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Mystery Love Part 2

Zeke dropped his phone down to the floor of his car almost underneath his seat in shock. Fear rose in his body as he struggled to reach over and pop the door lock down to make sure it was safe. He was having trouble trying to put things back together in his mind. "Who was the woman I had dinner with? I know she was real because the waiter saw her and didn't act strangely about me ordering more food. That rules out the possibility of her being a ghost or something similar." He dropped his head and finally decided to grab his phone from under his chair so he wouldn't forget it. When he picked it up, he could still hear his voicemail offering him options before he hung up and set the phone down in his cup holder. "I almost wish it had been a ghost, because then I could just worry about that. Now I have to deal with the fact that someone just purposely lied to me having no idea who I am and no reason behind it. I have to call Quentin and figure out what to do." A new found anger filled Zeke as he cranked his car and pulled out of the parking lot to go back home.

The nearby roads were fairly empty as Zeke looked around for the imposter he had dinner with. He thought he might could stumble upon her on his way back to the house and possibly get some kind of answers. If she had left on foot then she could not have gotten that far. Though she may know the town as well as he did, or even better. Sure enough the search for the unknown girl came an uneventful end as he finally had to give up. The night would not go unheard of, and Zeke proceeded to call his best friend, Quentin, to tell him what happened to him.

"Are you serious? How could that even happen to you? Did you tell anyone about your date night, or do you think that she told someone? I just don't understand how some random girl could show up and crash your date pretending to be who you were waiting for." The voice of disbelief ringing in Zeke's ear was Quentin. Zeke and Quentin had been best friends since middle school, but there was always speculation that they were either a couple or brothers, the ladder being the hope of the classroom women.

Zeke was still just as astonished as he had been when the realization hit him freshly. "As far as I know it was a pretty quiet situation. We didn't want to talk about it a whole lot because it was a first date and wasn't serious. We didn't want to make waves and meet others before we knew if it was going to work or not." He reached up and wiped a couple beads of sweat off of his forehead trying to keep his head calm.

"Right, right. What other options are there then?"

"Heck if I know. Maybe someone's stalking me and gets her jolly's from freaking me out and sending fear through me. I just need to relax, because now I'm a little nervous to go in my house." At this point Zeke was still on the road by this point and the thought of someone following him made his stomach crawl. "I need to get home though. Now." He tried to keep the urgency from his voice, but Quentin knew him too well to not notice how he was feeling from the sound of his voice.

"Just relax, Zeke. It was obviously just a freak incident that isn't going to be a problem again. Besides, who would waste time stalking you when they could have me for much less work? I'm not going to complain about her showing up, because it sounds to me like she was super hot. You didn't even get concerned that she looked different, and that has to mean that she's super freaking hot." Quentin had been joking, but physically he was the better specimen. He had acted in minor commercials and plays since they graduated high school, but mostly he read comics and played games on his off work days. Those were the two hobbies that brought the two boys so close together in the first place. "Just get home, bro. I'll stay on the phone with you until then.... loser."

Zeke rolled his eyes and the two boys shared a laugh about things from high school until he finally arrived home. "Thanks, Quentin. I'm home, and nothing looks out of order here. I'll call you if any psycho, naked chicks show up here. I think you'll be much better equipped to handle that than me."

"No complaints here. You know I like them freaky and fun. Have a good night, Zeke. Bye." Quentin had no idea how much better Zeke was feeling just having him on the phone to talk to him on the way home. When he got inside he typed his security code into the password spot beside his front door as he closed and locked the door. He did a quick search around the house to make sure nothing was misplaced. "Maybe I really was just making a bigger deal about this than it is. I probably just let all the wine go to my head. I need some sleep." After drinking some water and doing one final check of the house, Zeke finally went to bed. His exhausting search and yielded nothing, and he was starting to fall asleep on his feet. He climbed into his bed and finally closed his eyes for the night.

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