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Race: Demon

Age: ????

Razlo is a demon who's lived in his netherworld most of his life. He soon caught on that his homeworld was full of thieves and began stealing in his early teens. Once chasing a mark he discovered another netherworld. Surprised by this he began researching and looking for other netherworlds. Finding them he quickly entered before looking around for things to steal. Eventually he started started doing contact thievery.

During a personal outing he met another demon and after following her was surprised to find the demon came from the same netherworld as he did. When he tried approaching her he was instead captured by her prinnies. Just as she was about to kill him he offered that they worked together. Though it was uphill at first, with her not trusting him eventually they become co-workers.

After relaxing an evening with her he was told to get as much sleep as possible and bring his best weapons for a very important job tomorrow. Prepping for the job he sharpened his weapons and brought along other things to help. Following her he went through tons of tunnels and made lots of turns which eventually opened up near the overlord's Palace. Figuring out exactly what she was doing he kept his ear and eyes on alert as the group slipped past or defeated any intruders.

Once they arrived at the overlord a long fight began. Both demons and there squads fought long and hard and were almost defeated. If it wasn't for Razlo throwing her at the overlord they would've lost.

With the old overlord gone his boss was given the title. Named second to the overlord he kept an eye on the new changes, sometimes coming by himself to enforce the rules.

His netherworld is shrouded in darkness most of the time, think being in a room with no lights, blinds drawn with some sunlight peeking through to grab a flashlight dark. As a result demons living there have adapted with demons growing a third eyelid that helps to them see in the dark. Said eyelid also changes there eye color. Rarely do others have other means to see in the dark. Strange Flora and fauna not normally seen in other netherworlds grow and live there.

Though the netherworld is known for its thievery it's ether safer in the outskirts or deeper in if you have certain emblems.

BM Vivi
Community Member
BM Vivi
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