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I finaly have a dream avi

More stuff I hate
People that bring babies to movie theaters. What the ******** is your mother ******** problem retards. Its called a baby sitter, if you can afford to pay for a movie you can afford a god damn baby sitter. But no you sit there and LET THEM scream and cry for the whole movie. Man if killing was legal, Id of killed your babies.

People that say MELK instead of MILK. M-I-LK. Its not that hard to say Milk you morons. if you can say, sit, hit, fit, mit, it, you can sum up the word and say milk.

s**t that Pisses me off Part 3
Empty cartons..
I ******** hate it when people empty cookie cartons, and milk jugs and anything else and ******** put that s**t back in the fridge and what not. What the ******** is your problem you pieces of s**t. PUT IT IN THE GARBAGE.

Female drivers.
Okay, you can't ******** fight this. Chicks are the worse drivers in the whole ******** world. Get the ******** off your ******** cell phones you uptight bitchy whores. Those mirrors arn't for putting on make up, ******** retarded mother ******** skanks, its for viewing all angles of traffic. The reason you ******** bitches can't drive, is because you don't ******** care. -.-; GET THE ******** OFF THE ******** ROAD.

Having to wait to go pee.
It pisses me the ******** off when people go to shower, then deside when they get out that they are just going to stand in there for another 30 minutes. WHAT THE ******** are you ******** doing in there. LEAVE THE WASHROOM. Swear to god next person that does that to me, Ima just piss on their ******** face.

Speaking Of Peeing..
I have to pee now, and Im to lazy to do 10 more of these x x.

Part 2 Of things that Piss me off
People that continusely say that grammer is the proper spelling. No its not you ******** rejects. Its GRAMMAR, with a mother ******** a, not an e.

Little kids that say "I love you".
Okay, if you are between the ages of 9-16. You have not ever been in a serious relationship. You stupid little kids think that if you hold hands for more then 5 seconds that its serious.

Also saying I Love You, the day you start going out with someone. You don't even understand what that means and the commitment that is behind it. Stop being so ******** dumb. Your relationships are bullshit you are just crushing you have no idea what a real relationship is. Its not serious unless you've been going out for longer then a year.

Little kids that draw horrible on gaia and try and pass it off as it being worth 100k.

Look, you all suck at drawing. Your pathetic little horribly drawn stick men are not even worth a smiple gold. Give the ******** up and start doing that s**t for free till you actually get good. Because right now, you 100% ******** suck.

Little girls that post pictures of themsleves in the chatterbox.

Look, you pigged nosed, fat, ugly, greasy little e-whores. No You are not pretty. No one wants to date you, and yes your friends are ******** ugly to. Stop posting your ******** pictures no one gives a ******** what you look like.

99% Of the time you kids are uglier then the a** end of a donkey. And even if you are semi okay, you're a nasty little attention whore that needs to get off the computer and get a mother ******** life.

Face it people, I am asian and Im black. Stop calling me white, straight up it pisses me off.

I ******** hate them. Yes I will have ONLY ONE, [hint hint, nag nag, demand demand], Yes only one kid when I get older. But they are ******** annoying, shitting, vomiting and crying 24/7.
They make me sick, D<.

Short and simple. Sorta.
Migraines, if there really is a god. God ******** damn you you mother ******** c**k sucking b***h a** ******** douche bag. You piece of ******** god damn ******** s**t. How dare you curse people with Migraines. ******** you, straight up. =]

Stupid people.

Flies. I ******** hate flies so ******** annoying.

The bus stop an hour from my house.
******** retarded white trash mother ******** sitting there dressing and acting all "gangster". Put some proper close on you stupid ******** wangster, having your pants hang below your ******** a** and having to listen to you go "Yo yo yo whats yo my home home dawg" is annoying. Pathetic ******** retards.

Having people stare at me.
I seriously hate not being able to have privacy. People like to walk by my room open my ******** door and just stare at me. WTF. Just WTFH, GTFO, Go ******** die. Leave me the ******** alone. -.-

Almost Everything That Pisses Me off
->First off<-
People that sneeze and yawn really loud... You don't need to make the loudest ******** noise on earth when you yawn or sneeze. Seriously stop being ******** idiots.

When parents buy their little 1 year olds and what not.. Shoes that make squeaky sounds with every step they make then take those little kids to the mall and let them run around.. They don't buy anything while they're there its like they want to piss off a hundred people all at once.

Youtube. I ******** hate youtube. Yes its great to watch awsome videos of peoples amazing rock bandness. Or Happy tree friends. All that jazzy kick a** stuff..
But I hate if for the reason that girls make these whinny bitchy annoying videos about their lives. And act like the world needs to revolve around them. Youtube is just another way for girls to dress up all skanky and try and be noticed by more then the moronic boys around them.

People that cheat and are to much of a mother ******** pussies to ******** confess. Grow some balls you assholes. If you don't want to be with the girl you're seeing. Then ******** dump her and go see someone else. You don't have to ******** lie and cheat. Mother ******** assholes.

I ******** HATE girls. Not all of them, but 87% of the girls on this earth. All the girls that cake on make up, have that bitchy, self centered attitude, that act like they are the hottest thing that walks the earth. Guess what, You look ugly with all that make up on. You're ******** up hair makes you look like an air head bimbo, and hey, in a few years, you wont be that skinny anymore.
******** the whores, hoes, sluts, tramps, skanks and bitches.

People that say tomboys are Trannys? Cross dressers, etc etc... Just because we don't like to wear skirts that allow our a** to hang out, and tops were you can see our tits, and cake on make. Doesn't mean we are trannys or cross dressers. We just don't care to look like a prostitute. But I guess I can't make you understand that, non of you have brains. I completely forgot. Like totally like teehee like sorta. Aha.


Girls that think its cool to have sex with as many guys as possible. Then try and act like they arn't sluts afterwords. If you go around and have sex with a bunch of 30 year olds in a night. Then grab about it... THEN later on go have sex with your "best friend", THEN try and ******** 2 girls and 3 guys at a party then next night.. You are in fact, a tramp slutly little ho. Get use to it.

Horrible grammar.. I get that this is the internet, and people use slang.. But that only counts for a little bit.

fi u r tlking leki thes, it cn b rathur hard fur pepol to fckin undurstand u.

Slang is okay. But don't do is so ******** much that it looks like you have no intelligence what so ******** ever. Use a little, not a lot. Then people wont wrip your faces off for not being able to understand you.

Now, I know I have lots of typos within this post. Straight up, not going to reread everything because theres a lot, and I've been drinking. Nuff said.

My boyfriend talking to girls.
Yeah, I'm one of those jealous types.. I never really use to be. But after having near ten failed relationships. They ******** me up really bad to the point that, I don't know if Im ever not going to be paranoid in a relationship.

But yeah, I really don't like it. Now certain girls are okay. I can tell which ones arn't going to be whores and flirt and which ones are. ******** you, I can. Its a gift. Just like, Im never ******** wrong. You can ask everyone that knows me IRL. They will straight up tell you, I have never been wrong in my whole life, about... Important stuff.

So yeah, I don't like my boyfriends, Hanging out with girls and talking to girls all the time. Hate it, wish I could some how magicaly change and not be like this, but I dont think thats really ever going to happen.

Short and simple. When people don't use they're signal in traffic. How you mother ******** came to get your license is beyond me.

I hate it when people touch my cellphone and my computer. Those are the two semi most important things in my life. Nerdy, but true. Don't ******** Touch My Mother ******** CellPhone Or My Mother ******** Computer WithOut Asking Retards.

Being woken up early in the morning. When I get enough money, Im seriously straight up, buying a hand gun. And Im going to sleep with it, maybe that will teach you mother ******** not to wake me the ******** up in the morning.

Some people are allowed to. Like Zoe, Erica, or My sexy Boyfriend. That if you flirt with, Im willing to go to jail for murder. =] But nah really. Only them, everyone else, will get shot. No lie.

People that chew.. with their mouths open... You a ******** cow? You stupid nasty ********, CLOSE YOUR MOUTHS, we don't need to watch you masticating on your food. Seriously. Stupid pigs.

->Last but not least<-
Ex girl friends/ Ex boyfriends.
I say boyfriends because this could go for guys too.

I hate these more then anything in the world. I hate them more then I hate spiders and that nasty whore Alannah. I hate them more then I hate everything on this list. Yes more then the noise while yawning.

I don't understand why, [I say boys because this is about me, Girls do it to], They have to keep in contact with them. Do you mother ******** retarded morons see that these stupid whores can cause problems in your future relationships?

Or are you just to blinded by p***y to bother. If any of you truely care about the relationship you are in right now. And your girlfriend talks to you about ex's, AND YOU CAN TELL that she doesn't like it. Do the ******** right thing, cut that contact with every ex they hate.

You may not like it, but if you love and care about your relationships that much, you will do almost whatever it takes to keep it going, No? So stop ******** talking to them, because THEY CAN ******** up the relationships you have going.

That and well if anyones like me, an ex does something to semi ******** up your relationship, your personality flips into a phsyco path that wants to murder everyone that pisses me off.

Just another place for sluts to get half naked and try and act like the world needs to revolve around them.

I officaly hate youtube now.

Gaia Whores
Wow.. I really can't stand the new gaia..

Why must there be so many nasty, sluty, little e-whores on gaia. Selling pictures of their body parts to people on gaia. In my opinion, that makes you just as bad as a prostitute. They arn't havn't sex for money, But a lot of them are selling pictures of their asses, inner thighs, and boobs.

Is there no respect for your own body anymore?

Seriously, what the ******** is wrong with chicks. Ya'll need some help straight up. Go get some theropy because you all seriously have some mental issues if you're selling pictures of your body parts/prive parts, online.. ********, On gaia...

Its people like you that need to be killed.

Paranoia Is Eating Me Alive.

Nuff Said.

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