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Morain's Little Book of Whatsits Rants and raves and psychotic spazzes over characters/possessions/events. And the boring bits, like my life. See, strangers tend to be boring. You're probably boring too.

Community Member
I feel ill
Sick Kiwi ;~;

Stomach go blurgh.

Am in Uni. Have no lectures until two... again. That sucks. I should look over my Data Analysis notes or something.

Struggling with some idiot on DA who's been terribly rude to me because I pointed out that a picture wasn't hers to use. She doesn't seem to grasp I'm only carrying on with her because she called me a stupid b***h :/

Donation Items
I like the new Donation Items. Shame I can't use them without my ava becoming a Red X! Goti and Bani. I have them both, since I like to get two envelopes.

I'm pleased that they're ear items rather than head items. I can wear mah hats with them heart

Dunno when/how I'm gonna use 'em...

Community Member

Community Member
Gaia Journal?
May I just identify the fact that I have been rather looking forward to the Journal feature for quite some time? And now that it's not entirely working properly, I can't help but be a little bit disappointed?

Well, at least we don't have to pay 20k for it xp And it'll be fixed up enough to run nice and smoothly soon enough. Right? RIGHT?

I'm waiting for the September Letters to open, but for some reason I have the feeling that no matter what is in them, they won't match my current avatar, with its Play Dough spaghetti hair and lime green clothing whee No matter, most of my Donation Items don't match. I'm not wearing any right now. I think.

I don't even know what I hope might be in them. Weapons are ruled out - until Avatar System 2.0 the hands are in completely the wrong shape for them. I doubt it'll be clothing, most stuff in the letters so far have been accessories... maybe a duffel bag? Hah, I'll bet if they WERE duffel bags then there would be an angry outcry of stupid people saying 'I PAID for those!' and so on and so forth... I would just stick it in my Inventory and build an outfit around them. Think the only item I really disliked was the Pyjamas.

You know what? Right now, I'm quite happy with my avatar. Until I get bored of green, I probably will be. Maybe I should go for pink/purple/black next time? X3 That'd be nice, I think. If it weren't for the fact I don't like pink very much >.> I just like that tshirt with the cross on it.

And, as a treat for any sadistic people who've come across this: I stabbed myself in the gum with a tortilla chip. Quite painful.

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