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Mooni's Manic Monday
jaechun fic, 517words, deadlines
Jaejoong stresses about college papers in a way no one else stresses about college papers. The day he's informed of their far-away arrival, he takes out every book that he thinks might even be slightly related to the topic, writes four different rough drafts in one night, burns his way through seven packs of lined binder-paper, and then tells everyone he runs into the, "those, oh yeah, I'm probably not going to get it done until the night of, haha, yeah, so unprepared," so no one side eyes the ******** out his eccentric self. Days before the booming due date, he spends every waking moment thinking about the fact that he hasn't finished them yet, and how bad it's going to be when he doesn't finish them, and rolls out of bed in the morning with every possible scenario scrolled in black lines under his eyes. Two days prior, he obsesses about the topic, reads everything he can get his hands on that's relevant, skips breakfast and lunch and dinner and phone calls from family and bowel movements and showers so he can lay on the floor and roll around in pure mental agony of how much it's all going to suck, and how he's going to fail, and then he sets himself up to pull and all nighter, drinks about a hundred red bulls to psych himself up, and falls asleep with his chin on his desk and his fingers in the carpet.

And then wakes up roughly around three in the morning with the most insane buzz he's ever had, flies through all of his rough drafts, and finishes the paper in half an hour. And then he lays awake, mentally pulling through every word he'd written until he has the damned thing memorized, and then hands the paper in to his teacher with shaking fingers and sweaty palms and a near-hysterical, "I think I did alright but I might not of in which case hahahahahaha I'm going to implode in on myself and the dark matter remaining from the implosion will create a black hole the size of Texas that will pull every living being and their dog into it's ever hungering darkness-"

Three weeks later, his teacher will smile at him, say, "As expected, Jaejoong," and hand him back his paper with a brand new red 95% and smiley-face on it.

And his roommate knows this, which is why Jaejoong cannot possibly comprehend why Yoochun is looking at him expectantly from the doorway, the day of his massive red-bull-induced-all-night-revision-ceremony.

"Clubbing," Yoochun says. "Girls."

"Yoochun, are you on crack, you stupid stupid stupid blob of stupid?! Do you know what night it is?"

Yoochun blinks. "Clubbing night," he says slowly. "With girls."

Jaejoong sits up off of the floor and waves his arms around unnecessarily. "Yoochun! I can't! I have a hundred million deadlines tomorrow and I'm going to fail and my head will implode in on itself and the resulting dark matter will create a black hole the size of Texas that will-"

"Deadlines," Yoochun interrupts. "As opposed to living lines?"

Jaejoong hits him.

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