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Bunny's Thoughts
Those OCs Of Mine

My Lil OCs

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Name Rini Moshika - means 'Little Bunny'
Origination Naruto
Age 14-15 yrs, 19-20 yrs
Birthdate/Sign N/A
Hair Young: Baby Blue, Wavy, Usually worn in 2 braids
Older: Baby Blue, Wavy, Usually Worn Down
Eyes Lime Green
Favs Colour: Pastel Colours, Then Purple, Black, And Baby Blue; She loves making friends, smiling, and pancakes n pocky
Hates Colour: Brown, Then Bright Colours; She hates being talked about or when someone talks about someone she's friends with
Crush(es) Young: Haku from Mist Village
Older: Shino Aburame from Leaf Village
Background Rini Moshika comes from the Moshika Clan in the Hidden Mist Village. Her bloodline allows her to control time, but she is only allowed to use it when given permission from her father. So, she normally just uses taijutsu.
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Fan Art
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Name Kokoa Uchiha - means 'Love of the Heart'
Origination Naruto
Age 12-13 yrs, 17-18 yrs
Birthdate/Sign Same as Sasuke
Hair Young: Coal Black, Straight, Bangs lik Younger Sasuke's, Shoulder-length, Usually worn pulled back wit bow with some down
Older: Coal Black, Straight, Bangs lik Young Sasuke's, Mid-back length, Worn in a ponytail lik Itachi's wit navy bow
Eyes Coal Black
Favs Colour: Red, Navy; Sasuke; Sparring; Reading; Nature's Music; Danjo n Onigiri
Hates Colour: Pink n TOO bright of colours; Sweets
Crush(es) Rock Lee
Background Kokoa is Sasuke's long-lost twin sister. Kokoa did not gain Sharingan, but she still fights like if she did. She uses fire jutsus and regular taijutsu the most. She is really fast.
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Fan Art
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Name: Mika Uzumaki
Fan Art
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Name Nami - means 'Unknown'
Origination My Own Story, Moonlit Darkness
Age 17 yrs
Birthdate/Sign January 17; Capricorn; Sheep
Hair Black, Bangs frame her face, Mid-back length, Wavy
Eyes Silver, Green in Human World
Favs Colours: Black n Purple; Drawing; Singing; Hanging out with Sparkle, Prince, Ryuu, n Momo; Baking with her cousins; Cats of ALL types; Laughing
Hates Colour: Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange; Cant stand hypocrites; Someone telling her she cant do something; Talking about people she knows; Spiders
Crush(es) She's developed a crush on a human boy, Obed
Background Nami is a Pure Immortal and the daughter of the Light Kingdom’s royal family of her time. Her father is named Okami and her mother is named Mana. She never met her father for he was murdered while she was still within her mother. She was betrothed ever since she was born, to the son of the Twilight Kingdom’s royal family. The son’s name is Washi and he was the last of that family, but has disappeared. Her best friend is Sparkle and the two are inseparable. She loathes the son of the Dark Kingdom’s royal family, Arashi. She is going to the Human world to study the humans and learn to blend in, in order to protect them from beasts who stray from their world.

Fan Art
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Name Sparkle
Origination My Own Story, Moonlit Darkness
Age 16 yrs
Birthdate/Sign August 24; Virgo; Monkey
Hair Bleach-blonde with Black streaks, Straight or Wavy, Shoulder-length, Usually worn down
Eyes Silver, Baby Blue in Human world
Favs Colour: Turquoise n Black; Writing n Creating music; Plays piano n guitar; Hanging out with Nami n Prince; Baking Cupcakes;
Hates Colour: None; Being ignored; Her singing; People talking about her or her two best friends; Hypocrites; Wanna-bes; worms
Crush(es) Dating Prince for almost a year; They are publically affectionate
Background Sparkle is and Immortal and comes from a noble immortal family. Her father is a Duke and her mother a Duchess. Her family is the right-hand family of Nami’s. Sparkle and Nami have known each other since they were about 5; so they’re practically sisters. Her boyfriend is Prince.

Fan Art

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Name Prince
Origination My Own Story, Moonlit Darkness
Age 15 1/2 yrs
Birthdate/Sign July 19; Cancer; Rooster
Hair Dark Brown, Short, Slightly spikey
Eyes Silver, No colour change
Favs Colour: Red n Black; Play drums; Eating; Watching n loving Sparkle while she's with Nami or when they're alone
Hates Colour: None; People talking about or messing with Sparkle
Crush(es) Dating Sparkle for almost a year; They are publically affectionate
Background Prince is half Immortal / half Elf and comes from a combined family. His mother is an immortal, while his deceased father was an elf. He lives with his mother and sister. He has never felt real love before, so Sparkle is very precious to him. Nami is also his close friend. He can control electricity and lightning.

Fan Art
None yet... &/3

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Name Ryuu - means 'Dragon'
Origination My Own Story, Moonlit Darkness
Age 16 yrs
Birthdate/Sign December 29; Capricorn; Monkey
Hair Dirty-blonde, Wavy, Shorter than Shoulder-length
Eyes Silver, Hazel in Human world
Favs Colour: Blue; Draw even tho he's not too good; Take care of nature
Hates Colour: Neutral colous; Pollution; Hurting of animals
Crush(es) Dating Momo for about 3 months; They are more Private
Background Ryuu is an Immortal and comes from a regular immortal family with his father and brother. His brother is very important to him and would do anything for him. His girlfriend Momo is important to him as well. He is a nature-lover and only works with bows and arrows. He owns and raises a pet baby dragon.

Fan Art
None Yet... &/3

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Name Momo - means 'Peach'
Origination My Own Story, Moonlit Darkness
Age 15 yrs
Birthdate/Sign N/A
Hair Dark brown; Curly, Mid-back length, Usually worn in 1 or 2 pony tails
Eyes Silver, Brown in Human world
Favs Colour: Rainbows; Cosplaying; Wearing Animal ears but mostly Cat ears; Making random outbursts; Reading and Writing about romance (But Secretly Porn As Well)
Hates Her parents' strictness; Sitting quietly for mass amounts of time; Hurting of animals
Crush(es) Dating Ryuu for about 3 months; They are more private but she loves to hold his hand.
Background Momo is half Witch / half Immortal and comes from another noble family. Her father is a Wizard, while her mother is an immortal. Her family can wield magic. She trains because that is what her father wants. Her parents are very strict but fun at the same time. She wields magic.

Fan Art
None yet... &/3

Maybe More Lovely OCs To Come &3

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