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Shake It Up Sister chapter 1
A/n: ok I a doing my own version of the show with CeCe having a older sister so
it is not going to go as the show does to a t so if you don't like then don't
read and yes it is a Gunther story to so get over it. Also is been a while since I wanted or had energy to write a fan fiction to bear with me till I get back and maybe this will help me to get back to writing my other stories. So check those out if you want.

The sun shone brilliantly on an early morning in Chicago. The birds where singing, adults where commuting from their home to their jobs. The sky was a cheerful blue with little clouds to block the sun's rays. In the Jones’s apartment a petite girl with red hair what seem to glow even brighter with her pale skin was dancing while kitchen TV in the kitchen on her favorite show Shake It Up Chicago. Raven lend against the door frame shaking her dark head at her little sister. Her blue eyes followed her sisters every move.

“If only CeCe would put as much energy into other things besides dancing then she would so have it made.” She thought as she watched arm clad in yellow and white shirt wave around the air as the green vest twirled around her body. Light jeans and boots becoming a blur with each movement. Raven looked down to her own black and red Emily the Strange Team Strange woman’s football tee with a picture of Emily the Strange in the middle of the words Team Strange, distressed light blue boot cut jeans, and black and white converse shoes. If you would take a good look at them you would have never known that they where sisters or even knew each other by their fashion sense. Raven pushed herself away from the door and walked into the kitchen.

"So CeCe how did Rocky and you do yesterday with your dancing for money?" Raven asked her sister as she got a power bar from the cabinet. CeCe whipped her head around to give her a look.

"You wanna know what happen. The only thing someone gave was a dime and then someone else stole that. How can Rocky and I get cell phones if no one give. What happens to the world if no one gives to the needy." CeCe ranted. Raven rolled her eyes.

"CeCe starving kid in third world countries are needy. Rocky and you being cell
phone-less not needy." CeCe made a face as their mother walked in to the kitchen already dressed in her cop uniform. Her long red hair looked very intense against the blue and black of her uniform. She walked over to the TV and turned it off as CeCe ran to the window in the living room, suck her head out, and yelled up at her best friend Rocky Blue that school starts in twenty minutes. Then their mom opened the kitchen window and yelled at CeCe.

"Quit yelling your gonna wake the whole neighborhood." CeCe looked at her then raised a finger to her lips and shhes her mother.

"Did you shh me?" she called back. Raven tried not to spit out her water she had
been drink while this was happing.
“Note to self when parents act like their kids don't drink or eat anything or else it might be your death..” Raven thought as she ran to the sink and spit out her water and taking a deep breath.

"Well I wouldn't have to yell if…" CeCe stared only to be cut off.

"Only I had a cell phone." their mother said. CeCe pouted.

"It's not fair Raven has a cell phone why can't I have one.” she wined.

"Well your sister has cheerleading, track, she tutors after school, volunteer work, and her after school job . She needs one because she sometimes has to be out late at
night and I feel safer knowing she can call me. Where have to be home before the street lights come on." she explained as she grabbed a cup of coffee Raven poured and fixed for her in her travel mug.

"Thanks Rai." she said as she took a sip. CeCe walked over and sat down at the

"Ok then Georgia if that what it takes I will join as many clubs as her too get a
cell phone." she said with a smile and nodded. Before Georgia could reply Rocky stepped in from the living room window.

"CeCe you are way to lazy for that." The dark skinned with light brown haired teen said as the rest nodded.

"Well I got to run love you. Don’t call me Georgia its mom to you." Georgia called as she walked out the door.

"Love you too." they called before the door closed. Flynn waltzed in and sat
down at the table. He brown hair in this usual spiked up do which went well with his lightly tan skin. His dark blue shirt hidden by his read and white zipper jacket with some jean and sneakers.

“Can I have some toaster tarts?” he asked. CeCe looked shocked.

“Flynn those are ninety percent sugar.” she stated with a look of disgust on her face as she saw Flynn’s light up.

“Ohhhh do we have anything with a hundred percent sugar.” he asked with a daydreamed happy look on his face.

“Yes, it called a plain old sugar and no you cant have it.” Raven said as she started to look in the cabinet for a something for him to eat.

“We got five minutes to get to the train. Lets go.” Rocky said jumping in. as he grabbed CeCe’s arm trying to drag her out of the house.

“I can’t I have to get some food in Flynn.” she said as he pulled her arm out of her best friends hand.

“One minute breakfast.” Rocky suggested with a smirk as she crossed her arms and looked over to Flynn who was making a face.

“Oh no not one minute breakfast..” He said as he made a run for it, but the girls where faster. CeCe and Rocky each grabbed an arm and dragged him back to the table and sat him down as they started the count down.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1 breakfast.” They shouted. Well if CeCe didn’t wake the whole neighborhood when she yelled I think they are up now with those two. Rocky let go and ran over to the blender as CeCe held on to Flynn.

“You hate me don’t you.” he asked looking at CeCe with plea in his brown eyes as Rocky got some cereal and milk and then added them into the blender. Then putting the lid on it and she hit the power snitch. Soon the cereal was no longer seen in the now mushy liquid.

“I want bacon.” he said as she slapped his hand down on the table. CeCe walked over to Rocky.

“We don’t have bacon.” She told him as she got a ziplock bag.

“Why is there no bacon. I bust my butt in the third grade and all I ask for is a lousy strip of bacon .” he said with his hands in the air as Rocky pours the drink in the ziplock and CeCe zipped it close. Rocky gave it to Flynn.

“Here take it to go. You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” she said as she dapped CeCe. Flynn made a im-going-to-be-sick face.

“It look like a bag of vomit.” he said.

“Yes, but it’s the most important bag of vomit of the day.” CeCe said as she posed with Rocky. Raven rolled her eyes as she took two wrapped bars from the cabinet and walked over the to fridge and took out a milk box. CeCe and Rocky got their backpacks and headed out the door to try and catch their train.

“Come on Flynn I will walk you to school,” Raven said as got hers and Flynn’s backpacks and began walking out the door with him. Once they made it down stairs and passed a dumpster she took the bag from him and tossed it in. “Here Flynn eat this.” She handed him two Cocoa puff cereal bars and a milk box.

“Thanks this is going to be way better then the vomit.” he said as he thanked his older sister. She ruffled his hair as she watched him walk into his school’s building and then turned to walk a few blocks to her high school. She didn’t understand why CeCe and Rocky wanted to take the train to school when they could have taken the short cut that Raven and Flynn took everyday to get to school. It was creeper, way faster, and a way better than having some smelly old guy right up against you. To Raven trains where just gross she thought as she walked into school.

~later that day~

Raven walked out of English class only to see CeCe and Rocky acting all baby- ish to each other while talking to Deuce.

“God what in the world is with these two. OMG what did they buy from him now?” she thought as she walked over to the trio.

“Girl what did you buy from him now. Haven’t you learned by now that he never has anything good.” She said as she pointed to Deuce.

“Hey I got some good stuff. Here wanna buy a ticket to Lady Gaga?” The brunette haired tanned teen in a black leather jacket with head phones around his neck said as he showed her the tickets.

“No thanks if I want to see her I would go to the box office and buy them there.” she said as watched her sister say she would kill Rocky to be on the show. She raised an eye brow. Deuce tried checking his watch.

“Hey what time do you got?” He asked when he couldn’t find the time on all of his lame watches. CeCe and Rocky looked at their watched they buy from him a few months back.

“Eight” Rocky said.

“Fifteen.” CeCe said. I always giggle at that. Rocky’s watch has the big hand and CeCe had the little hand.

“Deuce just gave us a flyer for an audition for Shake It Up Chicago! They need background dancers.” Rocky said and CeCe jumped in.

“For thirteen and up. We’re thirteen.” she said jumping up and down.

“I gotta go bye guys.” Deuce said as he walked off not waiting for an answer. Just then the sparkle twins as Raven called them walked up to the trio in bright flashy outfits of baby blue, sliver, and back. Each with the first letter of their names on their shirts. Sincerely what is with those two. Something got to be wrong with them.

“Look peoples. I’m Gunther.” the tall blonde guy said as they stopped in front of us.

“And I am Tinka.” The blonde girl said.

“And we are the Hessenheffers.” They together and they trough their hands up in the air and smiled so big that I thought their faces would slit in half.

“We know who you are, You two have been exchange students since the first grade.” CeCe said with annoyed look on her face.

“And when do we get to exchange you back.” Rocky said with a fake smile on her face.

“Guys once you been living here for a year or more you stop being exchange students and just become students once you become legal Americans.” Raven piped up. Gunther looked over at her a smile a huge smile.

“Hey BAY-BEE!”

“Not even loser boy.” Raven said rolling her eyes and getting a grossed out look on her face.

“I see you have a flyer for the Shake It Up Chicago local popular television dance program.” Tinka said as she walked around her brother and up to CeCe and Rocky.

“We also have a flyer,” Gunther said and he held up his only it was upside down. When he saw this he flipped it right side up. The trio just gave a WTF look as he continued “Now’s the time to exit from the audition gracefully with your hang your heads like dogs. Roof Roff.” The twins barked in their accents.

“OMG there is something really wrong with those two. Always picking on my sister. You would think with those outfits and their accents you would think they would get picked on enough to know not to pick on others.” Raven thought as she looked at them.

“Wait a second Stinka.” CeCe started, but Rocky jumped in.

“That was a good one.” she said give CeCe a small five.

“I know right.” CeCe said.

“Guys get back to what you where saying before any of us are late to our next class.” Raven said tapping her foot.

“Why would we not audition for the show we are the best dancers in Chicago.” CeCe said as she and Rocky leaned on each other with arms crossed.

“Don’t be looney- nutty your not even the best dancers in this hallway.” Gunther said as the warning bell rang.

“Is that that bell for class or is it your cell phones that doesn’t exist.” she said as they pulled out their red blackberries.

“Text us.” They shouted together as they walked away. Raven shook her head and made her way to class.

A/N ok this is the first chapter so I hope you like it. So check out my other stories for Gargoyles, Total Drama Island, and many more. Hope I can get chapter 2 out as soon as possible.

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