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wanna rock chics thoughts and feelings
this is where i ramble on about stuff, any stuff, i could just vent if i wanted to. or write poetry, dosent really matter. this is me underneath the lies and the silence.
cant wait till the 28th. well sorta. its the day of my school ball but i have noone to go with noone has asked me. i asked this secret crush of mine indirectly if he would like to go but ive had no phone call. not only that but a friend of mine overheard some of the girls in my class teasing me behind my back saying. "i cant believe she asked the guy from spotlight, why hasnt he asnwered, he must think shes wierd or something. hes probably gay anyway" gonk and earlier that day they were all friendly to me asking me if i want to go to their afters. what a joke they are so two faced. one week of school and now i can already fell myself becoming the emo again just when i thought i could be happy. i was even coping with the idea that i could go to the ball without a partner or a friend to take. i feel so stupid. crying i found this realy nice dress from an op shop cos we cant aford a new one. its sortof medieval with a square front and it just drops down above the waist. it has silk sleaves like a T-shirt that has flowy material atacked so the sleaves are realy long and floaty. its dark purple and i was thinking about wearing a small crown or something cos my hairs real short like my avatar, not blue though i wish it was. by then i would also have my new glasses witch are redy purple like my dress, or i could wear contact. sweatdrop all that effort and now im not sure if i even want to go. people will just have something else to talk about and tease. emos the way to go. i mean i already sit seperated from my fellow year twelves because i like to be outside. emo yeah the common rooms cool but i want to be outside from at least 5 minutes a day.dude, i completly spilled. oh well. good news is im thinking about buying the series of junjou romantica(pure romance) biggrin which is like yaio(think i spelt that right) and boys love. i love yaio. also want to buy all the others like "papa to kiss me in the dark" and"my sexual harrasment" but for now i'll make do with you tube. im also borrowing buffy the vampire slayer from blazing skull dragon and im up to the 5th season. i hope giles dosent leave cos hes my new man. 4laugh it was abe sapian but it just depends on what im watching at the time. anthony stewart head is so awsome he like played frank n furter in rocky horror, which im going to in march . there is a live performance and im going as frank, i even have the corsety thing and fishnets. all i need to do now is to find my leather jacket and put BOSS on it.wish the corset wasnt so small im like size 16 in aussie and i hate it. cos i do drama the camera puts on a lot of weight. burning_eyes oh well we are putting on 'away' in about 3 weeks and we dont even know what part we are doing. well c ya dont know if you can write comments but i will try to respond in journal as me email dosent work. burning_eyes

wanna rock chik
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wanna rock chik
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