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internet.badass the liar
Chantelle/Peter/whatever is a liar: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/internet.badass/

I commissioned them to draw something for me, I waited a month, and didn't get the picture. This is the result of their lies:

Liar: I haven't let anyone win at all im telling the truth whether people believe it or not its up to them. But my proof of words should be enough. And if your my friend you will just accept it.

Liar: I'm sorry i spammed you i had a lot i wanted to say. Also i hid his comments for lieing and saying i ripped him off when i haven't.

im giving his points back when he reply's then ill block him. For accusing people of theft.

Liar: Frankly i dont want to draw anyone vomiting.

so i am giving his points back when he tells me the amount. I never ever ripped him off. And i was working on it but i see he says negative stuff about me and the pic so i just quit like i quit everything else.

Liar: oh and also drama about me ripping some guy off his picture when i was already working on it

people can be so inpatient...

My friend: ok you are very wrong in the head for drawing this

and i hear that you have been says my good friend Long Xiu
was lieing

i thought you where a cool person to

so you know what you can go f*** your self i don't ever want ot see or talk to you ever again
i don't like it when people say stuff about my friends and thats what you did

you said he was being very impatient which is not true he was being really patient

so f*** you a******

Liar's friend: Excuse me but yes your friend was lieing he was telling people on here that Peter didn't draw his picture which was a F****** lie cause peter has been working on it non stop. And then he goes and tells some random friend of peters who posted on this that he ripped him off his points. Which pissed peter off and made him give the points back

YES YOUR FRIEND IS VERY IMPATIENT AND using swear words at my friend makes you sound like a complete ans utter retard. smile

Peter doesn't ever wanna see or talk to you ever again either so i suggest you just block each other and move on. =/

f*** yourself back peter didn't do s**t but tell the truth your friend is f****** up and so are you for gaining up on him


Liar: If they mention me or you in there journal or anything report it to the admins

Liar's friend: I will.

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