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Present and Past

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Chapter 1 : To the past!
Anthony : Brother! I just bought a ticket to see the parade!
Mike : Parade? What parade?
Anthony : You know.. we celebrate our new mayor at city hall
Mike : Again?! Whose our new mayor?
Anthony : It was Jack Nor Heartless.. I heard he has some magic.
Mike : Magic..? Ah nevermind....

Mike stand up from his chair and look outside the window. He saw people cheering the new mayor. When he looked behind, he saw his little brother has gone to the parade.

Mike : Sigh.. Anthony oh Anthony... next time don't rush...

Mike walk to the front door and saw many people blocking the way. He saw people throw flower to the mayor while the mayor waving at the people.

Mike : Mayor these day. They can do whatever they can. Sigh, I hope all the mayor is dead. *laughing*
Sai : Wei.. what you do there laughing ah? Got problem?
Mike : Ayak! You scared me! Wei! Why you here? See the latest mayor?
Sai : Maybe... Oh yea Mike, what are you doing here?
Mike : Kinda bored seeing the new mayor. I might check some place to hang out.
Sai : Lol. Hm.. Why not try go to the mayor hall and sneak at the office?
Mike : *shocking* WHAT! You want me to steal money at the office????
Sai : Yeah. It's kinda bored if we don't do much thing right?
Mike : You maybe right.. Let's go see what stuff that NEW MAYOR has..
Sai : Wanna me tag in?
Mike : Sure why not

Sai and Mike has off to the city hall and saw the mayor is buzing waving the people. Sai distract the mayor and let Mike in the mayor office.... W8 ahh... me kinda bz oledi..

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