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Hitomi Uraya's
Part One: The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac

Aquarius (Fixed, Air) January 21 - February 18

The Qualities
...Fixed: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

......Fixed signs stabilize and preserve what has been started. They tend to be constant, reliable, and determined, but also stubborn, inflexible, and resistant to change.
The Elements
...Air: Geminie, Libra, Aquarius

.....Air signs are intellectual, communicative, social, and articulate. Their need to aquire, understand, communicate, and compare information prompts them to use, share, and apply what they know.

Aquarius ~ The Innovator
...Planetary Ruler: Uranus
...Symbol: The Water Bearer
...Color: Electic Blue
...Metal: Aluminum
...Gemstone: Amethyst

Character and Personality
...Aquarians are individualists who hate conformity and resent any authority other than their own. As an Aquarian, your most outstanding characteristics are idealism, progressive ideas, and humanitarian principles. As a member of an air sign, you're more at home in the realm of ideas than feelings. Emotions frighten you, and at times you can come off as a really cool customer. Nevertheless, you truly care about people and will lie awake nights worrying about the future of mankind.
...More than anything, you need a mission in life, and you often dream of reaching out to help the world solve its problems. However, you see things from a different perspective than the natives of other signs, and you tend to come up with original solutions that other people consider odd or eccentric.
...A trend spotter, you are a prophet of progress and innovation. You're always a little ahead of everyone else when it comes to accepting new ideas and technology. Although you're open-minded, Aquarius is fixed sign, and once your mind is made up, you can be quite stubborn and inflexible. And while some members of your sign are eccentric by nature, others actively cultivate eccentricity as a lifestyle. You love to shock and may go to considerable lengths to get a rise out of people.

...Aquarius is a sign of paradoxes, and no two water bearers are alike. Some want casual attachments without commitment, whereas others prefer a long lasting partnership. Your initial reaction to people is usually more cerebral than physical. It's difficult for anyone to arouse your interest without some type of mind-to-mind contact. Even in your most intimate associations, your deepest need is for a relationship that satisfies you on a mental level. Romantically, you may be something of a slow starter, but once you get going, you make a passionate, imaginative, considerate lover.
The Myth
...Zeus (Jupiter) assigned to Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus the task of populating the Earth. Epimetheus immediately began creativing all the animals, giving them wonderful gifts of strength, courage, cunning, and speed. Meanwhile, Prometheus shaped man out of earth and water. When Prometheus finished, he discovered that his brother had already handed out all the best gifts to the animals. There was nothing left for men, who were supposed to be superior to the animals.
...Prometheus asked Zeus to give his mortals some of the sacred fire to put them on an even keel with the animals. With fire, they could make weapons and tools to defend themselves and cultivae the Earth. Zeus refused, stating that fire belonged to the gods alone. He thought men would become arrogant if they possessed this divine blessing.
...Prometheus felt that Zeus's attitude was unfair, so he rebelled and stole some of the fire from Zeus's hearth and gave it to man anyway. Zeus was enraged, but once the gift was made, it could not be taken back. The father of the gods too vengeance on Prometheus by chaining him to a rock. Prometheus hung from his chains and suffered, but he did not recant nor submit to the will of the tyrannical god.
...In a further act of revenge, Zeus sent a beautiful woman named Pandora to Epimetheus, who took her gladly, despite his brother's warning not to accept anything from Zeus. Knowing that curiosity would get the best of her, the gods provided Pandora with a box and instructed her never to open it. Unable to resist, she unlatched the forbidden box and inadvertently released all the evils that afflict the human race. By the time Pandora managed to slam the lid closed, only hope remained to comfort humanity.

Part Two: The Nine Basic Numbers

Number Four -- Stability
...Fours are the workers and builders of society. Your strength lies in knowing the best way to get a project up and running and keep it functioning properly. Your vitality, sense of purpose, and will power keep you going long after others have run out of steam. Loyal to employers and fair to employees, you make an excellent boss or manager. Driven by ambition and the desire to succeed, there is virtually nothing you can't do once you put your mind to it.
...Most number four individuals possess technical or mechanical abilities, are hard workers, and enjoy seeing the practical results of their labors. The need for security and stability motivates them to build strong structions and institutions. This means that if your root number is four, you're particularly good at adapting the ideas of more visionary people and putting them to practical use. Your approach to most things is precise and systematic. Your outlook is traditional and you dislike upsetting changes; you find fulfillment in dependable, routine endeavors.
...Fours love their homes and families and are unusually faithful and devoted to their mates. As a four, you're totally trustworthy and dependable and may be relied upon to follow through on your promises. Fours generally spend less time havng fun than other people, and when overworked, they can suffer bouts of depression. If you allow yourself to get stuck in a negative mindset, you may become repressed or repressive.

Part Three: The 366 Birthdays of the Year

February 4 -- Aquarius, 4
...The seemingly quirky, slightly eccentric individuals born on this day are actually some of the hardest working people around. This means that although you have an adventruous spirit, you're more purposeful and conventional than the average water bearer. You have tremendous self-discipline and little use for things or activities you consider frivolous or impractical. There is nothing of the typically Aquarian absent-minded professor in your make-up; you have an excellent memory and exceptional powers of concentration.
...Basically self-motivated, you have a strong sense of what you want to accomplish and your own ideas about the way things should be done. Humanitarian idealism and the desire to build something lasting fuel your desire to help the world. Innovative ideas and the ability to back them up with practical implemntation are your strengths. However, your sense of responsibility and a belief in doing the right thing can cause you to overextend yourself. You're usually so busy doing your duty that you tend to forget to take time out to relax and enjoy yourself.
...You're not strictly a workaholic, but when you get caught up in a project or idea, you tend to forget about everything else. Love is truly important to you, but you are easily disappointed if the person you care about fails to live up to your high standards.

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