The life of me is very...odd. As u will notice in my journal entries..but get over it...

stare a lot happened...
I broke up with my bf and now he is sayin that he is goin 2 cut himself. lets just say i dont want anyone cutting 4 me!!! no way. If your goin 2 cut urself...cut 4 yourself or dont do it at all!!! i mean damn..its bad enogh that ur doin that anyhow. But i guess im not ur mom, dad, sister, brother or who ever so dont listen 2 me.

1.hummmm drags is something u smoke right?
or could be a saying... like, "2day is such a damn drag!!!"
just 2 let u no im using it as # 1 kk

well anyhow i got my mom!!!!! WTF!!!
i cant belive that!!!
Me and my 4 friends were at the mall and i had called my mom 2 come pick me up. well we live a long way from the mall so i thought that it would take her a long time 2 get the...
well yea it took her like 2 seconds....bull s**t!!!
and she saw me there...smokin it like it was nothin....
i got yelled at..but not growned..thank god!!!!! lol

well it is now time 4 me 2 go!!!
love u all!!! *kiss-kiss*!!*waves*