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Deathsye's ...er...stuff
Well there is no telling what will happen in my journal... really I might be bored and go on a rant on something random like llamas or lemons... yeah... and maybe fan fics.
Name: Siniku Yoshimitsu

Age: 24 [Soul Age: 204

Height: 5 ft 7in

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Accesories:white and dark blue Kitsune Mask.

-Name: Oki
-Shikai appearance/description:
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-Shikai ability: Becomes light as air and nearly perfectly sharp.

-Shikai command: Show our strength Oki!

Has not been Achieved Beyond This Point:

-Bankai ability:
1)Spirit Merge: Siniku and his Spirit, Oki. Physically merge together to form a Anthropic-Fox. In this form he has all the agility, abilities and knowledge of his spirit. His Zanpakuto how ever is still seen as in his Shikai form. Also his voice is merged with his spirits.
2)Test of Will: Siniku manifests the Trickery side of his Kitsune spirit, Oki. He drags the target into a realm of his choosing and puts thier spirit to the test, literally. In this if they choose the Wrong Path they will feel what ever pain the one they assault feel. Basically speaking... The Target creates thier own hell.
-Bankai command:
1) Become one, Oki no Inari!

2) Show them our tricks, Oki no Inari!

Skills: Knows nothing, currently, but basic sword and stealth techniques.

Personality: Snicker is not at all a serious guy. He mostly uses his ninja abilities to trick his fellow shinigami. He gets a really good kick out of doing this to the women of the Soul Society. The reason this is he has a sore spot for the girls often to his dismay and physical suffering

Biography: He died at a relatively young age on earth by Disease, which at the time period was very common. [This reason in the least is the only reason he had given it is speculated that it was much more traumatic.] He was always a spry and energetic kid and even more so Man. His earth Ancestry was kin to a great bandit which has the Alias The Desert Fox. His life in the Soul Society has been filled with tricking the every day denizens of the Rukongai. He was noticed by being caught one day by a Shinigami while distracting a lesser one with a image of a woman ,which was quite a feat in his younger days nearly leaving him drained, and Snicker trying to snag what amount of Currency he could from the Shinigami. From this point forward he was interested in how the Seretei worked and was inspired, to try, to become a Shinigami himself.

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