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Me, Myself, and I.
Just what i feel like typing up i sometimes put things on where i need requests and such to keep that thing going. Such as my poetry and a story or 2.
neutral Long time no journal posts... I have the strong urge to write and my computer doesn't have MS Word soo, I'm going to post it here. Bleh Blah Blerrr, let's do this shiznit!

His voice rang in my head all day. I sat in class, staring out the clear window and not noticing the voice of anyone in the room. A sudden shock of pain hit my arm as my best friend hit me to signal the teacher called on me. Blandly, I asked him to repeat the question while laughs came from the back of the room. I could tell today would be more difficult than usual.
When his younger friend walked past me, I couldn't help but bite my lip. Something about her just rang his name, Luke. The more I saw her walk by me, the more I couldn't help but spot similar features. Her hairline, her hair color, her eyes. But, there were a few main features she had that told you that she wasn't related to him. Her short height, her pale skin, her facial structure. Madison was her name, Madison Charmichael. Something about her just struck me as different. Why did she make me think of him so much? I hoped for my own sake the thoughts would go away and I could focus on my studies, but his voice always came back when I tried.
"I love you."

If anyone reads this then opinions are freaking awesome (: Lurv y'all.

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