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The story..... so far
uhh i do anything and put anything even a storyline from one of my incomplete book if i want to
******** great
i was in a good ******** mood now some ******** 13 year old t**t comes in and ******** it up like a b***h....... ohh you do not want to start that s**t with ******** me you do not want to starts that s**t i will ******** nuke this ******** place up trying to ******** hunt your b***h a** down and ******** kill you and when i ******** find you ill ******** desicrate your ******** body with your own ******** s**t and bowls and grab your ******** spine through your mouth and ******** pull that s**t out and playt ******** jump rope and burn your ******** family ad i piss on there ******** graves and ill laugh all the way as i ******** do it ohh b***h you dont know who the ******** your dealing with cuz i have soooooooo ******** way to many built up ******** ideas thats you dont ******** like and ill be shure to do them all on ******** b***h cocksuckingwhorefacecumbucketaidsinfested cesspool of trash you ******** are.........

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