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Stuff that happed, rpc and my book.
Hinata's Boobs Insult Mine D:
Naruto like totally owned Pein.
It was all like there was rocks then NARUTO CLONES!!!
Rock Lee is a total Gai-Sensi clone, or as Rebekah would put it he budded off of Gai....which makes a lot of since. or Lee was dropped as a baby. No offense to Rock Lee fans *nod nod*
Nagato is like...slowly dying...Kakashi was perfectly healthy Kishimoto KILL NAGATO AND MAKE KAKASHI LIVE!!!!....and Itachi but thats a different story *mumbles angrily about Kisame living and not Itachi and that Sasuke is a little bi**h*
Sasuke is gonna like just come in and be all bitchy like "I wanted to destroy Konoha cause they're to blame for my brother's death when i clearly killed him" and then Naruto's gonna come in and seriously smack a b***h.
I'll point and laugh and be like ******** YEAH!!!!!! OWNAGE!
Then Sakura's gonna like cry and then beat the snot outta Sasuke too! YESH! TSUNADE POWERS HOOOOO!!!!!!!!
XD I'm hyper.

I find it funny that all this week I have been hurt at least once a day. I hit like 3 desks, and a chair and i hurt my ankle and many other things >.> Like trip over my own purse and feet. People laughed at meh pain. XD though it was funny. My doctor laughed at me when i told him how a hurt my knee running into a cheerleader. It was funny though.

I laughed for a straight half hour the other night, then i was hyper for an hour and a half i couldn't settle down it was very funny. I was doing like gir quotes during that whole time period XD

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