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a fairy tale

Ciel Wurmwood
Community Member
Night Mare-

I woke up last night with this night mare, every time I went back to sleep it just kept going.
I was out in the middle of no where and found this town. The further I went into this town the less advanced it was, less hygienic and more technologically impaired. There were three rings, in the very middle I found a family that would take me in for the night. It was a man wife and their infant. They fed me and gave me a bed so it was fine with me. I could tell there was something wrong with the whole town when I got there but nothing physically was off. Bad things started to happen when it started getting dark. The wife was different she actually seemed modern, she had a cell phone and everything. As the sun went down the man started to change and he got more aggressive. (I woke up the first time to roll over or something.) He got really mad at his wife for using a cell phone. something about "Its not natural". I could hear them arguing from my bed when I heard screaming. I ran down stairs and the mans skin was stretching and tearing on his body as he started to mutate. when I looked over at the wife I saw he had stuck a knife in his wife’s chest. (I woke up a second time this time feeling unease.) he saw me standing in the door way and went after me, I ran up stairs and remembered the baby, I ran into the baby’s room. there was pictures of you all over, from baby pictures to current pictures. the baby was the exact same as in the baby photos. I picked the baby up and jumped out the window onto the ledge below. then to the ground. As I ran I saw curtains draw back and doors open as more of the mutating faces looked out at me. I ran as fast as I could out of town into the woods. it got really quiet outside of town, no animals. Nothing. When I came into a clearing with a house in the middle, there was a older lady that looked normal enough waving for me to come in so I did. When I got inside her house it was dark except the candles all over. I asked her what was going on and she answered "Your lucky to be alive. you went into that cursed town, not many make it out alive if they go in. I normally stop any one from going in." she then noticed the baby I was carrying and jump back out of her chair. "you shouldn’t have taken that child! she’s part of the past!" (this part gets confusing) she went on to explain that the child I was holding was to grow up to be some one i loved very deeply. the photos turned out to be of you and the child, the child was you. I ended up giving you to a family that adopted you. and i met your grown up self a years later..

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