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Weredragon's Scribbles Anything I choose to put here. Random rants, interesting (to me at least) observations, some of my (not so good) poetry, and maybe character descriptions.

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Items/Poses That Work with I AM items
- This is mostly for my own reference
- This is in no particular order
- There is no guarantee that these will work with all I AMs
- I'm sure there are more items out there that work with them
- There will be more that will be made
- In general, for wings, they only work from behind, unless they are the astra (animated) wings.
- In general, for backgrounds, they only work from behind. However, some don't work at all, and some work from the front as well. Some are only partial, either way.


Items that work with I AM poses:

Smashing Cities - Tokyo, Hollywood, Forest, all on fire (partial)
Dreamscape - Dreamscape, World of Fire
Elemental Wings (from behind)
Masterpieces - Nouveau d'art halo
Pixie - Dust Cloud
Biancamella, Azuramella, etc - Pull, Growing, Caramelize, Slowing, Crystalized Halo, Materialize, Floating, ______mella Appears, Wings (from behind)
Masquerade (lots of green goo) - Glitter, Visage, Supernova (no goo), Supernova Burn, Supernova Pearls, Transcended Crown, Transcended Spark (no goo)
The Nightmare - Invidia (partial), Popobawa (partial), Cresent, They Never Found Their Way Back
Frostbite - Aura, Right Wing, Left Wing (from behind)
Radiant Prism - Prism Aura
Autumn Glory - Autumn Boughs
Plasma Gear - Wings
Cloud - Cloud, Rainbow
New Age Rememberance - Far Away Places
Fallen King - Fallen King (partial in front, complete in back)
Warzones (from behind)
Holy $#17 - Seraph Crown
Angelic Microphone - Tweeters
Lunar Celebration - Fireworks, Background
Cosmos - Black Hole
Death Whisper - Doom Titan
Astra ____ (except for most stills)
Crystal Tree of Cyndor - In Life (partial)
Prince of the Sea - All Backgrounds (partial/From Behind)
Sainte Ciel: Eros - Mephiste's Altar (from behind)
Sainte Ciel: Agape - Ciel's Tomb (from behind)
Rosamund's Revenge - Peaceful Town (from behind)
Spring Nymph - My Mana Tree (from behind)
Royal Mariner - Coral Bank
Epic Journey (from behind)
Antique Shop - Rainy Day
Invincible Frames (from behind) - Dojo Day, Dojo Night
Papyrus (from behind) - Back Scroll, Paper
Lexxon's Garden - background (from behind)
Fairies Abode - Fall Leaf (partial), the rest (from behind)
In The Ruhk - backgrounds (from behind)
Sawyer and Finn - background (from behind)
Abundant Garden - background (from behind)
Child of Eden (from behind)
Escheresque (from behind)
The Speakeasy - background (from behind)
Unorthodox Experiment - The Lab (from behind)
Watchmaker (from behind) - All Time and Space, Gears are Turning, Time Shifts
Rainbow Jubilee - Cloud (partial in front, complete in back)
Dark Jubilee - Cloud (partial in front, complete in back)
Beach Day
Kissing Booth
Dissing Booth
Compass of Seidh - Attack of the Mysterious Wyvern
Princess Kaguya - Mysterious Shoji
Silver Laurels - Tree of Spirit (from Behind)
Spartan Queen - Ramparts of Troy (from behind)
Unicorn - Fairytale Field (from behind)
Cozy Holiday Tree - Cozy Holiday Room (from behind)
Royal Wizard - Magic Chamber (from behind)
Hidden Ace - You Lose! (from behind), Back Design (from behind), Trump (from behind), Diamond Wing, Spade Wing, Heart Wing, Jack of Diamond Wing, Queen of Heart Wing, King of Spade wing
George's Pipe - Safe for Now! (from behind)
Dappy Dandy - Background (From behind)
L33t Gamer - Fight Action, Magic Action, Item Action, Skill Action, Gain a Level (partial), HP/MP (from behind)
Happy Capsule - Happy Scenery (partial in front, complete in back)
Cherry Blossom (partial from behind) - Hanami, Petal Shower
Chill of Artemis - Halo
Warmth of Apollo - Halo
Atrum Egg - Halo
Albus Egg - Halo
Colbert - Truthiness (partial in front, complete in back)
Yemaya's Pearl - Under the Sea (from behind)
Reve Rouille - Diving In, Shallows, An Offer, Shadow Show Poster, Operating Light
Case of Pietro - A Far Shore, There is No Body, There is No Case, Another Crime Scene, The Interrogation, Black Sedan (from behind)
Carol of Ol' Nick - Ominous Mist (partial), hellfire (green goo)
Carol of Ol' Ebenezer - Ominous Mist (partial, Hellfire (green goo)
Scenic Quest - Scenic Quest (partial), Catacombs (partial), all (from behind)
Padmavati's Lotus (from behind) - Heavenly Light, Heavenly Lotus Petals, Lotus Petals, Lotus Halo (in front/behind)
Kelp o' th' Loch (from behind) - Loch at Night, Something in the Loch
Luck o' the Gairish - Cloverfield (from behind)
Grace of Aphrodite - Allure, Scent of Love (From behind)
Lusty Scoundrel - Heated Breath (from behind)
Adoring Fans
Red Riding Hood - Forest Path (from behind)
Dreamer's Dust - Dreamland (from behind)
Holy Gauntlets - Holy Circle
Yama no Tamago - Yama (from behind)
Congratulations! Gift - Banner
Aquatica (from behind) - Fish are Friends!, Bubbles, Green Bubbles
Celestial Wrap - Spiral Galaxy
Courtly Love - Courtly Love (from behind)
Dead Inside...
HARMony - Take Me Home (from behind)
Rogue's Bravado
Gogh Reed - Lightning, Leafy (partial from behind), Cyclone (partial from behind), Sandstorm (partial from behind), Sprinkles (from behind), Aqua Liquid (partial from behind), Aqua Burst (partial from behind), all wings (from behind)


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