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The only reason I use my journal on Gaia is in order to keep track of my Roleplay Characters from numerous guilds. All profile links will be linked to this Journal.
Shikamazu Nara
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═══════════ | Basic Information | ═══════════

Uchiha Roxas

Shikamazu Nara

Meaning of Name
Shika - Gentle Deer
Mazu - Almost
Nara - A Prefecture


Famous Shinobi Name:
The Nara b*****d, Konoha's Biggest Sports Fan



3rd September

Physical Description
Shikamazu is an athlete used to playing all sorts of high performance sports both competitive and recreational, as a result his body is made up of thick layers of compact muscles that are optimised for strenuous physical exertion and exercise. Maze's height serves to balance out his muscles and have him appear average and people often underestimate him because of this.

6'4" / 193cm

92kg / 204 lbs

Numerous scars from old sports wounds & missions.

Common Clothing
Shikamazu is usually seen wearing some sort of sports attire, whether it be some sort of jersey or training top and the matching shorts/training trousers. If the weather calls for it, he also has numerous light weight sporting jackets that he wears on top of his numerous jerseys. In terms of footwear Shikamazu wears normal grey shinobi sandals with leg wraps.

When the need arises for more formal attire, Shikamazu once again follows a sporting tradition of "post game formal wear" donning a shirt, tie, v-neck sweater and blazer. When in his formal wear he wears dress trousers (usually grey) and brown leather oxford shoes. You will only ever see Shikamazu wearing his glasses if he is wearing his formal wear.

Hokage's Advisor, Village Defense Strategy Co-Ordinator, Active Shinobi, Active Sensei

Alive, Highly Public Figure.

════════════ | Shinobi Data | ════════════

Clan Name
Nara Clan, Senju b*****d

Kekkei Genkai, Stage Obtained
None - The Nara Clan have taken almost Monthly Blood Samples in order to look for the Genetic Markers that could solve the mystery of his paternity. Well, that and to see whether any of the Paternal skills can be used to their advantage. Their search has turned up nothing.

Known Chakra Elements
Yin Release
Suiton - Water Release
Doton - Earth Release

Land, Village
Hi no Kuni ~ Land of Fire, Konohagakure no Sato ~ Village Hidden in the Leaves

Rank, Title
A Rank, Jounin

Special Skills
Leadership, Co-Ordination, Strategy, Hand-Eye Co-Ordination, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu and Nara Clan Jutsu

Known Affiliations
Konohagakure no Sato ~ Village Hidden in the Leaves
Konohagakure no Nara Han ~ Nara Clan of the Leaf Village

Organization Membership
Konohagakure Village Council
Konohagakure Hokage's Advisory Staff

Dominant Jutsu Types
Nara Clan Secret Shadow Ninjutsu

Shikamazu has been sighted as one of the most intelligent Nara clansmen to emerge in a while, maybe even since the legendary Shikamaru, but because of the fact Shikamazu's intelligence manifests itself in a different way to your typical genius level intellect Nara people usually underestimate Shikamazu's tactical know how due to his ADHD and Dyslexic tendencies.

Fighting Tendencies
Shikamazu's fighting style is a perfect blend of traditional Nara Clan and his own unique style of fighting; Maze uses Taijutsu and Sport Utensil based weapons alongside his Nara Ninjutsu.

══════════ | Personal Information | ══════════

Unlike the more relaxed members of the Nara Clan, Shikamazu is somewhat uptight and filled with energy that needs expending whilst the other Nara Clan Members try to conserve as much of it as they can. Most people put it down to the ADHD but there is something else about Maze that seems to give him his energy; there is a clear competitive drive within Shikamazu that does not suit the Nara Clan's more supportive ("shadow" wink role and Maze seems to have natural reflexes and physical aptitude that makes him stand out amongst his peers. Even his Dyslexia is something Shikamazu can be ashamed of if it is brought up due to the Clan's great mental capabilities.

Being a b*****d Son hasn't really helped issues with him either. Emotionally, Shikamazu's place in the world has had a huge effect on him and whilst he tries to hide his discomfort at not knowing his Father... It bothers him. It has always bothered him. He feels like a part of him is missing due to not knowing his Father or his Paternal Family. Shikamazu thinks that maybe the holes and differences in his makeup would be explained and could be finally understood if he just found them.

Although his ADHD/Dyslexia/Bastardy play huge parts in his emotional and social programming - Shikamazu's love for Sports like Volleyball, Rugby, Football (European) and Basketball have taught him a great many skills. Shikamazu is a natural leader & team player with great tactical aptitude and an ability to visualize victory unlike any other. These skills, with years of practice, have eventually evolved into the great ability to teach and coach others around him. Shikamazu is obsessed with Sports and is thankful for them and how much they have helped him in his life.

Sports, Drawing, Banana Flavoured Smoothies and Milkshakes, Excercise, Competition, Coaching, Granola Cereals, Dumpings (Sweet and Savoury), Tactics, Tactical Games, Philosophy, Hanging Out With Friends Outdoors and Deep Conversations.

Badminton (More a Least Favourite than a Dislike), His ADHD Medication, Being Given Orders By Anyone Other Than The Hokages, Being Reminded He is a b*****d, Bad Losers, Bad Winners, Noodles, His Trick Knee, Idiots, Immoral People and Being Bored.

Miscellaneous Skills
- Good Memory: Shikamazu has a good visual memory and a keen ability to recall information relayed to him both orally and on paper. Shikamazu has proven to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Sports Rules and his recollection of them is probably the most common way he shows off this ability.

- Visualization: As Davies suggests in his studies of Dyslexic and ADHD brains, Shikamazu has an uncanny ability to visualise things. By "visualize" we are referring to the ability to imagine something in one's mind and project it into reality. Shikamazu can do this to the point whatever he is visualising can move and react with the world around it as it should even bringing about visualized reactions from the environment too (if he imagines kicking a football into the top corner of a goal, he sees the whole thing including the ball hit the back of the net and the net warp with the ball). It has been said that Shikamazu can even trigger his body to feel the sensations of such visualizations within his body. This ability is only done to the self and cannot be shared with anyone like a Genjutsu.

- Drawing: Shikamazu's visualization skills and understanding of shape and shape within space makes him an amazing artist. He doesn't really indulge in the practice though preferring Sports to Paint.

- Sports: Shikamazu's knowledge of Sports Rules and Techniques is phenomenal and almost encyclopedic. He is able to recall rules and playbooks with stunning speed and accuracy and seems to have a natural talent for any sport he puts his mind towards. His main sports are Football (European), Volleyball, Rugby, Basketball and Tennis. He plays Setter in Volleyball, Attacking Center Midfielder in Football, Power Forward in Basketball and Scrum-Half in Rugby (Both Union and League).


Physical Conditions
Shikamaru has Trick Knee thanks to an old volleyball injury (I mean, you do all that life and death ninja stuff and you dislocate your knee on a receive ...). He is not very often seen without a knee brace on.

Mental Conditions
Shikamazu suffers from both Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dyslexia. As a result, Shikamazu can often find it hard to contain himself and his energy or find it within himself to concentrate on a task. His dyslexia, although manageable, does make his job difficult and many people assume that he is unintelligent due to common mistakes he makes when not concentrating on what he is reading or writing.

However, Shikamazu fits the profile of Davies Theory of Dyslexia in which Dyslexic Subjects have great powers of imagination, perception and 3D visualization. Whilst written information is gathered at a delayed pace due to this slight change in mental perspective (as in the focus of 3D shapes and images rather than the 2 Dimensional), any information seen in terms of physically looking at an image or object can be retained, recalled and reimagined (and even added to) quite easily and effectively.

The Davies Method teaches SEN Patients coping strategies for their conditions using these highly powerful skills of visualisation. Shikamazu uses the Davies Technique to change the perspective of his "Mind's Eye" and help his reading and 2 Dimensional vision improve; whilst the "Dial Technique" has also proven very effective in managing his ADHD since he was a Teenager.

The Nara Clan have designed medication for Shikamazu but he is somewhat reluctant to take it.

══════════ | Techniques & Jutsu | ══════════

Jutsu Points: Start Cap ~ 68/68 ♦ Max Cap ~ 68/200
E: 1 x 4 = 4
D: 2 x 6 = 12
C: 3 x 9 = 27
B: 4 x 5 = 20
A: 5 x 1 = 5
S: 7 x 0 = 0
SS:9 x 0 = 0
Total: 67

- Bunshin no Jutsu ~ Clone Technique (E)
- Kawarimi no Jutsu ~ Change of Body Stance Technique (E)
- Kinobori no Waza ~ Act of Tree Climbing (E)
- Suimen Hokou no Waza ~ Act of Water Surface Walking (E)
- Ayatsuito no Jutsu ~ String Reeling Technique (E)
- Henge no Jutsu ~ Transformation Technique (E)
- Shunshin no Jutsu ~ Body Flicker Technique (D)
- Genjutsu Kai ~ Genjutsu Release (C)

Secret Ninjutsu
- Kagemane no Jutsu ~ Shadow Imitation Technique (C)
- Kagemane Kage Shibari no Jutsu ~ Shadow Imitation Shadow Bind Technique (C)
- Kage Mane Firuudo no Jutsu ~ Shadow Imitation Field (C)
- Kage Nui no Jutsu ~ Shadow Sewing Technique (C)
- Kage Yose no Jutsu ~ Shadow Gathering Technique (B)
- Kuro Higanbana ~ Black Spider Lily Technique (B)
- Kage Mane Shuriken no Jutsu ~ Shadow imitation Shuriken Technique (B)
- Kage–Kubishibari no Jutsu ~ Shadow-Neck Binding Technique (B)
- Kagezukami no Jutsu ~ Shadow Clutch Technique (A)

Elemental Ninjutsu

- Konoha Senpū ~ Leaf Whirlwind (D)
- Konoha Reppū ~ Leaf Gale (D)
- Dainamikku Entorī ~ Dynamic Entry (D)
- Gōken Ryu ~ Strong Fist Style (C)
- Kage Buyō ~ Shadow of the Dancing Leaf (C)
- Konoha Daisenpū ~ Leaf Great Whirlwind (C)
- Ōkashō ~ Cherry Blossom Impact (C)
- Konoha Gōriki Senpū ~ Leaf Strong Whirlwind (B)

Weapon Techniques
- Kage Shuriken no Jutsu ~ Shadow Shuriken Jutsu (D)
- Sōshuriken no Jutsu ~ Manipulated Shuriken Technique (D)

═══════════ | Background Data | ═══════════

- Nara Mother, Alive ~ Close, Somewhat Protective of One and Other.
- Nara Grandparents, Alive ~ Close, Revered and Respected.
- Nara Clansmen, Alive ~ All called "Cousin", "Uncle" or "Aunt" due to their acceptance of him.
- Unknown Paternal Family, Unknown ~ Sought After.
- Unknown Father, Unknown ~ Hated but Wanted.

Other Relationships
- Soren Senju, Half-Brother (Unknown), Boss & Friend ~ Shikamazu often describes the Senju Kage Twins as the Sun and the Moon; Soren is the Moon of the duo and, whilst Shikamazu is more like his brother Marik in terms of personality, Maze deeply respects Soren's outlook on life. Shikamazu often talks to him about wider concepts and philosophies and sometimes tries to bully him into playing certain sports.

- Marik Senju, Half-Brother (Unknown), Boss & Friend ~ Shikamazu and Marik are pretty much the same person. The Senju Twins' "Sun", Shikamazu feels as if he works better in combat situations with Marik citing himself as "The Shadows Underneath the Forest's Canopy". Marik and Shikamazu have been known to play soccer together in Konohagakure in their down time and both seem to speak to one and other with actions rather than words.

Shikamazu is the b*****d son of a Nara Woman and an unknown Father. Maze's Mother came back from a mission, skipped her period and then took a test to reveal she was pregnant; and whilst this wouldn't have been such an issue normally - she would not reveal who the Father was. She didn't want him to know, she din't want him to see the child and she would fight of anyone who slandered him. It was obvious that Shimazu's Mother still loved his Father and that she was protecting him and, in a clan full of geniuses, it didn't take long for everyone to figure out why she was being so defensive. Shikamazu's Father was obviously already in a relationship. He could have been married or engaged but the rumours soon began to fly about Shikamazu's mother having an affair with someone.

Hostilities towards her began to grow as angry (and jealous) women came to interrogate her and find out whether or not their Husband was a rat. Tension's ran so high that the Hokage had to intervene in an incident that involved the Head of the Yamanaka Clan demanding that the young pregnant woman be handed over to him so that he could find out who the Father of the unborn child was (they had their suspicions it was the man engaged to the Yamanaka Clan Head's Daughter). Yet, despite the hatred felt towards her and her unborn Son - she never broke once even to her own parents. The Nara Clan stood by her and, eventually, Shikamazu was born with the enitre Nara Clan stood in vigil outside Konohagakure Hospital.

The Nara Clan accepted Shikamazu - unlike a lot of Konohagakure - but they couldn't help but notice that something was a little... off with the lad as he grew up. He was always moving, always getting into trouble and despite some of the best tutors the village had to offer he continued to perform poorly academically. He almost failed the entrance exam to the Ninja Academy and it was the Academy that sent a referral to the Hospital that Shikamazu be tested for Special Education Needs. The report came back conclusive that Shikamazu had both ADHD and Dyslexia.

Afterwards, now he knew what was wrong with him, Shikamazu worked hard to try and fit into the world around him. He took up Sports in order to try and expend some of the excess energy he had and he researched into different coping mechanisms for his conditions. He took particular interest in the Davies Method during his teenage years and his standing in the Village improved greatly as his hard work paid off: He was representing the Village Nationally in multiple sports teams and his academic scores were improving. His shinobi track record was also really impressive as his practical marks in the academy were outstanding and his mission success rate after graduating was amazing.

A few years later, Shikamazu took the Chuunin Exam during an exceptionally difficult year - the competition was fierce in such a way that people compared it to the Chuunin Exam that contained Gaara of the Sand Waterfall, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki and Shikamaru Nara who was funnily eenough the only one to pass. Shikamazu mimicked his ancestor's feat in being the only one to pass due to his intelligence, tenacity and his Taijutsu Skills compensating for his Clan's Secret jutsu Shortcomings. It was a proud moment for both him and his clan. The Hokage's Office were beginning to pay close attention to Shikamazu from there on out.

Shikamazu was quickly becoming a public figure for his Sporting and Shinobi achievements, a lot of people had almost forgotten about the circumstances of his Birth but people still talked and upon becoming a Jounin... Shikamazu felt sad. The Nara celebrated once again and he was quickly asked to become part of the New Hokage's Advisory Staff but there was still something missing. There were holes in his life when he looked in photos. He looked different to everyone else... Even his hair was a reminder that he didn't quite fit in... It hit him suddenly: He didn't know where he came from. So, using his position as an adviser to the Hokage he charged himself with more than just doing his best for the village and it's people; he needed a small bit of selfishness in order to try and use his newfound power to find his Father and hunt him down.

Since The Corruption hit however, Shikamazu has had to put the hunt for his Father on hold (if he's even still alive) due to the destruction of Old Konohagakure. Shikamazu was instrumental in the evacuation and worked alongside many to try and slaavage as much as they could before the Corruption washed over them. A lot of people did not make it and Shikamazu feels somewhat responsible for the casualties due to what he believes could have been an oversight on his part. He believes that maybe if he had planned for such an event rather than tried abusing his power to find his scumbag Father that more people could have been saved because a more concrete plan could have been put in place. Since helping rebuild Konoha on the other side of Hokage Mountain, Shikamazu has become devoted to the defense of the village and properly allocating village resources. He is currently trying to find a way to fight back the Corruption and hopefully reclaim the lands lost to it. Failing that, he is happy to learn a way to divert the corruption away from populated areas or find some sort of barrier against it.

History (Continued)

═════════ | Weapons & Equipment | ═════════

Kunai, Shuriken, Caltrops, Smoke Pellets, Soldier Pills, String, Senbon Needles and Flash Bang Grenades.

Special Objects
- (Lost, is looking for them) Weighted Kemari, Soccer & Volleyballs Balls (D)
Kemari is basically the Japanese equivalent to "kick ups" a game where players try to keep the ball off of the ground using their legs, feet, knees, shoulder and head. Shikamazu has weighted versions of a Kemari Ball (and the other balls mentioned above) to use as training aids to improve strength and co-ordination within both himself and his students.

The balls can range from standard weightings (usually reserved for beginners) to Rock Lee-esque Leg Weight masses. The increase in weight makes it harder to manipulate the ball's movements as one wishes and that is the main goal of using these training aids.

- (Broken, in shop being repaired) Hōmuran'nā ~ Home Runner (B)
A baseball bat that Shikamazu sometimes carries around with him. It is made completely of Chakra-Conductive Metal and whilst Maze makes it look easy to use, it is actually extremely heavy much like his Training Aid Sports Balls. Whilst it primarily is used as a blunt force weapon of great potency - Hōmuran'nā also has the ability to simulate the effects of Ōkashō ~ Cherry Blossom Collision (C-Ranked, Taijutsu) by gathering Chakra into the point of impact along the bat's surface and releasing it suddenly.

Shikamazu also uses Hōmuran'nā in a unique variation of the Kage Mane Shuriken no Jutsu ~ Shadow Imitation Shuriken Jutsu (B Rank, Nara Secret Ninjutsu) where instead of stabbing a Chakra conductive Shuriken into the victim's shadow, he simply gathers the required chakra into Hōmuran'nā and lays it on the target shadow. The effect is exactly the same with Hōmuran'nā "weighing down" the shadow rather than "pinning it down".

Knee Brace - Designed by Nara Medics to help Shinobi with Knee Injuries, Shikamazu wears his at a near constant to keep his trick knee in place. It is fully adjustable and even has a Ninja Headband Slot so that the Flexible Metal plating can be attached to it.

Nara Clan Silver Stud - Continuing the Clan Tradition, Shikamazu has his right ear pierced with a silver stud. He covers it during sporting events (or outright removes it). Unlike the rest of his plan however, who have both ears pierced, Shikamazu only has one to signify his missing half (Father).

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