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In a dark alley a woman is running away trying to get away from something. A vampire stalks it’s prey but one of the vampires was walking on top of a roof to see where she was running. As the woman fell to the ground a group of vampires surrounded her.

“What do you want from me?” She yelled at them.
The vampires made a gap so that a vampire with a long robe on, made it’s way to the center then pulled it’s hood back. The woman was petrified and was just sitting there on the floor.

“I did nothing to any of you, I don’t know any of you either.” the woman said panicking.

“What do we want?” the vampire asked as the woman’s first question was.
The vampire got close to the woman’s ear. The vampire had smiled showing her fangs.

“We want your .” the vampire whispered in the woman’s ear. The sunk her fangs into the woman’s neck.

It was day time and a vampire walks into an open field with her vampire group behind her. They all walk into an abounded house. Inside the house a vampire meeting started.

“Ok, so Rain what’s the status report?” Angel asked.

“Well the werewolves have already invaded our territory, we don’t have much forces left.” Rain said in a worried voice.

“Damn it, well we have to get the Broha clan into fighting with us.” Angel said angrily.

“Hey don’t worry about it Angel the other vampires will take care of it, you’re stressed out enough, we’ll figure something out like how to trap them.” Rain said while giving hear a hug to ease her down. Angel smiled at him then she heard a scream.

“What was that?” Angel asked in shock.

“I don’t know, but I need to get you out of here.” Derek said while puling Angel away from Rain. Derek was taking Angel to a shelter place in a graveyard.

There was a young named Evangeline, when she was born and had been only two years old her parents had died, so she was put in an orphanage, but when she turned three she ran away from the orphanage. Evangeline barely knew her parents and she never knew what had happened to them. When Evangeline was fifteen she met Aurora, who was also fifteen to. One day Evangeline went to meet Aurora at an abounded mall.

“Hello Aurora, how’s life treating you?” Evangeline asked Aurora.

“Hey Evangeline, it’s pretty good, but not the best my parents are still fighting.” Aurora said sadly.

“Well that will probably pass, but your lucky you have parents.” Evangeline put her head down. Aurora goes over to Evangeline to give her a hug, and to comfort her.

“It’s ok, I mean you’ll find someone who will take care of you, but I just wish it could be me, you’re like a little sister to me.” Aurora said to Evangeline.

“I wish that to, but I wouldn’t want to be a burden. You have enough sit in your life.” Evangeline said.

“I don’t really ca…”Before Aurora could finish her parents called for her.

“Crap, I’m sorry I have to go.” Aurora said while hugging Evangeline goodbye. Evangeline started walking past a park and she just happened to see Angel. Angel’s nose flared and her eyes went from black to icy blue when Evangeline pasted by her. Angel was sitting on top of a roof, as Evangeline walked be the building Angel jumped down.

“Hello child.” Angel said right behind Evangeline, then appeared right in front of her.

“Oh my gosh, you scared me!” Evangeline said while trying to catch her breathe.

“I’m sorry mortal, I didn’t mean to cause you shock.” Angel said.

“Oh that’s ok you jus, wait what did you call me?” Evangeline asked curiously.

“Nothing bad, you are a mortal aren’t you?” Angel asked ing her head to the side.

“Oh, you mean human, umm of course aren’t you?” Evangeline asked. Angel looked Evangeline over and gave a smirk then turned around and started walking away. Angle started heading over to a store place.

“Hey wait up!” Evangeline yelled and started running towards Angel. Angel stopped and turned around.

“Why?” Angel asked.

“Well, I mean its just that we just met and.”

“No, I mean why are you following me.” Angel stopped Evangeline in the middle of her sentence.

“Oh, because I, just wanted someone to talk to.” Evangeline said shy fully.

“Fine.” Angel sighed. Both of them started walking towards the store together.

“So, what are we doing here?” Evangeline asked looking around.

“Nothing really just looking around.” Angel answered. As they were walking Draco, a zombie, bumped into angel.

“Hey watch where….”Angel turned around and saw Draco, Angel was shocked. Angel hissed at Draco then turned and walked away fast.

“What was that all about?” Evangeline asked Angel.

“Don’t worry about it , hey you want to come with me and some of my friends to the graveyard, oh wait will your parents get mad if you go too the graveyard at night?” Angel asked.

“I wouldn’t know why don’t I just go them,” Evangeline said sarcastically “I never had real parents, or any for that matter.” Evangeline said sadly.

“Good you’re staying with me for now on.” Angel said smiling.

It turned to midnight Angel, Evangeline, and the rest of the vampire group went to the graveyard.

“Ok now…” just before Angel could finish Draco and his group came out of the dirt ground.

“Hello scum, walking around for a midnight snack?” Draco said taunting Angel.

“What do you want?” Angel said while rolling her eyes.

“To remind you that you’re not aloud to be in the stores while the mortals are there, or anywhere, where the humans are remember last time in the alley, don’t want there to be anymore trouble from you or your kind.” Draco said.

“Well same with you, you want a human to be petrified and tell everyone that they saw a zombie then it be on the news, no I didn’t think so.” Angel said trying to get him mad.

“Whatever, why don’t you just start another war with the werewolves again.” Draco said.

“Hey they are the ones who started it, and besides you know that, and another thing you don’t like them either so we can both agree on that.” Angel said to Draco.

“True, but you can’t just go in the store, wait I saw a human following you, who was she?” Draco asked curiously.

“Umm she, was a friend, she doesn’t know.” Angel said while looking back at Evangeline. Draco looked where Angel was looking. Oh no I hope he doesn’t remember her Angel thought to her self.

“An unfamiliar face, is she a new recruit ?” Draco squinted his eyes.

“Duh!” Angel said quickly.

“Yet she looks a little familiar.” Draco said while ing his head to the side.

“Yeah well she has that type of face. I have news for you.” Angel said while trying to get off of the subject.

“What?” Draco asked.

“Have you heard about the fight that had happened in public but thank gosh no one was around to see it, the werewolves just about blew our cover.” Angel told Draco.

“What why were we not told about this, are you kidding me!” Draco said madly.

“The ones who started the fight were killed by Trinity, you know that big ugly dog oh, wait they all are.” Angel said laughing. Draco and the rest started laughing to.

“Funny, Trinity, hmmm wait wasn’t she the one who invaded your territory first?” Draco asked.

“Yes, wait why did you remember that?” Angel asked surprised.

“Just if they say you started the war then you can just say that they are the ones who invaded your territory, and you were simply just trying to protect is.” Draco pointed out.

“Thanks, why are you sticking up for us?” Angel asked.

“Welcome, and just because that maybe we could have a alliance, and I hat werewolves just as much as you do.” Draco said.

“Why do you guys them so much?” Evangeline asked hesitantly. All of them looked at her.

“Because that start crap.” Angel said.

“And we are natural born enemies.” Draco said after Angel.

“Why are you guys born enemies?” Evangeline asked.

“Why do you ask so many questions?” Draco asked looking at her.

“Well from our history, the werewolves were and are vicious creatures that had killed the ones we loved, but revenge isn’t the best thing to do, so we decided to just leave them alone.” Angel said ignoring Draco’s question.

“Yeah, but last they went onto vampire territory , which isn’t the best thing to do, vampires are very protective with their land and if a different race invades their land they kill them so that’s why me and Angel them.” Draco said after Angel.

“Well why do the, umm zombies them?” Evangeline asked another question.

Angel laughed a little.

“Me and Draco are friends, what I seems to be a threat to the zombies, so if the vampires get attacked by anything the zombies are right behind us.” Angel said smiling.

“True plus the werewolves smell bad.” Draco said as a joke and they all laughed.

“Well the smell of routing flesh doesn’t smell that great either.” Angel said smiling at Draco.

“Whatever, vampire’s smell, to sweet it burns the werewolf’s noses, its really funny to watch.” Draco smiled back at Angel. Evangeline looked back and forth between Angel and Draco.

“So you two are alliances?” Evangeline asked.

“Well not yet, but we decided to change it so if the werewolves attack again we both can fight.” Angel said.

“But I thought the zombies were fighting with you.” Evangeline was a little confused.

“No sadly they just tell the head council what had happened.” said.

“So if we become alliances we can actually fight with them, are you keeping up with us?” Draco asked looking at Evangeline.

“Yes!” Evangeline yelled and gave Draco a glare.

“Ok! Ok it just seemed like you had no clue what I was saying.” Draco said smiling.

“Well I was just thinking about it.” Evangeline said crossing her arms.

“Any ways, wait Draco we need to go.” Angel said while looking aver near the bushes and saw Lark.

“Its’ a mortal!” Rain yelled. Angel and the vampires sated running after him and so did the zombies .

“Oh snap!” Lark said while running away. As Lark was running her turned into a werewolf and got away before any of them could get him.

“Dang it he’s gone” Angel said while ordering the vampires to stop. All of the zombies started to slow down and panting for air.

As the night ended and the sun rose high up in the sky Evangeline and Aurora were walking down a side walk.

“Hey where were you last night, I didn’t see you at the old house were we always meet I was worried about you.” Aurora said a little worried.

“Oh I’m not living there anymore, someone has taken me in, and she is wealthy and she is very nice.” Evangeline said with a big smile on her face.

“Who is she?” Aurora asked a little suspiciously.

“Her name is Angel, and she as generous enough to take me in.” Evangeline said smiling. As they were walking Lark past by them and Evangeline glanced at him then gasped.

“Oh my gosh that’s the boy that Angel saw last night.” Evangeline said to herself. Evangeline started walking behind Lark.

“What are you doing?” Aurora asked.

“Shhh!” Evangeline said. They followed him to his house.

“Ok lets go.” Evangeline said while grabbing Aurora’s arm and started heading for Angel’s house.

“Angel I have news for you!” Evangeline yelled. Angel appeared in front of them.

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