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Okay! I'm am so sick of people walking all over me all the filppen time! My teachers think I'm crazy everyone thinks I am crazy! On tuesday three kids decide to piss me off and in conclusion got poptarts thrown all over me and my friend so I had enough of dealing with uper classmens crap and flipped out on them. Everyone in the halls heard me including the teachers. Now my new nick name in school is Poptart! Like what the heck they got to be so immature and come up with a nickname cuz some sophmores who are just compleat JERKS if i hadnt mentioned peepered me in POPTARTS! WTF I still cant belive I have to take a stupid risk test from my counseler! My teachers think im a risk to the school and to myself. Just because someone acts different and looks different dosn't mean they are bad! Just because you come from a city and not from a town dosn't mean you are a bad person. Why is it that people got to be so immature and stupid?

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