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THIS IS A PARODY (OF SORTS). It's a joke based on my MySpace bground pic and the subsequent jokes Aku and I made about all the reasons Aku shouldn't go around Nine. All x-posted from MySpace, and yeah. Doctor Who © Auntie Beeb.
TARDIS Log: Where it Stands
Well, this died.

That's not to say the TL died - far from it, m'dears! It's just. . .existing now as more of a picture/random fic/discussion thing. Aku and I know where it is, where it's been, and where it's going - we're just being lazy about actually transcribing it.

Liiiike we know it starts with Ver and Aku hopping on board the TARDIS shortly before Cap'n Jack comes on and is currently in this stage where it's looking like Ver's getting hit by a gender gun (the in-betweens covering How Aku's Eye Got That Weird, the PotW, DD/their stint with Jack at TW, the reunion/Toy Gun Arc, the Age Gun Arc/Rassilon It's Crowded In Here, and now the Gender Gun Arc/He!Ver is Mean), buuuuut it's all. . .like. . .not written/drawn.

We fail epically, we know.

We apologize.

Maybe someday we'll get our acts together?

(I'm thinking we lost the script somewhere in the Age Gun time. Between Daddy Nine and Mummy Rose, Uncle Ten and Auntie Rose, Cousin Jenny, Uncle Jack, Auntie Donna and Uncle Lee, and the pranks, that thing is MIA. o.o)

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