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The New and Improved Journal
In here, I will now keep updates about my daily life. If I remember.
Yes. Two more -short- days until summer vacation!
I'm going to New York in July! Gonna go to broadway and watch American Idiot, Wicked, and maaaaybe the Addams Family. But until July, I have swimming camp. All I do is swim laps for an hour; Hella tiring.. ;___; but when I finish, it feels like an accomplishment xD.

Today, I finished my final exam for science! So no more homework for the rest of the two days.

In band, we get to play for the eighth grade promotion ceremony. The six easy musical pieces xD The day after tomorrow, there's a rehearsal. Since the schedule is all weird for tomorrow and the day after, we have WIP(Wednesday Instructional Period) first thing in the morning tomorrow, and we have WIP on Thursday! Like, WTF? It should become TIP or THIP right? Well, whatever... The actual promotion ceremony is on Thursday, 5:30, it starts at 5:45.

Math; No more homework except this stupid red booklet filled with "Puzzling Algebra Word Problems", which I AM NOT FINISHING. NO. I REFUSE. I've already done 5/6th of the pages throughout the whole school year. Also, on Thursday, we get a party. I'm bringing cups and a lot of people are bringing food/drinks.

Computers, we have FREEEEEE time for the last two days! We're allowed to play games and watch the movie the teacher plays on the HUGE projection screen!

Umm... Right! History! Today, we played a review game. Tomorrow is our last day together, since we don't have 4th periods on Thursday. sad Well tomorrow, we get to chillax, reminisce, and the teacher, Ms. Costa will let us play basketball and soccer..

English. Readers/Writers Workshop. My least favorite class *still*. Readers Writers workshop is this.. I don't know how to describe it so... thing where everyone in the class reads a book/story they like. Sounds good, no? Well, it's not. 10 minutes before the end of class, we have to write about it. Yes. It sucks. We have to write one page worth of summary, descriptions, main characters, climax, everything basically.

PE is pretty fun, though. PE is also free time, like computers. We can play basketball, do jumprope, run/around, relax and do nothing, or play games like tag. x) Iris, Julice(Joo-Leece), and I talked about who we would choose to date if we had to, or we would die. I chose Tim Sarmiento. Julice chose Michael Sun. and Iris chose Michael Shore.

Ahem. That's basically it.

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