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H E L I X, Make Mine a Double.
... its all in your Genes...
The Name is... (rp adventure)

The rain fell faster than Helix had ever seen.
Thunderous booms, and Flashes of an electric light flooded her every window.
Helix sat down next to Victor, her best friend, as they watched the storm from a cozy couch in her living room.
Victor Shrugged "Why did it have to storm today? Huh? Today of Alll Days!"
"oh come on victor, look at. The pure attraction and energy in the air, as the ions from the cloud, and the earth swirl around in an equal and opposite surge, untill they finally meet with a strike of electricity! Its Exciting" Helix said with a un phased glee coursing through her voice.
Victor looked over with a annoyed wince, one that a cat might give you, if you were playing with its tail.
"Thats not the point. It is very "awesome" but we were going to go to the beach, remember?... Oh thats right you don't like the sun.. you little emo girl" he smiled
"wha?? you're going to pay for that" she said as victor got up, just out of arms length to taunt her some more.
" oh no, the sun will ... Give me a tan!" He cried as she chased him around the house.
"I'm going to hurt you SOo BAD, Its" BOOM. Lightning and thunder crashed at the same time, so close to the house that it shook both them to they're knees.
With a silent grace, Helix rose to her feet and looked out the window.
Victor sat quitly for a few moments.
"well theres... no damage, that i can see of....
but wait, whats that?"
Victor stood up close to his friend to peer out upon the streach of land that had been effected by the monsterous collide of sky and earth.
Helix pointed" see that? it looks, kinda darker than the rest of the grass. But not really damaged... hmmm.."
"That is a bit odd. I'm suprised the grass isn't on fire or anything!" Victor said with a bit of shock.j
"yeah, maybe we should check it out?!" Helix Turned with a smile.
"are you crazy??? We Almost, Practically Died!! and now you want to go out there?"
Helix shrugged "Sorry, Lord of the Soap Opera, can i please speak with Victor?!"
A Small smile shot across his face.
"shut up. Ok, lets check it out once the rain dies down abit, ok?"
"Really?? Ok! sounds good."

At seventeen, Helix Valentine already was a pretty well rounded person.
She was smart, had fairly good looks, had plenty of friends, and been through a few situations that really caused her to grow into a level headed person.
Although she was an orphin, she never felt like anything was missing.
Her Grandparents gave her as much love and support as she could ever need.
As the eve of her senior year fell upon her, Helix was more than thrilled to be just another soon to be 18 year old, partying, and relaxing with friends, thinking more about her soon to be freedom, then her curricular semister.
But, as most of the stories go, she would soon discover there was a secret in her past, about her life, her parents, and what she really was.

[[ H E L I X ]]
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[[ H E L I X ]]
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