This is just so I can break down any questions regarding these characters. lol So here I will have posted all character reference pictures and information. As my friend and I add more characters to our arsenal, this will be updated. Any questions not answered below, please feel free to pm me about. :]

Character Profiles

Eye Color:mid-brownish
Hair Color:more vivid brown
Skin tone: close to tan

Allory is not very tall. Maybe 5'4" at the tallest.
As far as her personality, she can be playful but is usually quiet. She isn't a very serious person unless need be. She likes to go out fairly often and is around the ages of 23-25, leaning more towards the younger age.

Reference pictures

Eye Color:just a little brighter
Hair Color: varying in brightness
Skin tone: Is demonstrated in the reference pictures. lol

Reference pictures