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The Night Dancer's Story
Just whattteverrr.
There's something that keeps pulling me back into gaia-- it could be the nostalgia, or the rush of good memories and greater friends that I've found here.

Some people might laugh at how I'm unable to tear apart from gaia, but I will stop you here. I can leave gaia anytime I wish- it's the memories of friends that I can't leave. It's knowing that gaia is my only connection to some of my wilting friendships.

The memories are overwhelming; like a monster that keeps me in its grasp. I can't escape it, try as I might, not because I'm scared, but because I don't want to let go.

All of you have made this harder for me to leave. I resent meeting you all, not because I hate you, but because now I can't leave gaia when I want to. I feel disconnected from my friends, however, and I'm not known for wanting to patch up disconnected friendships. I find them awkward. And then I look far into people's actions and words, farther than I should, and convince myself that they no longer want me around, so I leave them alone. Our friendship then continues to shatter into a pile of broken pieces and promises. I'm sorry if I broke any promises. I'm sorry for leaving, actually. I know I probably never cross your minds, anyway. But I think, that maybe, in a small way, you care about me leaving. Call me self-centered. I'm too sad to care right now.

Everybody's gotta die sometime, so
Baby don't cry.
~Avenged Sevenfold.

Well, my gaia life ends today. I guess I'll just become a ghost, drifting around here and there. Fading and quivering under lost memories.

Contact me if you wish- PM, Profile Comment- just don't expect me to reply quickly.

Sorry, I guess. And thanks for reading this far, if you did. (Like hell, you did.)

See you around(?).

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