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Spastic thoughts of the ADHD afflicted
Yay, personal thoughts floating on the internet!!
FORM! :3
Username: Cellotastic
Gender: Female
Age: Between the ages of appropriate to date and old enough to smoke.
Location: Hurm. Well, EST, US. I believe you know where I live already, G. ;D Motor City.
Hair Color: Chestnutty brown! 3nodding Goldish red undertones that show up when I'm in a dark room and light hits my hair.
Activity: Just about everyday, when my schedule allows for it. Which is most days these days.
Devotion: Am I devoted? As devoted as a spastic teenage girl can be to anything besides TV, texting, boys and chocolate. ;D
Other Shows: Nope. TUPR was a total bust. ): So I just sort of cut my losses and walked away from that mess.
Image-Editing: I own photoshop, and paint, but lack real proficiency in either. xD But I'm trying to get better. I draw more than anything else.
Webcam: Yes. :/
Usage: Fairly uncomfortable, actually. Plus, it's hooked to a laptop that doesn't like to take land-connections, so I really never get to use it. I might, given the opportunity... But I don't have any. xD
Digital Camera: Yes, not many. The same camera I used to shoot my talent video. I don't know how many MPs it has. I've had it so long, I forgot where the box is. sweatdrop And I kinda don't know how to work it.
Usage: Just fine with it. 3nodding I like pictures. They're fun!
Microphone: No. But I have a camera with audio!
Usage: If I had one, yes! biggrin
Artistic Skills: Yes! 4laugh I'm really good! cellotastic.deviantart.com
Vocal Ability: I can declaim like a pro. 3nodding Poetry and prose, that is. Like reading words off a paper? Yeah. Not as easy as it sounds.
Dance: Actually, yes, I can!
Musical Ability: I play the cello, which shouldn't be too surprising.

Talent compilation video! I can dance, you just really can't...see any of it, because of the angle of the camera. sweatdrop Sorry...

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Earth tones, mostly blues and greens, but earthy, sort of Sedona reds are nice too! I'd have to say Tuscan Red. 3nodding
Q: Why should I pick YOU to be in Reality Check?
A: Because I'm Cell-freakin'-tastic. >;D Plus, I have a personality like quiksilver. I can be harmless or deadly. Take your pick.
Q: Do you have any valuable talents other than those listed above?
A: I get along well with others, and know when and when not to hold a grudge. 4laugh Plus, I'm a smart cookie!
Q: If so, what talents?
A: Yes. >;D
Q: Do you plan to be on out of town for an extended period of time during the competition?
A: I don't plan to be, but it's a possibilty. My internet is still vaguely in question.
Q: Are you comfortable with speaking in front of groups of people?
A: Yes.
Q: Do your parents/legal guardians/roommates/significant other know you have entered Reality Check?
A: ...No. My parents tolerate Gaia, and in return, I spare them the gorey details.
Q: Do the above people approve of you entering?
Q: Are there any RL issues that may prevent you from completing a task?
A: Perhaps? I don't think so.
Q: What is your opinion on “drama”?
Q: Do you start drama?
A: And end it.

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