What makes people act as they do?
my uncle got a brain tumor
my cousen had a baby
but her father doesn know
about his brothers tumor...
how sad

Some people like so it back and watch the world burn,,,
that would be me.
I'm so emo... writing in a live journal...

I love the bunnyman
I even created a gaiaonline account to honor him... that would be THEbunnehman- add him.

Once, i had 2 fish
they lived more than 3 months and i got bored of them
this is true
and i expiromented
and dishwasher bleach stuff killed them
small amounts of windex doesnt work... don't waster your time

Sometimes I imagine myself bashing my mothers face in with a pan when she tells me to put the dishes away....
"put the dishes away! " 'DIE b***h' *BAM BAM SMACK THUD*

I'm sad for will.....he just got over the "love of his life" who dumped him and was all bitchy... and now he is in love with a girl 3 or 4 years younger than him and her parents hate him.... IM SORRY!
so goodbye for now my friends... twisted