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Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn
So... "Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn" so says Stephen King.

"You are stupid Stephen King!!! You have no friggin right to say Stephenie Meyer can’t right cause u can”t WRITE worth a crap either!!! At least she isn’t puttin all these disgusting gorey details into her books about sex and stuff. Your just f****** jealous u cant right like her!
[155] Posted by: (user's name protected from their own stupidity) | February 10th, 2009 at 12:41 pm"

Honestly... BAM! You beat yourself... Imbecile.

Stephen King has all the rights to crit what he so darn well pleases. Why? Because he has been around MUCH longer than some newbie, factious writer who cries like a baby because she moronically gave copies of un-published work out and practically put a stamp on her work saying "POST ME ONLINE!".

Further as it has been already said, Meyers cannot seem to escape the Gary Stu's and Mary Sues of writing. As a writer he is allowed to do this, I'm sure all you little fangirls would be all "RITE ON! U TELL STEVEN KING!" if it was Meyers who was criticizing King.

I will say this some of King's stuff is absolutely... Flat. However stories like Cujo and Pet Cemetery are classics. Further for those who are all 'he's too scary!" look into some of his fantasy work, Dark Tower Series for example or the Talisman, which he writes about werewolves!

Tch, Meyers will blow over like a fad like so many other writers.

I can guarantee you Meyers will NEVER be listed in the 100BEST writers, or if she is, whoever is making the list should be hung out to dry. Seriously, go out and read some real lit, Right Stuff perhaps, or like someone said Catch 22.

If you want a REAL vampire book read Bram Stoker for the gods' sake! So until you do, either continue to shut yourself up in a box of horrible lit or take a chance and read the original Dracula.

Want to read the juicy details here you go; http://community.sparknotes.com/index.php/2009/02/05/stephanie-meyer-cant-write-worth-a-darn//

Honestly though, I can't help but laugh when I read some of these comments that bash King... Automatically they say that King cannot "rite".

First off, learn how to spell before you even blame a writer for not knowing how to "rite". That's hypocrisy in a nutshell... Or in a nutcase fangirl in my opinion.

I can't say that I am a HUGE fan of Stephen King, however, I must say he CAN write.

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."-The Dark Tower

Seriously... how can anyone say that they are not hooked on the very first line of his book? There is so much said within that small line, so many questions that are brought to mind.

Who is the man in black?
Why is he fleeing?
Who is he fleeing from then the gunslinger- but who is the gunslinger?
Is the gunslinger a bad guy? Or is it that the gunslinger is the protagonist?
What kind of desert is this?
Why are they in a desert to begin with?

Amongst many others.

Even, Erin Hunter, who is criticized, gathered my attention so quickly from her first line in Warriors: Into the Wild:

"It was very dark. Rusty could sense something was near."

Hunter writes something that catches your attention quickly and it's about a CAT a CAT for crying out loud!

Now I come to point out the first line in Meyer's book.

"My Mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down."

Not once am I truly interested, instead it's something akin to a typical girl going for a typical ride to a typical airport.. Something akin to an irritating memoir of some rich politician when they were a child.

For my attention to be truly captured I have to at least be interested and telling me that you are on the way to the airport, that it was mild and that you were wearing your favorite shirt... Tch.

That would be like me saying:

"I woke up that morning, drove to my local college in a blue and silver 1996 dodge dakota for precalculus2 and lessons in literature."

Before anyone starts to say that King is a horrible writer, honestly READ some of his work! The only thing I got out of the first paragraph was some girl going to an airport, to where? I don't know but I honestly really don't give a flying rat's a**.

Some may argue I'm not giving the book a chance; but why should I? Cliche vampires with over the top abilities that sparkle and flash? It's almost something akin to Virgil's "Pretty Pretty Fem-Boy Aeneas"-

Oh I'm not bashing Virgil here; in fact he wrote a beautiful epic poem... But that's the issue here... Meyers is NOT an epic poet, and everything she writes is full of these homeric cliches that makes one want to puke. It's okay if Homer does it, but that does not give her the right to use these terrible cliches.

Okay so maybe it does give her the right; but you know what- that just shows how bad of a writer she is.

So before you bash me; think your post wisely, and don't tell me these typical lines:

It's written for teenagers!:
*Why? Because it's highly sexed up and even the story the Odyssey is told to children.

*Good for you. I don't.

But- King wrote some crappy works too you know!:
*Yeah but how many of his works are classics? Need I list them?

U jus h8 Meyers!:
*Point being? Terrible writing. End of story.

Bella is teh awesome! Edward is sexy!:
*Bella is a whiny little emo-vampire-wanna-be-girl. Edward is a pretty-pretty boy-face-cliche which has been in stories since Homer's hot-man-bods of the Odyssey and Iliad if not earlier.

Other stuff that you haven't listed!:
*Go ahead say it, I'll just point out your fallacies.

So I'll say again... If you want a REAL vampire book; Go read Dracula by Bram Stoker you whiny-emo-fangirls.


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Esper Kit
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