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Journal of the Mystic
This is just where i feel like talking about myself and any other crap that i feel like putting.
My Philosophy on the Universe

Warning, lovely wall of text.

I've been thinking for awhile, and I want to write out some of the ideas I've been coming up with about the universe. First off, I think that it is alive. Not in the sense of it can breath, and do whatever it wants, but that it alive with energy. Think Frankenstein alive, but not a stitched up body. Second, it tries to find balance in the grand scheme of things, basically, Karma. Although, in this case I'm not saying you do good you get good, I think that is true as well, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm saying that if you do something good, something bad of the same degree will happen to balance the acts out. This happens so that the worlds do not fall into a state of good or bad, thus messing with the cosmic scale.

I also have been thinking about the idea of planes of existence, you know, other realms that exist on top of other realms, never to touch but are connected. Things like that. I believe that the paragraph above relates to the physical realm, what we call our world. On the realm of the spirit the laws are completely different, which I have no clue about seeing as how I'm not dead nor have I passed into the spiritual realm. I feel that the spiritual realm is sort of like a neutral ground for all the spirits of the universe. Once again, the laws are different from those of the physical realm.

Now I come to the fun stuff, the celestial realm. The celestial realm would relate to what is commonly perceived as heaven and hell. If you have one, you MUST have another to keep the balance. That balance is important. The heavenly realm would be your ultimate happiness, whatever you find enjoyable in life is here. The hellish realm is your worst fear come to life. Once a person has died, their spirit passes into the spiritual realm and there their life is weighed to see which realm they will stand in. They would not be condemned for all eternity to this realm, but it would basically be their "home". If they were condemned to the hellish realm then they can visit any other realm for any length of time except for the heavenly realm. They can visit it, but not for an eternity. They can spend their time in the spiritual realm for any length of time, but must occasionally return to their "home" realm. Same for the heavenly realm dwellers.

Now I'm not saying that if you rob a bank then you will go to the hellish realm. It all depends on the action and the reaction you took to your action. If you murdered a person, felt guilt and tried to redeem your mistake, they you would pass into the heavenly realm. If you murdered somebody and never felt a bit of remorse that you took a human life, the that condemns you to the hellish realm. You might be asking how I feel about somebody taking the life of what many perceive to be as insignificant as a bug or another animal. I don't know where I'm at on that matter, let me think more.

This is all just a bit of some of my thought process. I'm still trying to figure out more things, so let me think. Please state your thoughts if you would.

Mystic Requiem
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Mystic Requiem
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