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anything like the deperest stuff in my life
thy story
A long time ago there was a world where humans, animals, and dragons lived in peace, but a war broke the three beings into three kingdoms. Once the kings reunited and it was at peace again. For many years it was that way but yet another war broke off between the kingdoms and no one truly knows why or how it began, some say it was a stupid misunderstanding while others say they finally realized the differences between them..... but all in their thoughts say who will win and take control or will the peace be restored and all fighting stop, and with that a story about a girl who would not.

I’m saga milega and this is how my normal life goes, I get up from bed get ready for school, hang with my friends then head back home where I do chores and whatnot..... So ya that’s my boring life that I would do anything to go back to.

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this is how I became a hero of my own story. I got up from bed like any other day and went to school like one too. But when I got there no one was there not one person in the street, parking lot, not even in class. I thought that it was Saturday or maybe they I was early so I checked my watch. It just turned 8:30am "but that’s when we start class" I said discussed. "Oh well I guess I better go back home.” Once I took a step I saw some object move behind the high school building. So I went looking for that object. When I reached the corner I found a strange figure. It had a form of a man but it had a tail and ears of an animal, "could be some sort of anime freak" I thought. I stepped toward the guy and he swung around.
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It look frighten to see me there "hi so, uh where is everyone." I asked him. He said in a confused but scared way saying "your not here to hunt me ......... to kill me?" "Uh no why would you say that?" I asked he replied "aren’t you human?" squinting his eyes at me. "Ya..... I’m human aren’t you?" "No, humans hunt my kind but you why you not hunt me?" "uh-hu I think we better get you home buddy" I slowly walked toward him but when I got close enough to touch him he flinched and grabbed me then started running with every step he took the ground behind him blow up. The explosions stopped. He ran and ran; it seemed forever but once he stopped, he carefully putted me down on the ground. After a while I was confused and my head was full of questions like who is he or what is he who is he running from and why…. But the most important question that was in my head was “WHERE ARE WE” I yelled. I quickly noticed that I yelled that question out when it echoed though the place we were at. I turned to him. He look shocked but quickly recovered “we’re in a different world from yours” he paused for a while looking at me surprised …… “Why are you looking at me like that” I said angrily “well … uh … um you, uh” he paused yet again but looking away. I begged him to tell me but he kept looking away right then I noticed. I was transformed into kind of what he was, my ears a tail another question going though my thoughts. I looked at him “I’m sorry I don’t know how this happened” he said turned away from me with his back toward me.
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A long pause of silence between him and me “why are you still here?” he asked me not turning around. “Because I don’t know where to go and I ….. don’t think I could go back like this” another long pause “so uh ….. What’s your name?” I asked to break the silence. He turned to me and said “I’m ……” looking down “I’m Goached.” He looked up again at me “and you are?” he asked. “I’m Saga Milega, but you can call me “Meshoe”” I smiled while saying my nickname “Me—shoe? that’s a weird name” Goached said “I know that’s why I picked it” I said trying not to laugh.

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