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So, this is my story. It's fantastically extraordinary.....supposedly...and no, these entries do not correspond with each other unless otherwise stated.
Rikku hair how to
. pull out the shortest front pieces and pin them together in front. this helps so they DONT get pulled into the ponytail or any braids and can be tucked under the bandana freely ^0^

2. pull your hair into a high ponytail but not TOO too high or it makes your head look oblongated @_@ LOL!!

3. braid lotsa braids! ^^ most of them usually fall in front and on the right side of her head ( LEFT side of yours ^^ )

4. put the bandana on ( or tie it on, depending on how u made it ^^ ) with the pinned pieces underneath and then unpin them and pull them to the sides and fix'em all up so they're nice n purty.

5. easiest way to do this...put a bobbypin near the end of yer braids and pull the bobby pin through the beads. this helps keep the braid neat for the most part rather than frizzing up when u pull it thru.

n then just fix it up and move pieces to where you want and use LOTS of hairspray ^_^ my hair is layered so it usually even gets that choppy shorter upper half. ^^

hope that helps!!! ^0^

actually...now tht i think about it, maybe you COULD do the braids first...outside of the ponytail. it /would/ make the ponytail itself harder to make though, with all the non-ponytail hair getting tangled in the elastic n whtnot, u know? but i havent tried tht yet. ^^ i think i will though...try it both ways n see wht u like best!

i dunno.. i might do my hair like this for the first day of school. ^^

Roses are red
violets are blue
i just lost the game
and so did you. XD

Elizabeth BEW
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