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I want inside your head!!!!!

...but first I'll let you in mine!!! XD

Community Member
I need to talk about it, even if its just to myself.
We weren't close. I don't even know if you could ever call us friends, but I did care about you. I wiped up your blood almost every week. I poured peroxide on all those nasty cuts, even the self-inflicted ones. I made sure you were okay when my boyfriend threw you into a wall. I was concerned by all that crazy s**t you did. I admired you from day one, Mikey. You were a really kick-a** kid. I don't know what I was to you. I might've just been Jimmy's girlfriend. I might've just been the camera girl at the wrestling show. I might've been "Wrestling Mom" as you and the guys called me. Maybe in some way you thought I was a friend. Maybe when I was throwing water balloons at you. Maybe when I was bandaging your bruises. Maybe when I was giving you the spotlight in the show. I don't quite remember the last time I saw you, but I remember being worried about you. You had so many people who cared about you, kid. Your older brother, your girl, your sis, all your friends... did you think we wouldn't flip when you dropped out of high school? How do you think we all feel now? I'm 800 miles away from the chaos that has erupted from your death, but hearing about it is real enough. Preston's punching holes through walls. Patty's losing his mind. I'm really worried about Sierra. Your friends are a wreck. Your family's shattered. You were too damn young to go, Mikey. Eighteen?! No, Mikey, too soon. I'd seen you fight so hard every Sunday. You always gave it your all. Who knew you'd be the one to give up on the fight. It's not your fault, and no one blames you for your poor heart giving out. I imagine it was a rougher fight than any wrestling show we did. I guess it couldn't compare to all the chairs to the back and dives through wooden tables. A week-long fight in the hospital with whatever you were battling... was just too much for that amazing heart of yours. You will be mourned. You will be missed. Your memories will be cherished, even by those who you may not think you made an impact on. Don't ever doubt your impact on the world, Mikey. Hundreds of miles away, the loss is still being felt. Don't doubt that you were loved, Mikey. Don't doubt it for a second. So many people love you, and now so many people will miss you.

Rest in Peace, Mikey...

If you'd like to see who I'm talking about he's in this video. First 30-40 seconds has two blond brothers wrestling. If you can tell who the younger one or smaller one is... umm... if not... he's not the guy who's close up in the beginning. That's his brother. Damn they dress too alike. Well, he has a lil bit darker blond hair... looks like he's wearing skinny jeans. Shirt off in the last couple bits. Yeah, that's him. RIP, buddy.

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