a t.v show
99. Go on a road trip
100. Enjoy life!(:

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